Welcome to the Palmer Family

Welcome to the history of my Palmer family

Welcome to the history of my Palmer family, and my Doherty, Crumlish, Hernan, Loughnan, Cavanagh, D'Arcy, McGuire, Lee or (Ley) ancestors and many more besides .....

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My journey has taken me to places in Ireland as diverse as the rain swept purple hills of Inishowen and the dense green oak groves of Shillelagh. I have traced direct links to family in Donegal, Derry, Belfast, Wexford, Dublin, Wicklow and Carlow. One line even extends back to Cornwall and Kent in England (from where my Palmer surname comes) and another to Scotland.

I've even come across an oral family tradition that I am descended from a soldier or sailor who arrived in Ireland with the great Spanish Armada of 1588, after trying to invade England!

Most of these pages are a bit of an indulgence, to share my family history with the world, as if anyone in the world would be interested, and to help me find more missing family members!

On my mother's side the family come from Donegal and Derry.

On my father's side, the Palmer line goes back to Derry, Belfast, Dublin, then on to Wexford, Cornwall and Devon, and finally to Deptford, Kent. There is also a link to Edinburgh. My grand-mother Josephine's family hail from Wexford, Carlow and Wicklow.

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