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Utah Cemetery Records

Herriman Cemetery

Herriman, Utah.  Complete listing with photos of every grave marker, by George Gibbons, September 2010.

Transcribed by Elayne Gibbons, Oct 2010.

This small, beautiful cemetery is divided by roads into 5 sections: north (n), north central (nc), south central (s), south, and west. 

South and west appear to be empty.  Among some families, the given name appears on one stone while the surname is located on another.

Click on thumbnail or link for photo of headstone.  All photos are sized to print out 6" by 4" or smaller.  Most can be enlarged.

Main entrance is located at GPS: 40-31-30 N -- 112-01-59 W    Elevation: 4900 feet

Herriman Cemetery is located on Pioneer St., 2 miles east of Bingham Mine.

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Views of Herriman Cemetery



Memorial to Thomas Butterfield Family



Front left unidentified.      Unidentified marker on right.      2 unidentified markers front left.      Topped with cornstalk.                        There is writing on these stones.                   

If you can identify any of these grave markers, please contact your hostess.

   North Section

North Central Section

South Central Section

Hamilton, Brady Darrell    photo

Hamilton, Whitney Kay    photo


Christensen, Ove Lorentzen    photo

Christensen, Beulah Williams    photo


Mascaro, Joe Jr.    photo

Mascaro, Elaine Hamilton   


Grass, Samuel P.    photo

Grass, Carmen M.   


Savage, Earl Charles    photo


Mascaro, John T.    photo

Mascaro, Mary Nelson    photo


Crump, Melba F.   photo

Crump, Wm. Rex      photo


Riding, Robert Keith Jr.    photo


Butterfield, Justin Ted    photo


Burge, Sarah Lorraine     photo


Butterfield, Douglas R.

Butterfield, Clara E. Bills   photo


Boehme, Glen Edward    photo

Boehme, Margaret Miller   


Nicholls, Brad Kimball    photo


Christensen, Elden Chris   

Christensen, Barbara Murphy    photo


Linde, Arthur Ernest    photo

Linde, Thelma Irene Wheeler    photo


Marcroft, Harry Russell   

Marcroft, Sarah R. Miller    photo


Smock, Raymond Allen   

Smock, Christi Beach    photo


Butterfield, J. Eldon    photo


Mangum, Carl Byron    photo

Mangum, Carl Dean    photo

Mangum, Laurence Lee    

Mangum, Mary Lou Giles    photo


Crosby, Maxine Gladys    photo


Henline, Ronald Mark     

Henline, Thora Ilene Christensen    photo


Blanscet, Bobbi Lynn Ney    photo


Jensen, Alexi    photo


Mangum, L. Pearl    photo

Mangum, William A.    photo

Mangum, Ethel Hawkins    photo

Mangum, James Wesley    photo


Williams, Tyler James    photo


Miller, James Art    photo

Miller, Tannie Dot    

Miller, Shaun Steven    photo


Karras, Gary L.    photo


Wardell, Lynwood A.    photo

Wardell, Sylvia B.    photo


Butterfield, Ross W.     

Butterfield, Marjorie W.    photo

Butterfield, Willard F.    photo

Butterfield, Bertha Jane    photo

Butterfield, Tamara    photo


Wardell, Sherrie    photo


Clark, LeRoy    photo

Clark, Lea Lewis   photo


Pearson, LeVar Owen    photo


Dansie, Darrell H.     

Dansie, Myra Kaye    photo


Christoffersen, Gayla    photo


Freeman, Hannah Pirsylvia Butterfield  photo

Freeman, Jeremiah Reuben    photo


Butterfield, Mahonri    photo

Butterfield, Hazel B.    photo


Vance, Thomas E.    photo


Freeman, Orrin R.    photo

Freeman, Delila    photo

Freeman, T. E. Vance    photo


Vance, Thomas    photo


Flake, Rachel Michelle    photo


Parry, Colleen B.   

Parry, Everett T.    photo

Parry, Steven Everett    photo


Flake, Tonya Shannon    photo

Flake, Ruston Von    photo

Flake, Sandy Karene    photo

Flake, Duane Wendell    photo

Flake, Vonda Butterfield


Butterfield, Marion H.    photo

Butterfield, S. Heber    photo

Butterfield, Dora E. H.    photo


West, Jamey Neil    photo


Alford, Cora Nell    photo


Sorenson, Ned William   photo

Sorenson, Hazel June Butterfield


Garrick, Albert Ralph    photo

Garrick, Thelda L. F.


Miller, Vivian P.

Miller, Orson    photo


Taylor, Clarence A.    photo


Freeman, Dickson Alonzo

Freeman, Shirley D. Mosser    photo


Pratt, Alma Ernest    photo

Pratt, Norma Freeman


Lightfoot baby    photo


Miller, Keith P.     photo


Freeman, Helen Perkins    photo  

Freeman, Thomas "Pete"    photo

Freeman, Troy Raydell    photo

Freeman, Thomas Ray    photo

Freeman, Larry Odell    photo


Eastman, Alonzo Heber    photo


Freeman, Alonzo H.    photo

Freeman, Violet D.    photo


Eastman, Cumorah    photo

Eastman, Clarence O.    photo

Eastman, Leila Burden    photo


Lewis, Floyd John    photo

Lewis, Bernice F.


Freeman, Marland Samuel    photo

Freeman, George Royce    photo

Freeman, Emma Rhoda    photo

Freeman, Wm. Rodney    photo

Freeman, Thomas    photo


Fraser, Alexander    photo

Fraser, Olive Percinda B.    photo


Bowles, Lyle Joan    photo


Holsinger, Abigail Ann    photo


Gibson, Juanita    photo

Gibson, Hope    photo

Gibson, Andy    photo  footstone


Swasey, Harold Scott    photo

Swasey, Phyllis Bodell    photo


Bowles, Sarah Bliss    photo

Bowles, John T.    photo

Bowles, Fraser John    photo


Fraser, Annie Barta    photo


Payne, Edith Viola    photo


Eastman, Leo G.    photo  headstone  another view  more

Eastman, Reuben Byron    photo

Eastman, Persilda Butterfield    photo

Eastman, Donna E. Allred   


Peterson, Uettia E.    photo

Peterson, Daniel A.     photo


Johnson, Annette Swasey    photo


Crump, Delos D.    photo


Peterson, Almira Daniel Alexander    photo


Eastman, John    photo

Eastman, Ross Byron    photo

Eastman, Thomas    photo

Eastman, Son    photo

Eastman, Arnold Ray    photo


Crump, Reynold Clyde    photo

Crump, Lavon Bagnell    photo


Butterfield, Samuel J. Jr.    photo


Crump, Samuel Heber    photo

Crump, Olive J. B.    photo


Baby    photo


Bax, Nola E.    photo


Riley, Melva K. B.    photo


Bax, George T.    photo


Crump, Joseph Henry    photo

Crump, Agnes F. Bodell    photo

Crump, Margaret Emma    photo

Crump, Joseph Archie    photo


Kidd, M. Edith    photo

Kidd, James B.    photo


Butterfield, George Melvin    photo

Butterfield, George S.    photo

Butterfield, Lizzie S.    photo

Butterfield, Almon D.    photo


Williams, Sue L.    photo

Williams, Alan P.


Brickey, Brenda Jane    photo

Brickey, David Fred


Stocking, Joseph Horace    photo  footstone

Stocking, Martha Jane Butterfield    photo  footstone


Crane, Rachel    photo  more

Crane, Elizabeth    photo  more


Mary    photo


Crane, James    photo  more

Crane, Alice    photo  more


Ostler, William    photo


Ensign, Katherine Emeline    photo

Ensign, Harriet    photo


Stocking, John Jay    photo  more

Stocking, Mary J. Stewart    photo

Stocking, Rulon Horace    photo

Stocking, Margaret Stewart    photo

Stocking, John Jay Jr.    photo  more

Stocking, Hannah Cook    photo  more

Stocking, John Jay    photo  more

Stocking, Lillie May    photo

Stocking, Elizabeth Ann Lewis    photo  more


Crane, Brigham    photo  more  again


Newman, Esther (Crane)    photo  more

Newman, Franklin J.    photo  more

Crane, Mary    photo

Stocking, Harriet E. [Ensign?]    photo

Bowen, Dora G.    photo

Bowen, Catherine    photo

Bowen baby    photo

Bodell, Raymond O.    photo

Bodell, Lucille H.    photo

Bodell, Connie Rae    photo

Bodell, Fredrick (H.?)   photo  name

Tempest, Henry James    photo  children

Tempest, Sarah Emily    photo  children

Bodell, John T.    photo

Bodell, Anna Eliza    photo

Bodell, Adeline F.    photo

Bowen, Harriet    photo

Bowen, Mariah    photo

Bowen, John D.    photo

Bowen, Maria A.    photo

Bowen, John M.    photo

Bowen, Ann D.    photo

Bowen, Mary D.     photo

Bowen, Moses    photo

Bowen, Daniel Fritz    photo

Bowen baby    photo

Wing, Harriet Amanda Stocking    photo  more

Wing, Joseph John    photo

Bowles, Grafton A.    photo

Bowles, Lillian E.    photo

Bowles, Agnes Jane    photo

Bowles infant    photo

Bowles, Gilbert    photo

Bowles, Oliver Trussler    photo

Bowles, Johanna Coomans

Bowen, Catherine Mary    photo

Bowen, Hannah Maria    photo

Freeman, Nancy B. Smoot    photo

Freeman, ____    photo

Freeman, George W.    photo  more  footstone

Freeman, Nancy B.    photo

Walker, John S.    photo

Walker, Agnes Ann    photo

Walker, Fanny J.    photo

Walker, Clara C.    photo

Walker, Wm. John    photo

Freeman, Angeline S.    photo

Freeman, William H.    photo

Freeman, Sarah B.    photo

Butterfield, John    photo

Walker, John T.    photo

Walker, Elizabeth E.    photo

Walker, J. Fredrick    photo

Walker, Agnes A.    photo

Walker, Joseph C.    photo

Walker, Lucy S.    photo

F., A. M.    photo

F., A.    photo

F., A. O.    photo

F., L.    photo

Farmer, John E.    photo

Farmer, Eliz. E.    photo

Farmer, Eliz. Ann    photo

Wright, John W.    photo

Wright, Eliz. B.    photo

Butterfield, Emma C.    photo

Butterfield, George    photo

Butterfield, John    photo

Butterfield, Emma Eliza    photo

Butterfield, Mary F.    photo

Butterfield, Thomas Jefferson    photo  back  footstone

Butterfield, Mary J.    photo

Chivers, Christopher Douglas    photo

Kramer, David Conrad

Kramer, Annette Pickering    photo

Kidd, Alexander    photo

Seidel, Scott Allan    photo

Kidd, Fidelia Bickmore    photo

Draper, Martha Jane    photo

Draper, Mary Louisa    photo

Draper, Charles William    photo

Draper, William Henry    photo

Wilcox, John    photo

Wilcox, Sarah M. Hurley    photo

Dansie, Eliza Ellen    photo

Dansie, Rosena Clarissie    photo

Dansie, Robert Sr.    photo

Dansie, Jane Wilcox    photo

Dansie, Sarah Glenn    photo

Dansie      photo

Dansie, Robert    photo

Joseph J.    photo

Mary    photo

Baby    photo

Joseph S.    photo

Sarah    photo

Tempest, Henry    photo

Tempest, Mary A. V.     photo

Tempest, Mary A. G.    photo

Crump, Sarah C.    photo

Crump, William C.    photo

Crump, Margaret J.    photo

Baby    photo

James E.    photo

Butterfield, Almon    photo  more

Butterfield, Elizabeth A. Farmer    photo  more

Butterfield, Sarah Mitchell    photo  more

Fredrick Richard    photo

Zachariah Trussler    photo

Elizabeth Emma    photo

Agnes Ann    photo

Lyman    photo

Cook, Ann Denley    photo

Cook, George    photo

Wixey, William    photo

Thomas E.    photo

George W.    photo


Forman, Julian J.    photo

Forman, Beverly J.    photo

Roach, Leonard A.    photo

Roach, Terry Allred    photo

Peterson, Kenneth Ray    photo

Peterson, Robert    photo

Peterson, Fern L.    photo

Robbins, Bertha L. "Rusty"    photo

Livingston, Dakota Weston    photo

Livingston, Jaydon Gary    photo

Elkins, Chester Eldon    photo

Elkins, Thelma Brown    photo

Wallis, Charity Janel    photo

Wallis, George B.    photo

Wallis, Vera S.    photo

Wallis, Ralph Dean    photo

Wallis, Donna Lee Wilkinson

Forman, Delbert Ivan    photo

Forman, Iola Schmidt

Dansie, Loraine Hand    photo

Dansie, Arthur Haleman    photo

Oakeson, Kendell Gary    photo

Eastman, Kenneth Harvey    photo

Eastman, Harvey Reuben    photo

Eastman, Orpha Bills    photo

Carter, Ray Lloyd    photo

Carter, Myrna Butterfield

Dansie, Oren Robert    photo

Dansie, Lucille B.    photo

Dansie, Kenneth D.    photo

Dansie, Jesse H.    photo  back

Dansie, Ruth M. Butikofer    photo  back

Dansie, Alma H. "Hale"    photo  back

Dansie, Agnes R. Kunz    photo  back

Dansie, Clinton John    photo  footstone

Dansie, Vickie Lynn    photo  footstone

Dansie, Betty J. M.    photo  footstone

Dansie, Ashley Mae    photo

Dansie, Azha Nicol    photo

Bergmann, Willard DeWitt    photo

Bergmann, Verna B. Shew    photo

Butterfield, Wayne W.    photo

Butterfield, Mildred H.    photo

Roberts, Thelma H.    photo

Roberts, Ray F.    photo

Butterfield, Lester William    photo

Butterfield, Tola Christensen    photo

Christensen, Claud A.    photo

Christensen, Louis A.    photo

Christensen, Martha B.    photo

Christensen, Martha Marie    photo

Freeman, Kenneth Arlin    photo

Peay, Linda Butterfield    photo

Baiza, Teodoro "Ted"    photo

Butterfield, DeWayne J.    photo

Butterfield, Mary Christina

Akenhead, Thomas Jared    photo

Fredrickson, Oscar H.    photo

Fredrickson, Clara R. Smith    photo

Freeman, Virgil Levar    photo

Freeman, Dorothy Talbott    photo

Talbott, Elmer H.    photo

Talbott, Nettie A.    photo

Butterfield, Janice Marie Roberts    photo

Butterfield, Rodney Wayne    photo

Butterfield, Viola Diane Taylor

Butterfield, Benjamin Preston    photo

Butterfield, Terri    photo

Prowse, John S. Jr.    photo

Butterfield, John Edward    photo  back

Butterfield, Gladys Eliza Hanson    photo  back

Butterfield daughter    photo  more

Butterfield daughter    photo  more

Prowse baby    photo

Prowse son    photo

Prowse, Florance Johns    photo

Prowse, John S.    photo

Butterfield, Roma C.    photo

Butterfield, Gustave Rex    photo

Lundell, Pehr Gustav    photo

Lundell, Augusta H.    photo

Butterfield, Ellen S. Lundell    photo

Bowen, Margaret Crump    photo

Bowen, George Edward    photo  footstone

Ernst, Guy Fredrick    photo

Ernest, Joseph R.    photo

Ernest, Rowena M.    photo

Crane, Nathaniel    photo  back

Crane, Mildred B.

Johnson, Denton Riley    photo

Johnson, Doris Crane    photo

Newman, Edith Butterfield    photo

Newman, James William    photo

Butterfield, Thomas S.    photo

Butterfield, Martha B.     photo

Butterfield, James Reed    photo

Reed    photo

Butterfield, Cornelia Crane    photo

Butterfield, Thomas Ralph    photo

Butterfield, Charlane    photo

Butterfield, Ethel Taylor    photo

Butterfield, Lawrence Thomas

Crane, Bruce N.    photo

Bowen, John Henry    photo

Bowen, Alice E. Butterfield    photo

Forman, William Henry    photo

Forman, L. Elizabeth Butterfield    photo

Forman, William Keith    photo

Forman, Darrell Heber    photo

Barela, Verlaine Bills

Barela, Mike Richard    photo

Bills, Martha Isabell Butterfield    photo

Bills, Elton Ezra    photo

Forman, John T.    photo

Forman, Ellis Gilbert    photo

Forman, E. Calvin    photo

Forman, V. Maurine

Bowen, Verna Sarah    photo

Bowen, John Cyril    photo

Butterfield, Wm. Henry    photo

Butterfield, Betty H.    photo

Butterfield, Herbert W.    photo  more

Butterfield, Golden Arlynn    photo  back

Butterfield, Carol A. Jenkins

Butterfield, Jeff David    photo

Butterfield, Sheldon Charles    photo

Butterfield, Darlyne Rindlisbacher

Butterfield, Edwin Parker    photo

Butterfield, Lucy Wheadon    photo

Butterfield, Thomas    photo

Butterfield, Cathrine Emeline    photo

Butterfield, Grace    photo

Butterfield, James Richard    photo

Bodell, Laura Kidd    photo

Bodell son    photo

Bodell, James Chester    photo

Bodell, Frances R. T.    photo

Bodell, William A.    photo

Bodell, Arthur C.    photo

Young baby    photo

Miller, James Wendell    photo  back

Miller, Lucy Jane B.    photo  back

Butterfield, John Almond    photo

Butterfield, Emma Farmer    photo

Butterfield, Morris J.    photo

Butterfield, Boyd T.    photo

Butterfield, Maxine J.   

Crosby, Darcy G.    photo

Crane, F. Joe    photo

Crane, Emma    photo

Crane, Annie Jane    photo

Crane, Franklin T.    photo

Rasmussen, Esther Crane    photo

Rasmussen, Vester Fitzgerald    photo

Bodell, Annie Crane Sorensen    photo

Sorensen, George F.    photo

Johnson, Kamohoali'i Bruk    photo

Bodell, Henry Kent    photo  back  more

Bodell, Noreen M. Schmidt    photo  back

Bodell son    photo

Bodell son    photo

Bodell, Mary Alice J.    photo

Bodell, William Henry    photo

Garvin, Nathaniel Lee    photo

Densley, Elmo Huffman    photo

Densley, Elizabeth C.    photo

Densley, Phil    photo

Densley, Beatrice Hogan    photo

Webecke, P. Searls    photo

Guilmet, Philip F.    photo

Oliver, John E.    photo

Oliver, Pearl L.    photo

Kidd, Traci L. King    photo

Kidd, Pearl V.    photo

Kidd, Archie J.    photo

Walker, Grace Nielsen    photo

Walker, George James    photo

Walker, Maybell Price    photo

Walker, George Almond    photo

Kidd, Lettie Savage

Kidd, Gail Jay    photo

Speer, Kathryn Janet    photo

Oliver, Samuel E.    photo

Oliver, Charlotte B.    photo

Crane, Hannah R. Butterfield    photo

Crane, Charles Edward    photo

Smith, Valentine    photo

Smith, Alice    photo

Smith, J. Marion    photo

Miller, Rebecca C.    photo

Miller, Thomas H.    photo

Miller, Charles A.    photo  more

Miller, George E.    photo  more

Peterson, Lloyd V.    photo

Haycock, Lawrence Crane    photo

Haycock, Lily Crane    photo

Haycock, David    photo

Ingram, Mayme C.    photo

Ingram, Tearris A.    photo

Crane, Vida M. Hudson    photo

Crane, William Lafe    photo

Freeman, Elma G.    photo

Freeman, Levi W.    photo

Freeman, J. Richard    photo

Crane, Elva A. Jones    photo

Crane, Arthur Don

Horvath, Joseph D.    photo

Horvath, Marjorie C    photo

Crane dau    photo

Crane son   photo  again  more

Crane, James    photo

Butterfield, Franklin Thomas    photo

Crane, Albert J.    photo  back

Crane, Carrie C.    photo  back

White, William Orin    photo

Withers, Lottie Butterfield Lloyd    photo

Butterfield, Sophia Nevada    photo

Butterfield, George William    photo

Jeffrey, Ruth Butterfield    photo

Crane, Emma L. Butterfield    photo

Crane, Walter E.    photo

Jeffrey, Hiram G.    photo

Henry, James    photo

Mayme    photo

Crane, Elizabeth Emma    photo

Crane, Arthur Willard    photo

Miller, Dale E.    photo

Miller, June F.    photo

Freeman, Virginia E. Leach

Freeman, Dean Woodruff    photo  back

Wandell, Charles William    photo

Freeman, Joseph Wallace    photo

Freeman, William Myron    photo

Carter, Maryett    photo

Carter, Henryett    photo

Carter, Franklin Fitzfield    photo

Carter, Hannah Butterfield    photo

Carter, Bertha Iona    photo

Crane, James Reynold    photo

Crane, Jeannette D.    photo

Crane, Henry    photo

Crane, Henry J.    photo

Simons, Donna Jeannette    photo

Simons, Fred Martin    photo

Densley, William    photo

Crane, Daisy Y.    photo

Dansie, Mary Holland    photo

Dansie, James    photo

Carter, Sylvester    photo

Carter, Parley Zachariah    photo

Carter, Hannah Jane    photo

Carter, Franklin    photo

Freeman, Jeremiah Reuben    photo

Freeman, Emma Jane Bodell    photo

Butterfield, Almon Thomas    photo  more

Butterfield, Sarah Jane C.    photo

Butterfield, Marva    photo

Butterfield, James Earl    photo

Dansie, John William    photo

Dansie, Margaret M. Crump    photo

Butterfield, Amy W.    photo

Butterfield, E. Leslie    photo

Butterfield, Lawrence A.    photo

Butterfield, Eva    photo

Carter, Eva B.    photo

Butterfield, Vilate S.    photo

Butterfield, Joseph A.    photo

Lefau, Anarae G.    photo

Farmer, Jane Morley Phillips    photo  more  again

2 "Brother" markers beside Jane M. P. Farmer    photo

Phillips, Evan    photo

Phillips, Mary Morley    photo

Davies, John    photo

Davies, Evan    photo

Butterfield, Sarah Ann Newman    photo  more

Butterfield, Samuel    photo  more

Butterfield, Sarah Jane Farmer    photo  more

Butterfield, E. Moroni    photo

Butterfield, Agnes A.    photo

Butterfield, Sarah Ann Eliza    photo

Butterfield, Eunice A. Freeman    photo

Butterfield, George Nephi    photo

Butterfield, Joyce    photo

Butterfield, Marvin Deverl    photo

Butterfield, W. Parker    photo

Butterfield, Joseph Willard    photo

Butterfield, Clara E.    photo

Butterfield, Lilly May    photo

Grandma    photo

Grandpa    photo

Orgill, Sarah Serena    photo

Densley, Daniel    photo

Densley, Sarah B.    photo

Densley, Joseph H.    photo

Densley, Thomas    photo

Eaton, Joseph Clair    photo

Eaton, Andrea L. Jackson

Eaton, Cecelia Marie    photo

Butterfield, Parley Parker    photo  back

Butterfield, Pearl L. Helquist    photo  back

Miller, George    photo  more  back  small  again

Miller, Olive B.    photo  back  small  broken

Miller, Araminta W.    photo  back  small

Miller, Clarence Earl    photo  back

Miller, Hyrum E.    photo  back

Butterfield, Glora B.    photo

Butterfield, Gladys E.    photo

Payton, Leo J.    photo

Poor, Daisy    photo

Poor, Earl    photo

Butterfield, Ella Brown    photo

Butterfield, Thomas Almon    photo

Miller, William Louis    photo

Miller, Alfred S.  small  back

Miller, Hannah V.    small  back

Steadman, Justin J.    photo

Dansie, Edna Pearl    photo

Dansie, Charles Alfred    photo

Dansie, Roseina Harriet    photo

Dansie, Robert Jr.    photo

Dansie, Roseina Silcock    photo

Butterfield, Mary Jane    photo

Butterfield, Emeline A.    photo

Butterfield, William W.    photo

Butterfield, Margret E.    photo

Numbers, Samuel    photo

Numbers, Sarah    photo

Bodell, Milton Elwood    photo

Skanchy, Elizabeth Miller Bodell    photo

Bodell, Milton    photo

Miller, Olive E.    photo

Miller, George M.    photo

Miller son    photo

Miller, Fannie J.    photo

Miller, George J.    photo

Thomas, Chaz Mark    photo

Poor, Fanny Fern Miller    photo

Poor, Cecil Oliver    photo

Thomas, Elise Fannie    photo

Thomas, Danny Neil    photo

Miller, M. Louise    photo

Miller, John A.    photo

Morris, Dixie E. Bodell Black    photo

Skanchy, W. Lee    photo

Bodell, Mariner Lorenzo    photo

Bodell, Jesse Moroni    photo

Bodell, James    photo

Bodell, Joseph S.    photo

Bodell, Emma Jane    photo

Bodell, Joseph    photo

Bodell, John William    photo  back

Bodell, Pearl Seal    photo  back

Newman, Viola    photo

Newman, Edna    photo

Newman, J. Elmer    photo

Newman, Franklin J.    photo

Parry baby    photo

Parry, Mabelle Miller    photo

Parry, Raymond Lester    photo

Parry, Raymond K.    photo

Parry, Raymond G.    photo

Parry, Mathew K.    photo

Parry, Kathleen    photo

Newman, Heber T.    photo

Newman, Sarah E.    photo

Newman, Moss Simmons    photo

Newman, Jean Langford    photo

Bodell, Joseph S. H.    photo

Bodell, Sarah L. H.    photo

Crane, James R.    photo

Crane, John W.    photo

Crane, John Steven    photo

Tempest, Jamima V.    photo

Freeman, Clifton O.    photo

Potter, Jerry Jay

Potter, Karla Peterson    photo

Crane, William A.    photo  more  again

Crane, Martha M. S.    photo  more  again

Crane, Gladys E.    photo  more  again

Crane, Wm. LeGrand    photo  more  again

Crane, Violet Dot    photo  more  again

Crane, Clytia T.    photo  more  again

Crane baby    photo  more  again

Kuphaldt, George H.    photo

Kuphaldt, H. C.    photo

Kuphaldt, Beda    photo

Ulibarri, Ann Parry

Ulibarri, Ray Joe C.    photo

Native American, name unknown    photo

Thomas, William    photo

Afro-American female, name unknown    photo

Thomas, Margaret Jones    photo

Vodopich, Robert M.    photo

Vodopich, Michael    photo  back

Vodopich, Mabel Ames    photo  back

Vodopich, Joseph Jr.    photo

Gehrke, Richard Clarence    photo

Gehrke, Beth Ellen Frye    photo


Baker, Thomas H.   

Baker, Rosemary L.    photo


Jaramillo, Nathan Charles    photo


Ivie, Jim Dee    photo

Ivie, Clifton Jim    photo


Metcalf, Darwin Dean    photo

Metcalf, Bessie Bate    photo


Shafer, Tina Rae    photo


Burt, Brandon George    photo


Iverson, James William    photo


Earnhart, Cameron M.    photo


Tanner, Lois    photo

Tanner, Shirl


Bullock, Dixie C. Curran    photo

Bullock, Joseph H.


Prescott, Dorothy Vaun Johnson    photo

Prescott, Boyd H.    photo


Hanusek, Debra L.    photo


Van Beuge, Johanna Frederika Punt    photo

Van Beuge, Christiaan    photo


Mascaro, Jim    photo

Mascaro, Freada


Canova, Norman Ray    photo


Wilcox, Roger W.    photo

Wilcox, Walter Ronald    photo


Linza, Howard F.    photo

Linza, Rita Butterfield    photo


Pullman, Ned E.    photo


Hardman, Shalawn Sue    photo


Ernest, Danny

Ernest, Shellie    photo  back


Butterfield, Brooks Perry    photo


Andrews, Henry G.    photo

Andrews, Viola M.    photo


Tacy, Audrey Ann    photo


Millsap, Ruth Catherine Emack    photo

Millsap, James Homer    photo


Rodela, Bonnie B.    photo


Butterfield, Glenn Lamar    photo

Butterfield, Maxine Mousley


Butterfield, Glenn Edward    photo

Butterfield, Melva Rhea Bills    photo


Eby, Paisley Elizabeth    photo


Johnson, Bethany    photo

Johnson, Benjamin A.


Fife, Sadie    photo


Nunley, Richard Dea    photo

Nunley, Esther Anne Lawler    photo


Hall, James Edgar    photo

Hall, June Marie Larson    photo


Nelson, Connie Sue

Nelson, Ronald Carl Jr.    photo


Nelson, Susan Diane    photo


Jaramillo, Manuelita "Nellie"    photo

Jaramillo, Alviar "Papa Al"    photo


Hatley, Lucas Paul    photo


Arias, Rosa Tulia    photo


White, Miriam Jean    photo


Lohmoelder, Olivia Anne    photo


Bergstrom, Ronald Lee    photo

Bergstrom, Lisa Jane Hamilton


Kimber, Fredrick Allen    photo


Marshall, Al H. "Bill"    photo

Marshall, Katherine L.


Storey, John Robert (Gifford)

Storey, Catherine Mary Holt    photo


Oneida, Rose J.    photo


Williams, Edda B.    photo


Henrichs, Gary Clark    photo


Stuckman, Mary Larsen Holt    photo


Hogge, Roscoe E.

Hogge, Anna "Pearl" Hansen    photo


Fitzgerald, Les    photo

Fitzgerald, Joan Swasey


Rushton, Dorothy Eastman    photo

Rushton, Jessie Verl


Medvedeva, Elekanida    photo


Bodell, Ron M.    photo

Bodell, Margie Beagley    photo


Nell, Gale B. "Chick"

Nell, Lola Bodell    photo


Kussatz, Kathy Bodell

Kussatz, Mel A.    photo


Guymon, Steven Joel

Guymon, Nadine Jex    photo


Koons, Peter James    photo


Slinker, Nancy Lee Jones    photo


Parry, Alexis Marie    photo


Hartranet, David    photo


Egbert, Dylan Kent    photo


Kaleikini, Joseph C.    photo


Murdock, Jaxon Roger    photo


Mitchell, Gabriel Zachary Cunningham    photo    closeup


James, Ryan Christopher    photo


Besst, Mary June    photo

Palmer, Mary Jane    photo


Dukatz, Faye Okins

Dukatz, James Gerald


Files, Jocelyn Cristeen    photo


Wrigley, Adam Jared    photo


Jarrett, Brooke    photo


Jarrett, Arlen Kent    photo

Jarrett, Jody Lindquist


Jarrett, James Ray    photo

Jarrett, Elaine Allred


Christensen, Megan Lucinda    photo


Twede, Judith Lynn

Twede, Fred "G"    photo


Walker, Betty Mae Winn

Walker, James Russel    photo


Adamson, Jeanine    photo


Smith, Brooke G.    photo


Leonard, Adam Bryan    photo


Bunker, Braden N.    photo


Millett, Norman Keith    photo


Sandefur, James R.    photo


Davidson, Allan Gordon    photo


Villarreal, Taliya Ann    photo


Strong, Jarod Morgan    photo


Rosenhan, A. LaRay Street

Rosenhan, Harold L.    photo


Lopez, Alexander F.    photo


Jennings, Myrtle Francis    photo


Bowles, Scott E.    photo

Bowles, Patricia K.


Powell, Richard W.    photo


Knecht, Tyler James    photo


Blackburn, Keltson Gene    photo


Richey, Cadence Grace    photo


Asay, Raquel Rivero-Varela

Asay, Sherman Lawrence    photo


Meier, Idora Marie

Meier, John Henry    photo


Schmidt, Gayla Grundvig

Schmidt, Brad Forest    photo


Roach, William Grant    photo

Roach, Mary "Madge" Thomas    photo


Butterfield, Almon Floyd    photo

Butterfield, Alice Roberts    photo


Jacobson, Dale Russel    photo

Jacobson, Karen Wilson


Wilson, William James    photo

Wilson, S. Myrle Butterfield    photo


Finnerty, Alexis Lee    photo


Finnerty, Justin J.

Finnerty, Jamie Grundy    photo


Chevalier, Ronald Martel    photo


Spendlove, Leland Francis    photo

Spendlove, Sharon Lucille Smith    photo


Rivetti, Vincenzo Fabiano    photo


Soper, William Ronald    photo

Soper, Ann Marie Lillywhite


Heninger, Gary Golden    photo

Heninger, Myrna Rollins


Green, Jacob Michael    photo

Green, Emily Anne    photo


Purser, Jimmie Duaine    photo

Purser, Betty Ruth Huff


Emery, Stephanie Ann

Emery, Brad James    photo


Bowles, Robert I.    photo

Bowles, Nola M.    photo

Bowles, Carolyn    photo


Owens, Joyce Lorraine

Owens, John Robert    photo


Butterfield, Nephi Samuel    photo

Butterfield, Edna Bowles    photo


Nelson, Matthew E. "Nelly"    photo


Freeman, Seth M.    photo


Mitchell, Robert Kevin

Mitchell, Maryann Meekyung Matsuoka    photo


Machan, Charles Frederick    photo

Machan, Joye Labrum    photo


Farmer, Sienna Marie    photo


Matthews, Alice Maizey    photo

Matthews, Anthony Olson    photo


Sorensen, Jonathon James    photo


Stowe, Lilly Maydia    photo


Villota, Jaqueline Hilda    photo


Barrier, Jeffrey D.    photo


White, Daniel Kelly    photo


White, David Virgil    photo

White, Bonnie Jean Hebdon    photo


Dresser, Carolyn Mueller    photo


Reese, Robert John    photo  more


Lance, Karla Jo    photo


Turci, Austin James    photo


McCulloch, David Michael    photo

McCulloch, Alyce Jean


Yeates, Linda Lee Fritz    photo


Bennion, Maxwell Bart    photo


Gualazzi, Samuel Robert

Gualazzi, Susan Leanne Park    photo


Quigley, Miranda Claire    photo


Swartout, Esther Stanley

Swartout, Wayne Harold    photo


Freeman, Marland Darwin    photo


Freeman, Corey D.    photo


Freeman, Hazel Crane    photo


Freeman, Ross Craig    photo


Smith, Valerie Anne Kudela    photo


Vodopich, Anton    photo




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