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Morton Cemetery, Bentleyville

Submitted by Grayce Ezarik


The cemetery is located one mile out of Bentleyville, Somerset Twp. Washington County, Pennnsylvania on Lincoln Street Extension R.D. by the School Bus Garage.

It is in a field, 150 foot off the road. Stones are loose in the base and most are leaning. There is much deterioration and wear, but were readable, some smaller stones, two foot in height and worn completely and are located on the lower side. They could be for children or foot markers, appeared to be made crudely by hand. The surrounding area is a beautiful setting as 6 trees grow in the cemetery and all area around it is mowed regularly, perhaps by the Bentworth School which sits on top of the hill behind the site.

Transcribed by H. Grayce Petrick Ezarik September 6, 2000

   #1 Richard Morton Nov. 4, 1868, 62 years 7 mo 25 days (stone at foot "R M")
   #2 Sarah Jane daughter of R. & H. Morton, died Oct. 13, 1862 aged 
        13 years 10 mo & 17 days (stone at foot "SJM")
   #3 William son of John and Jane Smith who departed in life 
        Sept. 22 A.D. 1845, age 11 yr  7mo 24 days
   #4 Margaret  wf of James Morton May 26, 1806 - Sept. 26, 1891
   #5 James Morton died Oct. 10, 1872 aged 63 years  9 m 9 d
   #6 In Memory of Elmira Morton, consort of James Morton who departed 
        this life July 5, 1839  aged 26 y  9m 22 d
   #7 Rhoda Mary daughter of  J. M. Morton died June 22, 1846 aged 
        11m 27 d
   #8 In Memory of Joseph Morton who departed this life Aug. 13 A. D. 1898 
        82 yrs 6 mo 15 da
Layout map of "Morton Family Cemetery" The Xs mark the numbered graves and coincide with the transcriptions. Many of the graves are sunken, and the stones could be uprighted as the base has two large hole for upright to fit into.Some of the graves were overgrown but now are kept cut, so that reading them was not a problem. I had to use a reflective mirror on some. I hope that I have done this family homage in some small way.
                     X-#1                      X-#2                                            

        X-#3        X-4         X-5          X-6            X-7

        X-8            X-9         X-?       X-?           X-?

                X-?              X-?

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