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Read Reuben and Lavina Jackson's marriage license,
the Reuben and Lavina Jackson bible record, as well as the E.D. and Martha Boyd,
Joshua and Elizabeth Davidson, James and Emily Boyd,
John and Louisa Gilbreath, and Elmer and Alice Gilbreath family bible records.
See also family Cemetery and Military records.

Reuben and Lavina Barnes Milner Jackson's Marriage License
transcription of Carolyn and Bob Milner.
Wilson Co., TN, County Court Clerk's office:

Know All Men, that we Reuben Jackson & Dudly Scurlock of the county of Wilson and state of Tennessee, are held and firmly bound unto the Governor of the said state for the time being, in the sum of twelve hundred and fifty dollars, to be paid to his excellency, his successors in office, or assigns; to which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, and each and every of us and them, both jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Witness our hands and seals the eleventh day of February 1822.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas Reuben Jackson hath prayed and obtained license to marry Levina Miller. Now if the said Levina Miller be an actual resident in the aforesaid county, and there shall not hereafter appear any lawful cause why the said Reuben Jackson & Levena Miller should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, as husband and wife, then this obligation to be void and of no effect; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Reuben Jackson (seal)
Dudly Scurlock (seal)

Old Jackson Bible, belonging to Billy Max Johnson, Martin, Tennessee.
Bible printed October 27, 1802.
Compiled by Mary Ann Davis Baxter, May 4, 1998.
New Testament Title Page:
"The New Testament Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, Translated out of the original Greek; and with the former translations, diligently compared and revised, by the special command of King James I. of England. Philadelphia: Printed For Mathew Carey, No. 118, Market-Street. October 27, 1802."

This Book was Purchased, Anno Domini (written in - 1804, By (signed by) RJackson
"My Book and Heart Shall Never Part" (Page 914)
Rebecka Jackson's name is written on the back page several times.
"Glorify God for ever and ever"
cksRueben Harris Jaon's name is written on side of title page.

Emily Jackson Was borne the first day of March 1816
William Harpole Was borne the first day of December in the year of our Lord, 1800 James Madison Jackson Was borne the 11th day of March 1819
Mary L Jackson Was borne the 26th, December 1822
Reuben Henry Jackson Was borne the 9th of July, 1824
LeFonia Jane Jackson Was borne the 26th of September 1825
Samuel Harris Jackson Was borne the 31st of January 1827
Robert William Jackson Was borne the 18th of January 1829
Eliza Angeline Julia Caroline Alfsa Margaret Mary Jane Davis was borne in the year 1836 the 11th of December
Elisabeth Terrida Davis was Borne the 4th day of November AD 1838
Anna Masonrah Davis was borne the 25th of December AD 1840
Peter Davis was born the 11th of February AD 1843
Charlie R Davis was born April 8 1884
Bessie B Davis was born October 14 1884
Minnie G Davis was born March 8 1905
Inez L Davis was born August 9 1908
A.J. Davis was born September 18 1918
Paul H Davis was born June 7 1913

MILNERS'S:(Page 915)
Beverly Jones Milner was borne the 17th of September 1805
Margaret Orenden Milner was Borne the 22th of March 1807
Demarcus Henry Milner was Borne the 31st of May 1809
Betsy J Milner was Borne the 13th of April 1811
William Barnes Milner was Borne the 22 of March 1812
Elizabeth Jones Milner was Borne the 18th of June 1814
John Merit Milner was Borne the 6th of October 1816
Travis Luke Milner was Borne the 24th of September 1818
James Travis Milner was Borne the 4 of June 1836
John Richard Milner was born the 12 of November 1837

Jwitthy Decst the 30th day of June 1818
Emily Decst the 13th day of September 1818
Katherine Cobb Departed this Life the 6th of October 1821
Barbara Jackson Departed this Life the 20th of October 1821
Rebecka Hillimom Departed this Life the 7th of August 1826
Fair Lovely A Synethia Davis, wife of W.A. Davis Departed this life the 22nd day of July 1845
Anna Masonrah Davis Departed this life the 5th day of April 1846
Elisabeth Terrida Davis Departed this life the 4th day of December in the year 1851
Martha Tennysu Lucy Asbelle Davis Departed this life the 31st day of July 1854
James Robert Davis departed this life the 9th day of March 1855

The Family Bible of E. Dillard and Martha Davison Boyd

from typescript copy made by Jessie Mae Jackson, granddaughter of E.D. and M.A. Boyd. Hand written note initialed "JMJ" at the bottom of the page says that Martha's middle name was Ann.

Boyd Family
Back row: Ida Viola, Fred, David, Samuel, Virgil and Dolly Ann Boyd
Front row: Martha Davison, May, Guy, Maude and Esque Dillard Boyd
abt. 1887
E. Dillard Boyd of Tennessee    Born    April 15, 1837    Died    December 1, 1898
Martha A. Davison of Missouri    Born    April 18,1842    Died    September 16, 1916

Married   November 26, 1857 at home by Judge Tate

      Record of Children:

Births Date Place Born Deaths
Joshua H. Boyd Sept. 12, 1858 Newton Co., MO Jan. 10, 1859
Age 3 Mo 28 Da.
Ida Viola Boyd Feb. 14,1861 Newton Co., MO May 22, 1946
Age 85 Yr 3 Mo 8 Da.
David D. Boyd Nov. 22, 1863 Dallas Co., TX May 8, 1935
Age 71 Yr 5 Mo 12 Da.
Virgil J. Boyd Mar. 19, 1866 Dallas Co., TX Mar. 17, 1942
Age 75 Yr 11 Mo 28 Da.
Dollie A. Boyd July 2, 1868 Newton Co., MO Aug. 30, 1922
Age 60 Yr 1 Mo 28 Da.
Samuel L. Boyd Mar. 24, 1871 Newton Co., MO Mar. 6, 1937
Age 65 Yr 11 Mo 12 Da.
Fred W. Boyd May 7, 1873 Newton Co., MO Dec. 19, 1897
Age 24 Yr 7 Mo 12 Da.
Guy V. Boyd Dec. 23, 1876 Newton Co., MO July 6, 1940
Age 63 Yr 6 Mo 13 Da.
Maude Boyd Jan. 13, 1879 Newton Co., MO July 19, 1951
Age 72 Yr 6 Mo 6 Da.
Mae Lula Boyd Mar. 13, 1883 Newton Co., MO April 20, 1962
Age 79 Yr 1 Mo 7 Da.

Family Bible Record of Joshua Davidson and Elizabeth A. Glover

from typed copy made by Jessie Mae Jackson and hand dated 5-23-44. A second handwritten note at the bottom of the page: "Martha A. Davison told me there was no d in the name Davison" [signed] Jessie Mae Jackson. Both spellings were used in the original transcription, but all of the second "d's" were crossed out with a pencil.

Joshua Davison and Elizabeth A. Glover was married the 25 November 1819

Joshua Davidson, was born July 11th 1793
Elizabeth Ann Davidson, was born August 29th 1800
David G. Davidson, was born November 14th 1820
Spicy J. Davidson, was born October 28th 1822
William D. Davidson, was born September 10th 1824
Josiah M. Davidson, was born January 24th 1827
James S. Davidson, was born January 16th 1829
Mary Ann E. Davidson, was born September 25th 1830
Stephen G. Davidson, was born March 23rd 1833
George W. Davidson, was born February 28th 1836
Emily F. Davidson, was born January 21st 1838
Sarah L. Davidson, was born January 27th 1840
Martha A. Davidson, was born April 18th 1842
Nancy Jane Davidson, was born July 7th 1844

David G. Davidson, departed this life, October 18th 1827
James S. Davidson, departed this life, October 24th 1833
Joshua Davison, departed this life, October 13th 1850
William D. Davison, departed this life, November 3rd 1856
Elizabeth A. Davison, departed this life, April the 22 1863
Sarah L. Boyd, departed this life, Oct the 21st 1869

Family Bible of Emily F. Davidson and James T. Boyd

from typescript copy probably made by Jessie M. Jackson

James T. Boyd and Emily F. Davidson were united in marriage October 21, 1853

Glover Boyd November 5, 1854
George Wesley Boyd September 7, 1856
Mary Luella Boyd February 4, 1858
Sarah Belle Boyd January 3, 1860
James Churchill Boyd August 29, 1861
Charles Martin Boyd April 18, 1864
Effie Boyd March 11, 1866
Paris Boyd September 24, 1867
Nettie Boyd August 28, 1869
Fredonia Boyd July 1, 1871
Leonard Boyd July 17, 1873
Edgar Boyd August 30, 1875
Alta May Boyd November 5, 1877
Bertie Boyd November 22, 1879

James T. Boyd February 13, 1915
Emily F. Boyd May 25, 1929
Edgar F. Boyd Dec 10, 1933
James Churchill Boyd Jan 6, 1917
Charles M. Boyd April 25, 1919
George W. Boyd March 3, 1940
Leonard Boyd June 24, 1939
Sarah Belle Riggs February 25, 1949
Mary Luella Hardin May 1, 1956
Olive Gay Boyd Oct 15, 1943

Family Record of Louisa C. Webb and John B. Gilbreath

who, according to family tradition, were married in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa in 1863. Transcription provided by Charlotte Jackson Biggs.
Children of Louisa Caroline Webb and John Boyd Gilbreath

Name: Birth: Death:
Edmund George Gilbreath February 20, 1864 May 29, 1919
John B. Gilbreath August 13, 1865 -
Mary Belle Gilbreath April 15, 1867 -
Frank G. Gilbreath August 14, 1869 August 26, 1910
Elmer J. Gilbreath August 6, 1872 -
Cora Gilbreath November 8, 1874 -
Nettie Gilbreath June 17, 1877 -
Carolina Gilbreath August 6, 1881 -
Pearl G. Gilbreath April 8, 1887 August 11, 1888
Nellie Gilbreath March 10, 1890 -

Family Bible of Elmer J. Gilbreath and Alice Mae Scott

who according to family tradition were married the 10th of February 1892 in Carterville, Jasper County, Missouri. Transcription provided by Charlotte Jackson Biggs.

Elmer and Alice Gilbreath
Elmer J. and Alice Mae Scott Gilbreath
Place born
Elmer J. Gilbreath August 6, 1872 to January 16, 1937 Des Moines, Iowa
Alice Mae Scott December 11, 1895 to May 19, 1948 Scotland, Missouri

Twyla May April 1, 1894 to August 24, 1948 Johnston, MO
Glen Herbert November 23, 1896 to January 25, 1967 Johnston, MO
Levie Sutton (Leroy) March 20, 1898 to May 25, 1980 Johnston, MO
Baby January 6, 1901 to October 19, 1902 Carterville, MO
George Arthur Bendelaire November 30, 1903 to March 4, 1980 Webb City, MO
Dolly Evelyn December 20, 1906 to December 19, 1987 Webb City, MO
Anna Lillian July 20, 1911 Neosho, MO
John William June 18, 1915 to July 3, 1976 Miami, OK

Names: Date: Children:
Twyla May to Everett Jackson May 18, 1912 Charlotte and Georgina
Glen H. to Thelma Dava Lee
John W. to Anita Kay
Anna to Jack O'Neil Crouch Charles Richard and John O'Neil
Dolly to Arthur Lee Strange February 10, 1934 Martha, Bee C., Donald Lee and Larry Gene
Leroy to Adeline Phylis, Phillip
George to Margaret Tim
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