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Scotland & Stirling Castle

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Scottish highlands.


Black Watch Regimental Museum, Perth

There weren't many things to take pictures of since they were all behind glass.
 We did buy a CD of their pipes and music.

The host said the 3rd Regiment that did the CD, was the best as far as the music
was concerned, but they couldn't march worth a darn.


Sterling Castle, Sterling


Dry ditch showing canon and firing ports covering it, the first gate,
second gate, and second gate showing ramparts.



Over looking the wall past the second gate (north and south),
third gate, ramparts with canon after third gate.



Over looking third ramparts, Elayne with canon, and main palace.



Main palace with statues on wall, close-up of King in common clothes with lion
holding crown above him, other statues with gargoyles on each side.



Gargoyles on main wall, garrison quarters, top of main hall.



Inside main hall where musicians played from, throne, me on other than porcelain one, coat-of-arms.



Tapestry and a copy being made on a loom, main quarters from the bowling green.


Bridge of Allan



B & B for the night (upper left windows), Sterling Castle from our window, Elayne likes flowers.