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Some roads will have one lane of traffic blocked just to slow traffic.  They call that a
"traffic calming scheme", but I can testify that there is nothing calming about it.

Dover Castle & Secret War-Time Tunnels

All at top of the Cliffs of Dover
GPS location 51-07-47 N by 001-19-12 E.


Views approaching Dover Castle, fortifications at the north end of the moat, south view of moat.


View of harbor, gun at Secret War-Time Tunnels, and its entrance.


                         Complete view of harbor                            oldest part of castle


View from tram of castle, another very old tower, tunnel going down to fortifications at north end of moat, tunnel off of the side.


Guns from fortifications at north end of moat (cover moat area), back exit, beehive dome ceiling of a rotunda


Conclave from rotunda, flint rock as part of mortar and close-up, fortifications of north moat.


Dover Castle from middle of town, a small view of the White Cliffs of Dover,
which are hardly visible except from sea.

Combined pictures of Dover Harbor.