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[Abigail Freeman Page 1] We haven't properly researched the ancestors of Abigail Davis Freeman. The Davis surname is very well represented on Cape Cod.  The only thing about her parentage we find is that Deyo says she was the daughter of a Thomas Davis.  She married David Freeman of CT on 8 Apr 1753 (Barnstable Vital Records).  They had one son, Thomas Davis Freeman, b. 25 Mar 1757 (Barnstable Vital Records).  She was widowed shortly after that.

Her husband's family is easier to find. David Freeman was the son of Isaac Freeman and Bethia Sturgis, who married Job Gorham later after Isaac had passed away. The family was at Fairfield, CT, and after Isaac died Bethia and her children moved to Barnstable. Here is the list of David Freeman's ancestors:

(all of the above from Amos Otis)

Abigail was known generally as "Aunt Nabby Freeman." Any children of the people listed below (who are husband David Freeman's siblings) would have had an Aunt Nabby:
Children of Isaac Freeman and Bethia Sturgis:

  1. Isaac Freeman (he was in Marblehead, MA and had a wife named Ann)
  2. Sarah Freeman (b. 30 July 1720, d. 7 February 1725/26)
  3. James Freeman (bp. 2 February 1723/24, d. 4 February 1725/26)
  4. Rebecca Freeman (bp. 2 February 1723/24, d. 4 February 1725/26)
  5. Edmund Freeman (b. 4 January 1725/26)
  6. James Freeman (bp. 10 November 1728)
  7. David Freeman (bp. 26 July 1730) m. 8 April 1753 Abigail Davis (Barnstable Vital Records)

We wonder what happened to this family in February 1725/26. Notice that three children died within days of each other.

In her will, Abigail gave to Sarah Parker, the wife of Isaiah Parker. Sarah was a Sturgis, and of the preceding generation--in other words, Sarah was probably not Abigail's sister as has been reported in some sources. She also left something to the daughter of Daniel Davis, which is ironic since Daniel Davis was one of the leading Patriots of his day. Perhaps this daughter of Daniel Davis had an Aunt Nabby?

She also gave to her sister, Lucy Davis Garrett. Lucy was the second wife of Andrew Garrett. Andrew's first wife was Temperance Parker, the daughter of the above mentioned Isaiah and Sarah Parker (again, probably not her sister.) That these people were all related is fairly certain; what is positively certain is that Lucy's children all had an Aunt Nabby. Here is that list of those children:
Andrew Garrett married Lucy Davis 22 March 1760 (Barnstable Vital Records)

  1. Jesse Garrett (b. 20 February 1761)
  2. Isaac Garrett (b. 17 May 1763)
  3. Temperance Garrett (b. 29 August 1765)
  4. Susannah Garrett (b. 7 October 1768)

There is an interesting anecdote about one of Andrew Garrett's children by his previous marriage (to Temperance Parker.) The oldest child was a son, Andrew Garrett Jr., b. 25 February 1755, who married, became a Lieutenant in the Continental Army, and was captured by Indians. He lived with them some time and even adopted their lifestyle. Finally he returned to Salem, MA, where his wife, thinking him dead, had remarried and had a child. Andrew Garrett Jr. married another (Miss Blish) and had children.
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