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UPDATE October 4, 2016

UPDATE July 2015

LaPierre-Fordham-Stanly Families

Fordham Lineage

Benjamin Fordham III - Will of 1864

Zenus Fordham, Laurens Co, GA

Joseph West Family History

William Franklin Stanly, 1844-1911

Kader Knight Sr. - Will of 1821

UPDATE March 2015

Benjamin Sutton Family Bible - Images

Benjamin Sutton Family Photos - Images

UPDATE June 2014

Stanton Taylor & Jonathan Rouse Account Book

Pitt County Family Researchers Celebrate September 12-13, 2014

Jones County Heritage Day September 20, 2014

Contentnea Creek Map, 1796 - Image

UPDATE March 2014

Winston Caswell Estate Record, 1837 - Image

Richard Caswell Estate, 1793-1811

Colonel William M. Caswell House (PDF)

UPDATE January 2014

Whitfield Grady Collection

UPDATE March 2013

Parrott Mewborn Hardy Photo

Joshua Mewborn Photo Album

Mewborn/Webb/Loops Photo Album

UPDATE April 2011

Photos of Susan Ella Phillips Phillips and the Samuel F. Phillips  Family added. Link off of
"photos people" page and also from the Phillips homepage. 

UPDATE June 30, 2008

Harper Family Additons and/or Corrections Cordelia Harper/Ben Rasberry

UPDATE May 26, 2008

UPDATE May 22, 2008

  • Caswell Family links cleaned up and a main link put on the homepage next to the Governor's picture
  • links to NC county sites and NC archive sites also updated on the home page and on the NC Archive link

UPDATE May 21, 2008

UPDATE May 15, 2008

 May 12, 2008

 April 19, 2008

  April 15, 2008

Caswell 2008 Cemetery Dig (web page) created to document the excavation of the Caswell Family Cemetery. Stay tuned for updates as we get the.

 April 11, 2008

Link to the Off Site: Free Will Baptist Historical Collection on the Misc. Dobbers page.

   March 13, 2008

MIGRATIONS link added under Misc. Records on the Home page.

January 29, 2008

Updated the Bright section of the "Caswell Connection".

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