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17 July 1998

From there we drove north to central Germany, to the little city of Goslar.  George had spent about 7 months there on his mission.  It had been a walled city, but most of the wall was gone.  We drove in through the city gates on one side.  The Old Town was pretty typical, narrow cobblestone streets with tall buildings on either side. 


Imperial Eagle-symbol of Goslar, museum exhibit, towers of Goslar


Kaiser Worth Hotel dated 1494, pedestrian street into market square, Imperial Palace, Abzucht


Market Church of 1150, Royal Chapel of St. Ulrich, Brusttuch or triangular mansion, water-wheel


Goslar contains 168 houses built before 1550.

We went to the tourist bureau to find a private room with a family, a free service most places.  This time our landlady was from South Carolina.  They had one guest room and a bathroom on the ground floor.  The rest of the house was up on the second and third floors.  We went looking for the place George lived when he was there, and had a hard time finding it.  We had to park, and then George walked up the streets looking for it, but finally located it.  They had a glockenspiel, a big clock in the central plaza that has figures that act out a story when it chimes.  The story is about miners.  A combination of chimes and mechanical figures portray the history of Rammelsberg silver mine.


We had planned to do some of our shopping there, and did find a clock for me, a pewter mug for Andrew, and real German soccer balls for the twins.


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