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Anna Yeska and Martin Block Family

I know almost nothing about Anna Yeska.

Anna was born in Germany and there married Martin Block.

Their first 6 children were born there before the family moved to Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois sometime between the birth of Tillie in Germany in 1871 and Carrie's birth in Illinois the 30th of September 1873.

Anna died sometime between 1877, when her daughter Ida was born in Iowa, and 1880. Her husband is listed as "widowed" in the 1880 Poweshiek County, Iowa census.

1880 Poweshiek Co., IA Census
Bear Creek, Page No. 10/[492B], S.D. 1, E.D. 187
10 June 1880 by [Joshua Chambers]
line 42, 91/91 BLOCK Martain WM 52 Wd Farmer Prusia Prusia Prusia
Amelia WF 20 Daughter S servent Prusia Prusia Prusia
Martain WM 18 son S Farm Help attended school Prusia Prusia Prusia
Minnie WF 16 Daughter S servent Prusia Prusia Prusia
Paulinea WF 15 Daughter S House Keeping attended school Prusia Prusia Prusia
David WM 12 son S Farm Help attended school Prusia Prusia Prusia
Matilda WF 9 Daughter At school attended school Prusia Prusia Prusia
Carolina WF 7 Daughter At school Ill Prusia Prusia
Fred WM 5 son Ill Prusia Prusia
pg. 11/493A
line 1, Ida WF 3 Daughter Iowa Prusia Prusia.

The only record I have of her is the marriage record of her daughter Caroline Teresa "Carrie" Block in which she says her mother's maiden name was "Jaspo":

Poweshiek Co., Iowa Marriage Records, Bk 2, page 8
By Whom Affadavit, if any, is made: George Newton
GROOM: Charles I. Newton, Residence: Brooklyn, Ia, Occupation: Farmer, Age Groom's Next Birthday: 25 yrs, Color: White, No. of Groom's Marriage: 1st, Groom's Place of Birth: Bairan Co. Mich. [that's how it was spelled on the document], Father's Name: Angie Newton, Mother's Maiden Name: Sarah E. Hall
BRIDE: Carrie Block, Residence: Malcom, Ia, Age Bride's Next Birthday: 20 yrs, Color: White, No. of Bride's Marriage: 1st, Bride's Place of Birth: Illinois, Father's Name: Martin Block, Mother's Maiden Name: Anna Jaspo, When/Where Married: Residence of G.B. Smith, March 01, 1892., Witness: Tillie Block - Mrs. A.E. Smith, By Whom Certified: G.B. Smith, Min.

Source: Microfilm of original records, Archives Library, Des Moines, Iowa
transcription by Marilyn Holmes

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