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King Arthur in World History
by Elayne Pair Gibbons

Where from this noble Arthur king,
Whence Celtic voices proudly ring?
Did Judahís daughter softly sing,
To Roman fatherhood did bring?

From Adam, Noah, prophets old,
Then Abraham and Jacob bold,
Their sons did Egypt captive hold,
Till Moses led them, we are told.

Once Joseph ruled in Egyptís land,
Stored Pharaohís corn mid desert sand;
As Hyksos, led the shepherd band,
Till Ahmose gained the upper hand.

When Israelites had crossed the Sea,
And followed prophets righteously,
Saul, David, Solomon, these three
Were chosen as their kings to be.

Escaped were some, established Troy,
A city bright with Priamís joy,
Till Helenís beauty proved a ploy,
And Mycenaeans did destroy.

To Lehi, prophet of our God
A calling came to go abroad,
With scriptures like an iron rod,
To live upon the promised sod.

The ten lost tribes of Israel
Were taken captive when they fell;
Dispersed throughout the north to dwell,
They soon became the Celt and Gael.

The Celtic people took their chance;
Across Great Britain, Spain, and France,
Against the Romans made a stance;
Sought freedom with great sword and lance.

The angels herald Jesusí birth,
The Savior of the entire earth,
And from the tomb he did come forth,
To bring to mankindís life great worth.

Once Joseph shipped tin under sail;
From Jesusí hand removed the nail;
As exiled King of Israel,
Left Judah with the holy grail.

She came to live out in the lake,
And ever inspiration make,
For once her quivering heart did ache:
The Ladyís Son died for our sake.

The sword was laid within the stone,
Secure until the place was shown
To royal Arthur on the throne,
Who made Goliath's sword his own.

The emperor Constantine did roam,
But Britainís fields were always home;
He built Constantinopleís dome,
Forced Christianity on Rome.

Saint Patrick did, without delay,
Chase all the serpents of his day
From Irelandís shores, so far away;
Two-legged creatures one might say.

The Druid Merlin was a seer,
Who saw the world in vision clear.
The dragons red and white drew near,
And fought while Merlin shed a tear.

King Arthur was a righteous man,
Whom Merlin counseled with this plan:
The Saxon fight; so Celts began
To bring together every clan.

As gospel loss beset the land,
The Saxon king fought Danish band;
The Norman, too, joined in demand,
And sought to rule the island grand.

The pope sent armies to invade;
And make Jerusalem afraid;
Their peace and homes for fear to trade,
Then vilely called it a crusade.

When Martin Luther sought reform,
And Calvin dared to face the storm,
As Henry scorned the Papal norm;
The church of Rome was in alarm.

On Joseph Smith, the Spirit poured,
Then Jesus Christ, our precious Lord,
Sent priesthood keys, and knowledge soared;
And thus the Gospel was restored.

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