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Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to let you all know that my long-awaited book is ready:

King Arthur, World History, and the Church
Mysteries of Earth Unfolded

Preview it here on my website.  Thanks for your patience.

A new book about my hometown, De Leon, Texas, is now in progress!
It is due to be published in 2015.


Pair Place

Surname Resource Center

A site dedicated to 
Pair - Pare - Pear Families Everywhere


I'm currently updating the website, so if you haven't sent in your query, link, or data
this would be a great time to do so!


Search entire site here:


"Grandpa said if I ever meet another person named Pair, I would know they were related to me." 


Welcome to the Pair Place. This site is made a reality thanks to the many researchers who have graciously shared their time and effort, as each of us seeks our own family. My heartfelt thanks to each of you.

This site is dedicated to locating and identifying every Pair, and placing them with their own family. So if you have a Pair, Pare, Pear, Paire, Payer, Pore, Peer, Par, Parr, (well you get the picture), you are in the right place!  Over 6,000 are already on file. Pair genealogies will be published here as often as possible. Please contribute your deceased Pair relatives' data, as well as helping yourself to these. I welcome your input. All appropriate queries, records, links, and documents will be posted as quickly as possible.  Feel free to link with this page.

Take a scroll through THE PAIR GALLERY

Wanted: Copies of original documents of any type.
Please share your research.  We're all cousins!

Email me directly for help in searching for your lineage,
or to add data of any kind.

I have done my best to ensure the accuracy of all information I have posted here. However, due to my many imperfections, and those of the records I have copied, there will be errors. You should check the accuracy of all data that appears to be your family. Please forgive any errors you find here, and send corrections and additions. 

Your hostess - Elayne Pair Gibbons

There's exciting research news for all you descendants of Mial Pair!

A lot of you newbies do not yet have a family history program, some have programs that are difficult to work with, and some don't think you need one.  You can keep records of the first 50 people in your family on paper with no problems, after that you start getting bogged down.  You really do need a program, and the sooner the better.

Entire database available at World Connect.

Other great places to look:

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Thanks for stopping by, and come again soon.

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