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Peel Castle
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Arriving at Peel, Peel Castle from across the bay, approaching Peel Castle.


Peel Castle, part of old Abbey inside walls, ramparts.


Scenes from inside castle showing ruins and Elayne looking up to me.


Four shots covering the Peel area from the castle.


Beach below the castle, 2 shots covering the inside from one direction, other ruins.


Elayne emerging from Ecclesiastical Prison, part of Abbey, and Elayne's favorite area (cemeteries).


Gate of Peel Castle with smaller door built in it, a sign we had a good laugh over,
and a typical phone booth we saw on the way to the bus stop.


Riding the upper level of a double-decker bus (looking down on the world),
typical main roads, roads that are wide enough
for two lanes until the people park where ever they want.