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Experience Turkey and Istanbul.

Looking for a different vacation idea?  Consider Turkey!

    Turkey is an inexpensive place to visit, and there are some extraordinary sights to see.  Turkey is rich in both history and ancient ruins.  Ephesus, Pergamum, and Troy are just a few of the ancient cities you can tour.  Volcanic deposits in the east and mineral formations in the west compliment the beauty of the mountains and coastlines.  Turkish carpets and handicrafts are of extraordinary quality and available everywhere.   There are some things to be aware of:  like mosquito season and eastern toilets.  Consult a good guidebook at the library or bookstore.  I recommend going in April when there are no mosquitoes and few tourists.
    Most important, hire a reputable tour guide, especially if you don't speak the language.  We are very glad we choose Aydin Sekerin and 7 Wonders Travel.  We had good drivers and guides each day, and I would especially like to recommend Sevim Sipahi, who was with us for the last three days in Turkey.  From the moment we arrived in the Aegean area and saw a taxi driver holding up a card with our name on it, everything went like clockwork.  Every transfer got us to our destination on time, every hotel was clean and comfortable, and every tour was led by a friendly and knowledgeable guide who spoke English.  You can plan the details of your own tour, if you wish, but it would probably cost more than ours.  Our travel agent was on hand when we arrived in Turkey, and persuaded the customs agents that the price of a visa had dropped in half that very day, getting us the lower price.  Our agent also chose hotels and restaurants that were exceptionally clean and prepared fresh food. 


Across the Dardanelles.      Upstream leads to the Sea of Marmara and Istanbul.

Obelisk of Theodosius, carved of granite in Egypt about 1500 BC,
in was erected in Heliopolis to commemorate the victories of Thutmose III (1504-2450 BC). 
It was brought to Constantinople (now Istanbul) in AD 390 by the Byzantine emperor Theodosius.

The origin of this rough-stone obelisk is unknown.

If you don't want to see a closeup of a Turkish toilet, don't click here.