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L o l a

by Elayne


I love you always, sister dear.
May all your life be filled with cheer,
And may your heart be filled with love
For Christ who watches up above.

I pray you always have great joy;
Your sweetest smile oft times employ.
Your fondest mem'ries too recall,
Including those when we were small.

We had Vacation Bible School
At Victor, summers, as a rule.
We sang, made crafts, met some new friend,
Learned Bible stories, with our kin.

The Christmas play was staged each year
Before grand-parents, kind and dear,
And followed closely by Saint Nick,
With fruit, and candy good to lick.

Remember Sundays alternating,
Baptist - Methodist, cooperating.
Neighbor and friend, uncle and aunt,
Different they were, but Heaven sent.

Each one trying to live God's Word,
Till trumpet sound again is heard.
The time is here, a prophet called,
The Gospel is restored to all.

Elijah, the prophet, has returned.
Hearts of the fathers have been turned,
And hearts of children to their fathers,
With love are drawn, as to their mothers.

So is it any wonder then,
That most folks yearn to find their kin,
Their roots, ancestors, reason to be,
Their own eternal family.

Small wonder we feel driven so
To know our kin of long ago.
When it's our turn Heaven to share,
Our loved ones will escort us there.

Then temple sealings will take hold,
And keep us in our family fold.
And you and I will shed no tear;
I love you always sister dear.