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Bible Records


    1. John Thomas McCullough - Margaret Jane Elizabeth Nash
    2. Samuel A. Pair - Elisabeth M. Johnson
    3. Philip Pair Boulware - Nancy Wyatt

    1. Bible record of John Thomas McCullough & Margaret Jane Elizabeth Nash . Bible in possession of Mary Ruth Oliver McCullough.
    J. T. McCullough was born Oct. the 30th 1848
    M. J. E. McCullough was born March the 2nd 1849
    James Charley McCullough was born Oct the 26th 1872
    L. Vallas McCullough was born Sept. the 2nd 1876
    John Dalton McCullough was born Sept. the 27th 1879
    Laura Mamie McCullough was born Feb the 19th 1881
    Lilly Roselle Pair was born Nov 30th 1899
    Hilda Lesslie Pair was born Dec 21, 1901
    Arthur Milton Pendley was born Dec 10, 1905
    John Dalton McCullough, Jr. born Nov 30 1908
    Pinson Lomor McCullough born July 22 1914
    Chester Marcus McCullough born Feb 27th 1923
        "What God hath joined together, let no man put assunder. This certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between John Thomas
        McCullough of Henry Co. (Ga.) and Margaret Jane Elizabeth Nash of Henry Co. (Ga.) on January the 16th, 1872, at W. J. Conkles by T. E. Nash.
        William LeRoy Pair and L. Valla McCullough was married January 18th in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and Ninety Nine.
        William Jesse Pendley and Laura Mamie McCullough was married December 24th in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and three.
        J. M. McCullough and Jessie Rountree was married the 19th of Feb. Nineteen hundred and eight.
        D. McCullough and Mary Ann Harrison were married 22 Dec 1929.
        Lamar McCullough & (Illegible) Brundage married Jan. 10th 1953 in Atlanta, Ga. (Note: the date may be 33. Figures not clear.)
        Mrs. Lucinda K. Adams was born Dec. 4th 1826 departed this life May 5th 1898
        Mr. James Oliver McCullough was born Oct. 26, 1872 departed this life June 14 1902
        Laura May Pendley departed this life Dec 20th 1905
        Arthur M. Pendley departed this life June 6th 1906
        M. J. E. McCullough departed June 22 1922
        Mr. J. T. McCullough departed this life May 7, 1929
        L. Valla Pair departed this life 11/29/1949

        2. MARRIAGE:
        Samuel A. Pair and Elisabeth M. Johnson was married on the 12 of Oct. 1865 in the 17th District of Roane Co., Tenn. Rev. William Pope officiated.
        Samuel A. Pair was born April, 15, 1842 in Union District South Carolina.
        Elisabeth M. Johnson was born Nov. 16, 1842 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Mary Anne F. Pair was born Aug. 17, 1866 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Parlia L. Pair was born Jan 24, 1868 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Ellen Sarahfuie Pair was born May 21, 1870 in Roane Co. Tenn.
        Edith R. Pair was born Jan. 22, 1872 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Charles J. Pair was born Dec. 22, 1873 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        William C. Pair was born Nov 13, 1875 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Samuel B. Pair was born Feb. 6, 1878 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        James A. Pair was born Nov. 26, 1880 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        John R. Pair was born Jan 18, 1883 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Elisha Edgar Pair was born Jan 4 1885 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Mabel Elisabeth Pair was born Feb 17, 1887 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Gertrude Ethel Pair was born Jan 12, 1890 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Mabel E. Pair died Oct. 4, 1904 in Roane Co., Tenn.
        Mary Anne F. Pair Soward died Feb. 5, 1912.
        Samuel A. Pair died Jan 24, 1918 at his home four miles south east of Kingston, Roane Co., Tenn.
        P. L. Martin (Tina) Pair died Dec 25, 1921 near Marietta, Oklahoma.
        Elizabeth M. Pair (Mabel) died Sept. 26, 1905 at her home four miles south east of Kingston in Roane Co., Tenn.
        S. B. Pair died Oct 3, 1947.

        3. From Frederick Dodds McClure, Family Bible passed down from the Dodds family listed some of the Boulware family.
        The following information was painfully entered to an ancient Family bible passed down in the Dodds family - based out of Springfield,
        Illinois. I inherited this from Edith Dodds McClure - my grandmother. Deaths in the Springfield, Illinois area. Hope the information can assist you. 
        Jane Starkey Boulware (b) 11-6-1822 married James C. Dodds on 4-2 1840
        Philip Boulware Dodds (b) 9-8-1845 (d) 1-26 1858
        Philip Pair Boulware (b) 2-5 1793 (d) 10- 3 1859 married Nancy Wyatt on 9-24 1820
        Nancy Boulware (b) 1-8 1803 (d) 3-20 1867
        Philip Boulware, Jr. (b) 11-20 1824
        Silas Boulware (b) 7-11 1827 (d) 12-18 1842
        Cyrene Dodds Boulware (b) 10-18 1829 married James Gordon on 5-10 1849
        John William Boulware (b) 2-20 1834 (d) 10- 9 1853
        George Newton Boulware (b) 2-25 1837
        Margaret Eliz. Boulware (b) 6-28 1831 (d) 8-23 1831 
        Daniel Morgan Boulware (b) 12-14 1842 (d) 1-26 1843
        Lucinda Celestine Boulware married William Woodson 12-28 1859


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