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by Elayne

We had faith.

We knew He could do it.

Everything depended on it.

It would be hard but we had no fear.

He could do it.  He could be perfect,

Every minute of every day for 33 years.

We sang hymns of joy at His birth.

We watched over Him through childhood.

He taught in the temple to those who should have known.

He learned to work, learned the craft of His father.

At last came the day of His baptism.

We sang for joy in the heavens!

The hardest days were yet to come,

But we knew He could do it.

We were happy when people listened, sad when they didnít.

Every lame man who walked

And every blind man who could see added to our joy.

We sang again as he rode the donkey,

But a tougher day was coming.

We held our breath at His pain in the Garden,

But He said, "Thy will be done."

We knew He would.

We had complete faith in Him.

But it was hard to watch.

We knew that our memory would someday be veiled,

And we would make many of the same mistakes

That those before us had made.

Each one would add to His agony.

He, our Brother, chose to do this for us.

Chose to atone for each sin

Of each and every one of his younger brothers and sisters.

We could barely look.

We knew the agony was unspeakable.

We cringed as the nails pierced His flesh.

We loved Him even more.

We couldnít sing, not now.

Our spirits were as dark as the skies.

We were relieved when it was finally over.

We took a moment to catch our breath.

We knew He had work to do elsewhere.

We looked down again and saw Him sit up,

The shroud falling aside.

We burst out in rejoicing!

He had done it!

He had obeyed the Father in every respect.

He had paved the way into eternity.

The road was now open to us.

He is exalted, and we can be too.

Now He watches us from above,

And whispers, "You can do it; I know you can."

Everything depends on it.