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Mad King Ludwig's Castle

15 July 1998
        Early the next morning we crossed back into Germany.  Just over the border in a town called Fussen, were the two castles of Mad King Ludwig.  We had already decided we didnít want to tour both of them.  One is a yellow castle that Ludwig grew up in.  The other is a white castle he built later but hardly lived in at all, and is the one Walt Disneyís castle is patterned after.  It is also more popular with tourists.  George said he would much rather see a real castle and avoid most of the tourists, so we went to the yellow one.  They share a parking lot, and then you climb the hill to the west for one, or to the east for the other.  We didnít see anyone else climbing that big hill to the west, but there were two other families who came in after us and sat down to wait for the next tour.  There were tours in German quite often, but we didnít know how long we would have to wait for an English one.  We met a couple there from Argentina, and we all decided to go ahead and take the next German tour.  George would translate for me and this other lady, and then she would translate into Spanish for her husband.  Just as we got ready to go on the German tour, they announced an English tour starting in 5 minutes.  We all laughed in relief and went back and got in the English line.  George had taken his camera of course, but after we got inside they said no picture taking.  He was using fast film, so he didnít need a flash.  He just left it hanging around his neck and pushed the button whenever the guide got out of earshot.  We had no idea what pictures he got till they were developed.  We could not go back down the same path, but had to walk the long way around, at least a couple of miles.




I did say he just pushed the button without aiming or focusing!




You can see the white castle in the center of this picture.


The white castle is to the far left, and the yellow one to the far right.


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