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Descendant Charts:
Hal Pair b. 1833 VA
Mrs. Adline Par b. 1836 NC
James W. Pair b. 1842 MO
Allen Pair b. 1844 VA
Robert Pair b. about 1860 VA
Birdie Pare Samson b. 1891 KY


Calling all researchers of African American lines to help each other here. 
Please submit tips, links, family lines, and anything else you'd like to share.


[email protected]    All descendants near & far of Robert & Catherine (Watkins) Pair of the Emporia/Greensville, Virginia, area.  They had sons Garfield (1887-1940) & Elijah Pair, perhaps others.  Garfield married Ellen Ross, and had children John R. Pair (1912) and Virginia Pair Wright.  Elijah married Estelle Lee and had daughters Pearlie Mae, Rosa, and Catherine.  Possibly more children in these families.  Any information appreciated.

[email protected]  I am trying to trace my African-American family roots, any help would be greatly appreciated.  Beginning with the known (myself):  David Leonard Troupe Born 9 Mar 1933, Jefferson County, AR.  parents; Eugene Troupe, born 14 Mar 1891, Aberdeen MS, died Jun 78 in Berkeley CA.  Willie V. Troupe, born 15 Dec 1894, Monticello, Ark, died Nov 82 in Berkeley, CA.  Grandparents; General Grant Troupe Sr., born ?, Aberdeen, MS, died sometime between 1936-1942 in Pine Bluff AR.  Reese Troupe, born?, Aberdeen, MS, died 1935-1942 in Pine Bluff, Ark.  Thanks

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