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Native American Dawes Enrollment Database

Some people want to become enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe. Others want to verify a family tradition
(belief, fact or fiction, passed from generation to generation) that they descended from an Indian, either in their distant or near past.
While others might want to learn more about from whom and where they came.

Discovering Choctaw Roots

Previously published in RootsWeb Review: Vol. 5, No. 20, 15 May 2002 and written by  Katie Kratochvil  [email protected]

When I received the RootsWeb Review 5:19 last week that mentioned the user-contributed database of the Dawes Enrollment cards, it broke down a great big brick wall. We knew my grandmother, Edith CROAN, had Native American heritage from the Choctaw tribe, but neither she nor any of her mother's family ever showed up on a Dawes Roll. Therefore I went to the new data that was in the newsletter and typed STANFIELD, which was my great-grandmother's family and in the STANFIELDs, there were people who actually matched my family! Then I typed in CROAN, which never had pulled up any Native American data, and there they were! My great-grandparents, grandmother and her two siblings. I now know she was 1/32 Choctaw.

[Editor's note: Any and all information provided in the Native American Dawes enrollment databases (1898-1914) should be verified by obtaining copies of the actual records from the National Archives in Fort Worth:

To fully understand the background and information to be found in the Dawes records, read Kent Carter's outstanding book "The Dawes Commission and the Allotment of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1893-1914." It is available ($19.95) from, the publisher.]

Jeanette [email protected] I am trying to find a connection for Johus and Edmnd Pear of Al, Fl and Miss. I believe before that Ga. Always find Laura Washington Pear listed as a Cherokee on the Freedman rolls. I have Sophian Pear who married Joshua Gray in Washington Co, Fl abt 1841. They later left for Santa Rosa Co, Fl. I have been told that Sophian Pear was an Indian. I cannot put her with any family and wonder if you can help me.  Appreciate your help. Thanks. 

Judy Spaulding [email protected] Am hoping to find name of mother to my grandmother Tinsie Pair b. 1876 prob AL area. Tinsie (supposedly half Cherokee) married Walter E. Watts (my grandfather) in 1894 Winston Co AL. Tinsie's father is George Pair (1847-1907), buried in Moreland Cem. in Curry, AL. George later remarried 1894 to Nancy Scott in Winston Co AL.  Her full name was Mary Ida Tinsie Pair, sometimes spelled "Tinsey". Very much appreciate any assistance.

Kim [email protected] My Grandfather was Boyd William Pair, born July 4, 1904 and was born in San Antonio Texas. My Father is Timothy Boyd Pair, and he was born in Bicknel, Utah. I have other 1/2 brothers and 1 sister from my father, but am not sure of all birth days. I was told that my Grandfather was 1/2 Blackfoot Indian, yet his SS application says he is white?  I am interested in any and all info on the Pairs, I think that quite a few of my relatives were put down as being white, but in fact were Indian mix... Iím still trying to find this out, I know that my great grandmother or great great grandmother was Cherokee and then my grand mother Leola told me Blackfoot, so Iím not sure, since they are both dead now, I have had to rely on only hear-say.

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