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The 2004 Olympic dolls.

These dolls are based on a child's doll found in a grave in Greece.  The original was made of clay and bell shaped with huge feet dangling from underneath.  One side was painted like a boy and the other like a girl.

In and around Athens, Greece, are some spectacular sights


From our hotel balcony.  The temple of Zeus.  In the background is the Acropolis.


Only 15 of the columns remain, along with nearby homes and a road.


            Overlooking central Athens.              The old Olympic stadium.       


A small part of the shipping lanes.          Half of the Corinth Canal.          A fortress in a bay.

The beautifully preserved theatre at Epidaurus, built in the 4th century BC.


A fortress looks over a town.     Typical building style includes a balcony.     A transportation strike.


The Acropolis includes 2 theatres and other nearby ruins.


Reconstruction is in progress.


Identification of each piece is painstakingly slow.


Walls were incredibly straight and artwork beautiful.


Stones were removed in past eras & used for other buildings.


The Acropolis towers over the center of the city.


Built on a solid foundation.


Viewed from a stone doorway.          Two different theatres at the base of the Acropolis.