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New Dublin Live Oak Cemetery

Located 1 mile east of the downtown traffic light on highway 6 in Dublin, Erath County, Texas.

Photographed September 2011 and transcribed by Elayne Pair Gibbons.

The cemetery is divided into sections in a simple grid format, beginning with A on the south side proceeding to F on the north. #1 starts on the east side, proceeding to #19 on the west. Section #s are listed at the end of each name, thus ...1B would be found in the southeast corner of the cemetery, while ..10C would be near the center flagpole.
Printable map showing where in the cemetery to find my section numbers.

This data may be freely copied and used by any person or their agent, or any library, but may not be sold. 

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"A" Surnames


Adams, Charles M. [husb of Chloe E.] 9 Oct 1876 - 19 Nov 1954, Pvt Co E 2 Regt Ark Inf Sp Am War ...2B  photo  footstone

Adams, Charlie Chloe   30 Apr 1926 - 2 Feb 1992 ...2B  photo

Adams, Chloe Edna [wife of Charles M.] 10 May 1894 - 25 Dec 1979, wed July 1925 ...2B  photo

Alcala, Maria Dolores  26 Oct 1938 - 25 July 2005 ...1B  photo

Alexander, James Boyd   13 Aug 1926 - 19 Feb 2010, SF3 US Navy WWII ...2C  photo

Alexander, James Boyd Sr. [husb of Maggie L.] 18 Apr 1881 - 16 Aug 1964 ...2C  photo

Alexander, Maggie Lee [wife of James B.] 13 June 1895 - 13 June 1981 ...2C  photo

Alvarado, Billy Sidney  Cpl US Marine Corps Korea  10 Feb 1934 - 5 Jan 2000 ...1B  photo

Alvarado, Emma [wife of Tom] 6 Sept 1902 - 19 Jan 1958 ...1B  photo

Alvarado, Tom [husb of Emma] 23 Feb 1890 - 21 Dec 1971 ...1B  photo

Anderson, Cora Bee Calder [wife of Lloyd] 8 Dec 1919 - 12 Mar 2002 ...1E  photo

Anderson, Lloyd R. "Andy" [husb of Cora B. C.] 16 Jan 1921 - 1 Aug 2000, US Navy WWII ...1E  photo

Armstrong, Dalton Inzer [husb of Martha E.] 13 Apr 1923 - 22 May 1992 ...2D  photo

Armstrong, Delmar Dee [husb of Laura E.] 30 Oct 1916 - 15 Jan 1967 ...1E  photo

Armstrong, Laura Ellen [wife of Delmar D.] 21 Feb 1918 - no death date, wed 14 Sept 1939 ...1E  photo

Armstrong, Martha E. [wife of Dalton I.] 6 Feb 1926 - 15 Jan 2009, wed 22 May 1943 ...2D  photo


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