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I am not trained in medicine, and therefore not qualified to give you  any medical advice.  However, I have researched the following issues and will share what I have found.  I do not like drugs or chemicals.  I think they are dangerous, come with gravely understated warnings, and are horrendously expensive.  Worse yet, the vast majority of drugs given to the average person by the average doctor do not even pretend to cure or heal.  They are designed to control your symptoms and take your money, till you die of whatever problem they claim you have.  Meantime the side effects of those drugs are causing you even more health problems, not to mention financial problems.


Alzheimer's Disease
    The best solution I have found for Alzheimer's is a vitamin specifically focused on brain cells.  This vitamin is not cheap, but is the only thing I have found which offers hope, not only in slowing Alzheimer's, but in recovering memories already lost.  It is called GalantaMind Plus, and you can read more about it at:


Oxygen Therapy
    Oxygen therapy is claimed to cure colds, flu, cancer, aids, and a host of other diseases.  I know the claims sound ridiculous, but we have read over this information very carefully and see nothing wrong or dangerous in this information.  We don't have any major diseases, but do have some small problems we would like to try clearing up.  We are going to do the home version of this.  Basically we will be adding a safe, natural, cheap ingredient to our drinking water that will increase the oxygen in our bloodstream.  This is not dangerous, but must be done precisely and with caution.  For that reason I will not tell you how to do it, but will give you a link to the information: