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Monongahela Valley directory - Elizabeth - 1859

1859 Directory of Monongahela Valley

Elizabeth, Allegheny County

From the Thurstons Directory of the Monongahela and Youghiogheny Valleys - 1859

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Name - occupation
Abrahams, Robert, tailor
Abrams, John, house carpenter
Applegate, James, boat builder

Barker, Robert, sawyer
Barton, Alexander, coal digger
Bayard, Bennett, boat builder
Bean, Charles F., deck hand
Bean, Robert C., teamster
Bennett, Gersham, farmer
Bentley, Elizabeth, widow of Joseph
Berry, Daniel, coal merchant
Berry, Oliver P., coal merchant
Bowen, Edward, coal merchant
Boyd, Benjamin, butcher
Boyd, Benjamin F., carpenter
Boyd, Joseph C., grocer
Boyd, Robert M., agent and bar keeper
Bradley, John, boat builder

Carroll, Catherine, widow of Joseph
Chambers, J. E., boot and shoemaker
Chambers, J. L., boot and shoemaker
Chambers, Mrs. Deborah, widow
Cody, Adam, deck hand
Cooley, William, sawyer
Corts, Elizabeth, widow of Reuben
Coursin, Peter, boat builder
Craighead, Andrew, sawmill
Craighead, James, skiff builder
Craighead, John, sawmill
Craighead, Roger, sawyer
Crookham, John, ship carpenter
Crookham, Marcus, glass blower
Cunningham, George, boat builder

Davis, E. A., post master
Deshields, Thomas, carpenter
Donaldson, James, boot and shoemaker
Donaldson, James, shoemaker
Dougherty, Jameison, ship carpenter
Dougherty, William, boat builder
Dreese, Jacob, laborer
Drury, William, merchant tailor
Dunbarn, James, ship carpenter

Eberman, Jacob, cooper
Eberman, Samuel, ship carpenter
Ekin, James, boat builder
Elliott, John, boot and shoemaker
Elliott, John Jr, boot and shoemaker
Emily, John, ship carpenter
Eemily, John, axe handle maker

Fergus, Hugh, gentleman
Fergus, Thomas, grocer
Fergus, William P., clerk
Fife, William, engineer
Finney, John, grocery and feed store
Finney, Samuel, principal Public School
Finley, Abrams, ship carpenter
Fleming, James, boat builder
Foitner, Joseph, ship carpenter
Foreman, Harvey, boat builder
Fortner, William, riverman
Frew, Samuel, attorney at law

Garrett, Thomas, ship carpenter
Golloway, James B., clerk
Golloway, Robert dry goods and grocery store
Goslee, Catherine, widow of John
Graham, David, ship carpenter
Graham, Jesse, ship carpenter

Hamilton, Electa, widow of James
Hide, William, laborer
Hippart, John, tailor
Hornbeck, Thomas J., ship carpenter

Ingles, Mrs. S. S., principal Elizabeth Collegiate Institute
Irwin, James, slerk steam boat
Irwin, J. V., carpenter

Jacobs, Mrs. Hester, widow of David
Jacobs, William, brick moulder

Kelley, A., shoemaker
Kent, William, shoemaker
Kerby, Anthony, ship carpenter
Kidney, John, news depot
Kiehl, Daniel, ex-constable

Lake, Bennett, justice of the peace
Lambert, John, ship carpenter
Lambert, Henry, sawyer
Lambert, William, ship carpenter
Laughlin, I. Newton, saddler
Laughlin, Matthew, laborer
Laughlin, William, clerk
Laughlin, William, dry goods and grocery store
Logan, Robert, bricklayer
Lynch, John, coal boat pilot
Lynch, Lewis, caulker
Lynch, Thomas, railroad employee
Lysle, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Wayne
Lysle, John, boat builder
Ludwig, Samuel, railroad builder

Maffett, James H., dentist and justice of the peeace
Mahaffey, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow of James
Major, John, axe handle maker
Martin, James, pastor Presbyterian Church
Martin, Thompson, nursery
Mathers, ___ coal digger (colored)
Means, Robeert, ship carpenter
Mehaffey, george W., painter
Mehaffey, Noah, riverman
Mehaffey, William, ship carpenter
Mickey, George, sawyer
Murray, John, laborer

McCaughan, William, stone mason
McCaughan, ALexander, tailor
McClure, William, ship carpenter
McCune, Sample, student
McCune, Samuel, propietor (Mansion House)
McCune, Thomas, ship carpenter
McDonough, John, dry goods grocer
McElhenny, Joh, laborer
McKown, James, grocer
McLane, William, laborer
McQuaide, James C., druggist and jeweler

Nicely, Rebecca, widow of Daniel
Nolder, John, ship carpenter

Oliver, Reason, blacksmith and horse shoer
Oliver, William, blacksmith
O'Neil, James, coal merchant
Osburn, Finley, ship carpenter
Osburn, Westley, ship carpenter

Packus, Samuel, boat builder
Pancoast, Elisha, confectionert
Pancoast, Isreal Jr., carpenter
Pancoast, William, ship carpenter
Pancoast, Stewart, ship carpenter
Patton, William, ship carpenter
Peebles, Abner, engineer
Peebles, Joel, steamboat captain
Penney, J. S., M. D.
Phillips, James, barber (colored)
Power, Joseph T., pricipal of select school

Reed, Elizabeth, milliner
Reed, Eliza, widow of Robert
Reed, Thomas, teacher
Richards, John F., stone mason
Robins, James, pilot

Shaffer, John E., M. D.
Shugert, Fletcher, blacksmith
Smith, Daniel, ship carpenter
Smith, Sidney, ship carpenter
Smith, Thomas, boat builder
Smith, Wilson, farmer
Snowden, L. M., tinner
Speer, Arthur, boat builder
Speers, Margaret, widow of Thomas
Sprague, W. B., druggist
Stevenson, James, carpenter
Stevens, Mrs Gilbert
Stevens, Richard, ship carpenter
Stewart, George W., gentleman
Stewart, Mrs. Margaret, widow of Alexander
Stewart, Robert, farmer

Taylor, H. G., proprietor (Clinton House)
taylor, John G., ferryman
Taylor, Richard, grocer
Thomas, James Harvey, tailor
Thompson, C. C., wagon maker
Thompson, Charles, wagon maker
Tower, G. H., real estate dealer
Tower, Theodore, grocer

VanKirk, J. K., M. D.
VanKirk, W. K., gentleman
Ventress, Michael, ship carpenter
Ventress, Robert, ship carpenter

Walker, John Jr., drygoods and grocer
Walker, Robert C., gentleman
Walker, Samuel, farmer
Walker, Samuel Jr., salesman
Walker, Thomas P., clerk
Warren, Shephard, carpenter
Weddell, Joseph B., grocer
Weddle, Joseph E., clerk
Wiley, Thomas, tin and sheet iron
Williamson, David, furniture store
Wolfe, George, laborer
Wright, George W., ship carpenter

Young, John P., tailor


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