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Tintagel Castle & Merlin's Cave
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GPS location 50-40-05 N, 04-45-35 W, at Tintagel, England.


Tintagel Abbey



Tintagel Island Castle is the birthplace of King Arthur. 
It is connected to the mainland by a narrow neck of land.


Castle ruins appear on both the island and the mainland opposite.


All of the above photos are of, or from, the mainland.


Several caves appear at shoreline.  The largest of these, Merlin's Cave,
continues all the way under the island and out the other side.



The island is stark and inhospitable, but extremely safe from attack.





St. Nectan's Glen & Waterfall



Trey walks down a     The stream leading up     One of the scattered     The waterfall is narrow but striking
narrow English road.    to St. Nectan's Glen.     red stones in the stream.     behind this natural bridge.