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2 Room School house in 1931

at Rucker, Comanche Co., Texas

Courtesy of Travis Flatt


  Here is some early history of Rucker.  My dad William Flatt worked for MKT (rail road) in Gorman for a short time. While there my mother would take me and my brother on the road to Rucker to visit my mother's Mother and Father, who lived about two miles of Rucker.  My grandad would come to pick us up in his wagon and team of mules.
  My dad bought a 160 acre farm about two or three miles west of the Liberty Baptist church and the two room school.  I remember our move there January 1925.  Our house was a big two story house built in the 1880's  I remember well Rucker.  It has a depot and freight building, a cotton gin west of it.  North of the tracks was two general stores, grocers and some farm tools. One store was owned by the Bunting family. The other by a Mr. Allgoods. One of these stores had a post office, with mail boxes etc, a barber shop, black smith shop, filling station.
   I remember there was some medicine shows which was very good.  The road  from Gorman to De Leon was not paved.  It was good gravel road.  I think they did not pave it until about 1927-28.  With the road good and most getting autos they started to go to De Leon and Gorman for their trades days.  Soon this made the little stores fold up, and sell everything.
  Not much there now.  Now if you just had some letters posted and stamped Rucker, Texas, you would have a real treasure.
    I attended the two room school through the fifth grade. We rode a homemade school bus to North Ward elementary, and to the High school.

  We raised cotton until the bole worms put us out of business.  Started with peanuts.  The Pair farm neighbors were Claude and Bessie.  Ask your dad if he can remember.  I been off that farm 66 years. Also did he remember John T. Singleton, John Grisham, Ruth Bunting, Bonnie Faye Singleton. Was Martine Pair a cousin.  He is 5 years younger than I.  A lot of changes are made in 5 years. 

I enjoyed your Pair web site.  I want to go back and read some more of that.  Have you a book on the family?  I have a Flatt Family History book  published in 2000.  I have a book on each of my grand parents.  Flatt, Brown, Deaton and Laymon.  A lot of work, but I have enjoyed it, Best regards, Travis

Yes, you may use the data on Rucker.  I thought it may go good along with the two room school, grave yard, and the Liberty Baptist church.  Interesting thing about the church, when they were getting ready for the 100th year celebration-- some wondered about the name.  There was not any community, town or anything to cause the name.  They got to researching old church minutes of early years.  They found they got the name from 2 Corinthians 3:17, "...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty."  Makes you proud of our founding fathers.  Not like the present being Politically Correct, you would not mention God.  Best wishes, Travis