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Scotland & Loch Ness
views of the south and west
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Driving along the Scottish border, we came across this ferry
loading for a trip to nearby Northern Ireland.



A Scots village, a rock a few miles off the coast, and one of our favorite signs "Haste ye back".



Old ruins dot the landscape, a typical pedestrian island,
the relatively small support of the Erskine Bridge.


Loch Lomond and its "bonnie banks"



 The following pictures are of some of the Scottish Highlands on the way to Loch Ness.










A replica of a stone type hut that was used by the ancient Scotts. This one has no door though.


More Highlands though the highest peak we've found is about 1100 feet.


Loch Linnhe, Loch Lochy     



Southern end of Loch Ness,
Loch Tarif we passed on the way up Loch Ness to where we were staying the night.



Foyers Bay House (our room is the upper left window),
roses on lamp post and chalk rock, view of Loch Ness from our window.


Loch Ness views.


Loch Ness views and ripples actually showing there is water there, upper Loch Ness.