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I'm very excited to announce my new book:


King Arthur, World History, and the Church

Mysteries of Earth Unfolded


            Did King Arthur really find a sword in a stone?  Was his chief counselor a Druid named Merlin?  What was the Holy Grail, and did the Lady really live in the lake?  Who are the Celts, David and Goliath, St. Patrick, Constantine the Great, Joseph of Arimathea, the Hyksos of Egypt, Old King Coel, and the American Indians?  What was happening during the early days of the Christian church, the Dark Ages, the Crusades, and the Reformation?  What do the Israelites have to do with it?  If religion were really important, wouldn’t it be the same throughout history?  Ancient historians told about the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, the real man behind the legends of Zeus, the Trojan horse, and the Picts.  Finally someone consults the people who lived through these different eras, and put their stories together in one story, the story of our world. 

Paperback        310 pages        6" by 9"        44 black & white photos

        Ancient history from ancient sources: 

How many children did Adam & Eve have?
What were the names of the women on the Ark?
Was Hercules a real person?
What was the Holy Grail and what was its importance?
Who used Excalibur before King Arthur?
Who won the Crusades?
What is an indulgence?

        About the author:

            Elayne Pair Gibbons grew up in rural Texas with a love of history and the people who lived it.  She was educated at Texas Woman’s University, and began searching out her own genealogy.  She soon met the love of her life, and they got engaged that same day.  Eight sons were born to them.  They stayed busy with the Church, Boy Scouts, and travel.  In her spare time, she read about history, and especially about King Arthur.  She discovered that, as in genealogy, while stories are great, the documentation gives the most accurate historical account.


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Faith, a poem


King Arthur poem in full


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