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Gretna Green,  Scotland
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More of those beautiful, shaggy Highland cattle.  Moo!




The original anvil used for marriages in Gretna Green,  
a replica sitting on a stump as the original did.
After the marriage, the smith would hit the anvil with a hammer.  If the bride and
groom's hands remained on the anvil, they were considered sealed for life.


Richmond Castle,  Richmond, England


Town Square, Castle gate far and up close, outside the gate towards the garden.


Inside view of the Keep, across the grounds from the keep,


Great Hall, one room, and 2 latrines built into the exterior wall.


More walls. stairs up lead to view over garden-stairs down lead to garden, garden.


View out another window at the same level as the view of the garden,
looking into the great hall (you can see where the second floor would have been.

Exterior view of the Great Hall.


Coming back from the garden, keep from the opposite corner,
ruins next to Great Hall, area where the cliff has given away and wall is gone.


Other indicators of rooms along the wall, another tower, toward keep from preceding tower,
wall along Keep has crumbled some.


Very small  stair well going to Keep (down looking at Elayne and up),
view of town from first level of Keep, large room in Keep.


Only the first set of stairs going further up the Keep, Great Hall of the Keep,
top of Keep over 100 feet high.


Views from the four sides at the top of the Keep, the town is really quite big.


Ceiling of the bottom level of the Keep, wall of lower section of Keep
(you can see the old vs. the new construction), inside of gate area.


Up close view of Keep, small story of the construction, model of expected design of the castle.


York, England


Gate to the old city of York, York Castle up close and hill it sits on.