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About Elayne


Pair Place
Fayne and Ruby Pair
Farm Life
Different Churches
The Mormons
Met My Husband
Never A Dull Moment
Health Issues
When We Could Move
Warned Of Danger
See Angels
About Elayne



    Several of you have written asking about myself and my family.  It's about time to count my blessings, and take stock and see if I've done anything worthwhile with the time the Lord has granted me here on earth.  I'll give you a brief history of my life, with links to more extended stories if you'd care to go there.

    My parents, Fayne and Ruby Pair, are wonderful people who have always been involved in the community.  I was thrilled when they were recognized for all their efforts in our little town.  Mom and Dad have passed on now, and I am adding their photo albums here for all the family to see.

    I grew up on a farm in central Texas, surrounded by extended family.   I loved that and am grateful for the great beginnings of my life, and the varied experiences I had there.  Farm life has a way of grounding you in practicality.  My parents were members of different churches, and my brother and sisters and I grew up going to one church one Sunday and the other church the next Sunday.  That contrast really helped when it came time to evaluate my religious beliefs and find the true church.  I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was nineteen.  It is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I'm so happy and blessed to have found it.  Finding the church opened my life to remarkable spiritual experiences.

    Two years after joining the church, I met my husband-to-be.  He asked me to marry him the same day we met, and I said "Yes!"  We were married five weeks later.  We have been blessed with eight wonderful sons, including twins.  They are all grown now, but still there's never a dull moment here.  We now have four beautiful daughters-in-law and fifteen precious grandchildren.  We love America, and patriotism is a way of life in our family, with my husband and several of our sons serving in the military.

    I've been writing a little poetry since my high school days, and there are a few favorite recipes I like to share, as well as the directions for fun Christmas decorations our family likes to make, share, and eat..  I've done a little gardening, an occasional craft, and as much traveling as I can.  I collect dolls.  In my spare time I've written a book, and am starting another. 

    I have recently got more involved in health issues, specifically in finding the best treatment available for health issues my family and friends are involved in.  As I have grown older (and wiser?), I have begun to feel that a more natural approach is better than drugs and chemicals that don't even claim to cure the problem.

    The Lord has blessed me with answers to many prayers, and personal revelations regarding how things should be done.  He has told me when we could move, warned of danger, and even allowed me to see angels.  I know God is our Father in Heaven.  I know that he loves us and wants us to return to live with him.  I know he watches over us and blesses us in many ways.  The biggest of those blessings, for all of us, has been to send his Son, Jesus Christ, to atone or suffer the consequences of our sins, so we can return to live with him if we will just be faithful and try to do what's right.  I know the Savior lives, I know that he loves us all individually, and that he lets us make our own choices and then blesses us for the good things we do.  And these things I bear testimony of in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.