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Canadian Genealogy and History

Calling all researchers with Canadian lines to help each other here. 
Please submit links, tips, family lines, and other information you'd like to share.

Elsie Lytle
[email protected]  Searching my grandparents ancestors, both Pare and Beaupre.  Aurea Pare, married Omer Beaupre(born 1877) married July 18, 1898 Montreal, Quebec.  Omer Beaupre died I believe at 90 in a nursing home in Jolliete, Quebec and buried in LaToque, Quebec.  Parents of Aurea Pare were Jean Baptiste Pare and Elisa Grimard.  Aurea died May 5, 1931 age 54 St. Casmier, Quebec.  Jean Baptiste Pare, parents Barthelemi Pare and Marguerite Leduc Barthelemi Pare parents  Jean Pare and Marie Elizabeth Tellard.  Looking for more info on my Pare line and Beaupre Line.

Kathy [email protected] My Pare (occasionally found as Pair) started with Robert, b 1626 in France, immigrated Quebec, a Master Carpenter, died 17 Nov 1684 in Quebec. None of my line ever got south of New York State, and not too far south at that. When I get my Pare page set up, we can link for those who want the Quebecois. Thanks, Kathy

Pierre Girouard [email protected] All my Paré are from Quebec.

Michel Duplin [email protected]  I do have a bit of information on the French Canadian Pare family and I would be really glad to help... People helped and are still helping me discover so I am fully glad to do the same... Excuse my English... Hope the words I used really explain what I mean... My updated GEDCOM is at and I try to keep it updated almost daily. Most of my data comes from the Tanguay Books and Drouin. All of it is checked by the group of the French Canadian Genealogy ([email protected]) and they also are a very reliable source of information.  But don’t take me wrong I make a lot of mistakes and I'm glad when somebody tells me. I will be pleased to answer the requests that will come in... I'm for keeping the genealogy data available to all free of charges so ready to do my best.

Kim Winget [email protected] Francois Pare married Quebec 6 FEB 1736 Madeleine Gauthier. His parents were Noel Pare married Quebec 12 NOV 1685 Marguerite Caron. I am searching for the parents of Madeleine. The priest forgot to name them on the marriage certificate. If someone has access to PRDH, her parents may have attended her children's baptisms at St. Joachim, Quebec:
Marie Madeleine 9 SEP 1737, Marie Josephte 18 FEB 1740, Madeleine 3 SEP 1741

Paula Paradise [email protected] Clara or Clariss Pair was born abt 1822 probably in Ontario according to the 1851, 1861 census. The 1871 Census states she was born in France. She was married to David Buker born abt 1822 in Augusta, Grenville County, Ontario. They were the parents of 14 children. I am sorry, I don't have any other information on this Pair line. Her surname was given in the marriage of two of the children, but I have no information on Clarissa's parents. Best wishes in your research.

Winnie Apling [email protected]
The Pairs that I have found are starting with a Lewis Pair from Tontagany Oh around 1850. I believe that it is possible that he may have had a brother William and the fathers name may have been Ovid Poirier from Montreal Canada. Please respond.

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