Fayne & Ruby Pair

Fayne & Ruby Pair
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Golden Deed Award

Presented by John Mack Weaver, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, De Leon, Texas, January 2001.

The Golden Deeds Award is such a wonderful and meaningful award. Our community is so blessed with many special angels. Many are not yet recognized.

Your selection for the Golden Deeds Award goes to a couple who live in De Leon. Iíll try to keep their names a secret at the beginning of my presentation, but you will soon guess who they are.

Our man was born November 15, 1924 in the Concord Community near Victor and graduated from De Leon High School. He has been in the De Leon area most of his life except for the time he helped Uncle Sam in World War II.

He has worked in many places including 25 years with General Dynamics.

He and his bride moved into town in De Leon from the farm in 1990. Speaking of his bride, she was born in the Lowell Community near Desdemona on May 26, 1927 and graduated from Comyn High School.

He is a member of the De Leon Coffee Education Group. This is a group that meets at the Dairy Queen and you get educated. If you attend 5 straight days in a row you get your certificate and you can teach school in Arkansas.

He is a faithful member and supporter of the De Leon Senior Citizens Center.

He is one of the most faithful people to check on folks in the hospital that I know of. I believe he spends more time in the hospital than many doctors do and he is all about making folks feel better when he goes to check on them. And that doesnít even begin to get to the many trips he has made in the past 10-15 years going to area hospitals to visit, to be with a family while their loved ones are having surgery, or in taking others to doctorís appointments in Abilene or Fort Worth or Temple when they needed someone to drive for them.

I do not know how much time he has spent visiting folks in nursing homes, but again it is considerable.

We have not even begun to mention his work at the Church, but Iím told that the doors are not open at First United Methodist without him being present, whether it is for worship, work, or planning for either.

He is a dedicated member of the De Leon Cemetery Association, helping with the work and cleanup days. He provides a constant check on the conditions in the cemetery and reports any needed work. He also helps with activities at the Victor Cemetery.

Now to his wife. She has been financial secretary at the First United Methodist Church and also serves as treasurer of the Victor Cemetery. She is always involved in Ex-Students and class reunion activities, hosting many events for her classmates. She and her whole family were instrumental in the mapping of the De Leon Cemetery to help De Leon have a complete and accurate record of those buried in our cemetery.

Church is where you will find her as well, because she is always there. She is one of the primary reasons funeral meals at the Methodist Church are always so special. Her dinner rolls and chicken and dressing are the stuff of legend at those and other church covered dish meals. She is one of the first ones in the kitchen and the last to leave.

She and her Counting Committee take care of the offerings at the church each week and she keeps those records for the church.

This Pair of De Leon residents have done so many fine things for the citizens of De Leon. They are dedicated to serve their God and others. We see their concern in visits to the hospital and nursing homes, bringing flowers from their yard to people they visit, bringing joy and laughter to all they come in contact with.

Our award tonight will be delivered to this fine coupleís home because, you see, they are both ill and unable to be here tonight.

If you havenít put this all together yet, our award goes to Fayne and Ruby Pair.

Audio of Fayne telling stories of the past.