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Elayne Gibbons  My descent is John Jones - Aaron Jones - Mason Jones - Moses Jones - Mason Grigsby Jones - Mason Overstreet Jones - Clarence Edgar Jones - Ruby Faye Jones Pair - Elayne Pair Gibbons.

Sammye Mantooth  [email protected]  I have been working with a cousin of mine, John James Jones, III of Dallas, Tx on our family of Jones.  I am descended from Aaron Jones>Willis Jones, Sr.>Crawford Jones>J. J. (James Madison) Jones>Frances Elizabeth Jones Norman.   
James (as I call him) in Dallas found me about a year ago via email.  We have worked since on the ancestry of our common great-grandparents who were J. J. and Susan Anna Burkes Jones.  My grandmother, Frances Elizabeth,  was their first daughter.  His grandfather, John James Jones (the first) was their son. It has been a slow and tedious process of locating our Jones-Burk(e)s ancestors.  
A recent boon to my researching came from James who forwarded the book "Our Jones Family" 1975 written by Frieda Francine Jones Pendergrass of Arlington, TX.  James was sent the book by Robert M. Leahy and he had very kind words for you in a letter to James which was enclosed with the book. He included your name, mailing address and your email address as well.
 The book is so thorough on the descendancy of Aaron and Sarah Jones through the 1970's (except for Crawford Jones) and so well done. 
 We are still at a loss for information about my gggrandfather, Crawford Jones, son of Willis, Sr and Frances Florence Jones of Meriwether Co., Georgia.  My husband and I visited the Jones-Florence plantation home and  cemetery and what a treat indeed, but found very little information about this son in particular.  What we know is sketchy at best.  He married Mary Elizabeth Burton in Alabama and then followed siblings to Upshur Co., TX in the 1850's. By family history, we know that his wife was forbidden by her father Jacob Burton to leave Alabama and go with Crawford to Texas (recorded in the will of Jacob Burton). She remained in Alabama with their three children under threat of disinheritance for her and her children born in 1846, 1848, and 1851.  Apparently Mary Elizabeth was expecting their third child when Crawford made the move to Upshur Co., Texas.
 We have found a land purchase record for Crawford in Upshur Co. TX, his CSA records,  and from there the trail grows cold.  His wife and children migrated from Alabama to Bell Co. TX in the 1880's. One family reported Crawford visiting in the home of one of his daughters in Bell Co. in the late 1880's or early 1890's.  My great-grandfather, Crawford's son, was apparently named James Madison Jones at birth, but by his own decision, changed his name to J. J. Jones early in adulthood. All records for him show J. J. or James Jones. Bitterness prevailed throughout James' lifetime having not known his father and when he received $1.00 upon his father's death, he returned it by mail.  It's the details of this return that we are searching for--when, to where, to whom, etc.
 Can you be of any assistance? I know this is quite a lengthy query, but we are attempting to place this query with all contacts we are finding.  Thanks so much for any leads you may have.  Sammye Norman Mantooth, Lubbock, Texas



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