The New Leonard Hotel / The Byford Residence
Pat Leonard
The "New" Hotel Leonard
The Property
Crystal Lake, Illinois
This magnificant victorian structure, with three full floors and an attic, sat gracefully on the shores of Crystal Lake, Illinois for a short 24 years. To view it's history and more photographs, please use either timeline link above. One tracks the life of its final owner (and my great-grandfather), Pat Leonard, and the other tracks the property itself...

Known as the "new" Leonard Hotel, this beautiful home was
built in the 1890's by a Chicago doctor for $15,000. Pat Leonard
purchased this Victorian home in 1908. The building on the left behind the hotel is still standing on Leonard Parkway.
(Here is another excellent view of the home from West Street)
(Photo from a post card.)

View of the "new" Leonard Hotel taken from West Street (now Lakeshore Drive) facing north . This driveway would approximate where Leonard Parkway is today. Note the breeze way on the right side of the house.
Here is another view
(Here is another EXCELLENT view of West Street.)

(Closer view of stone wall)
(Photo from post card).


This view, taken from the lake, shows the great
size and majesty of the building. The porch runs the length of the
home... my estimate is 80 or 100 feet.
(Photo from family album.)

(Additional View from Crystal Lake)
A different angle from West street. Here, a wrought iron fence
provides a buffer from the street.
(Photo from family album)

(Additional View from West Street)

"View from the Veranda, Hotel Leonard"
Crystal Lake, Illinois
(Larger View)
Looking out from the porch shown above onto a calm
Crystal Lake in 1913.

(Photo from Post Card)

Sunset on Crystal Lake, Ill
Scene at Marlboro Hotel
(Larger View)
This card is post marked in 1931 -- some 14 years after
the "new" Hotel Leonard burnt to the ground. The Marlboro Hotel
eventually became known as Leonard Manor to the post office
and the Leonard Family. The home stands today (2002) at the end of
Leonard Parkway. On the corner of the lot, the base to
the stone entrance
(shown in the post card above) remains.
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