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The First Fifty Years

by Elayne

The war was over; the boys came home.
The girls were happy, no more alone.
They all got together, two by two,
And some got married. Do you know who?

The Pairs and Jones' were neighbors then.
Fayne and Ruby were bound to be friends.
But who would have guessed it would turn to love
Or joy as endless as the stars above.

They met while preparing for church a song,
She played, he sang, others tagged along.
It didn't take long after that till they knew
That love is forever, when both are true.

There were bills to pay, trials beset,
Just like always, that's the way of it.
Sometimes flood and sometimes drought,
But there's always a way, without a doubt.

The blessings came: the babies were born,
Family and friends, and always the morn.
Jobs were found, and gardens were made.
One glorious year the mortgage was paid.

The children grew, the peaches got dried,
The goats were sheared, and the chickens fried.
A party to cater, a road to drive,
The old back field where careless weeds thrive.

Music filled the house, hay filled the barn
Sand filled the air, "get the wash off the line!"
The peanuts got planted as the years passed by,
No need to ask, we all know why.

The next generation, honest and strong,
A son and three daughters all belong,
They all love and honor you today
For all you've done to speed them on their way.

Twelve grandchildren, such precious souls,
Keep you busy baking home-made rolls;
And going to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone;
Or guiding tours around De Leon.

We gather today to celebrate with you
The first fifty years, and blessings not a few.
For marriage never ends, but grows infinitely,
And families are: for time and all eternity.