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Dozmary Pool
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A small lake where King Arthur's sword is claimed to have been thrown after his mortal wounding in battle.
GPS location 50-32-40 N, 004-32-59 W, west of Bolventor, England.



Maiden Castle Hill Fort

GPS location 50-41-49 N, 002-28-09 W, south of Dorchester, England.


It is very difficult for a 2 dimensional picture to do justice to a 3 dimensional situation.


The hill fort was begun about 500 BC, and occupied for 900 years or more.


It is protected by 4 high and steep ramparts, which must have been even more formidable before 2000 years of erosion.


Maiden Castle is the largest hill fort in Europe.


There are only a few ruins of buildings, and they may be from the later Roman period.