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Texas Cemetery Records

Researchers of De Leon Cemetery

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De Leon Cemetery, Comanche County, Texas

Located 5 blocks west of downtown De Leon, this cemetery includes over 5,500 identified graves and many unidentified graves. Many heartfelt thanks to the dedicated family and friends who gathered this data in June 2000. The tireless efforts of Fayne and Ruby Pair to get this record accurate and complete will be of great benefit to this community for years to come.  Updated April 2013.   Submitted by Elayne Pair Gibbons.

The cemetery is divided into sections in a simple grid format, beginning with A on the north side proceeding to E on the south. #1 starts on the west side, proceeding to #13 on the east. Section #s are listed at the end of each name, thus ..A1 would be found in the northwest corner of the cemetery, while ..C6 would be near the center. The Veteranís Memorial Shed is in ..E4. This data may be freely copied and used by any person or their agent, or any library, but may not be sold or reposted elsewhere. 

Readings here often reflect more data than is on the stone.
Corrections and additions appreciated

GPS coordinates:  32-06-34 N,  98-34-44 W,  1327' elevation

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For a picture of your family grave, please contact either of the following:
Michelle - will email a picture, donation appreciated but not required.
"I would not mind doing pictures for people if they do not get in a big hurry for them. I will be glad to do them when I am coming to DeLeon or if I have several requests I might make a trip but cannot do it for just one picture."  Edna

Please contact Elayne Pair Gibbons  if:

___, A. T. [next to the Terry family] ..C5  Could this be Andrew J. Terry, son of John and Rebecca, who was born about 1870 and apparently died before 1880?  Thanks to Carolyn Golowka.

___, R. [next to the Terry family] ..C5

___, ___ died 1965 ..B8

___, ___ 1898 - 1986 ..D1

___, ___ 1889 - 1964 ..D6

C., J. [on a fieldstone] ..C6


  Some of those who recorded this cemetery.

        Adam, Elayne, George, and Matthew Gibbons.


Researchers of De Leon Cemetery

De Leon Cemetery Pix

Additional Pictures

Rucker Cemetery  and School House 1931

Texas Cemetery Records

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