Tri-State and Regional Links

Links on this page are listed in the order the they were submitted, the most recent listed first.

Immigrants to Charleroi from Muennichwies, Germany (Now Slovakia) includes ship passenger lists and photos.

Visit Historic Perryopolis
Site of George Washington¹s Grist Mill and other historic buildings, including the Old State Bank museum and genealogy collection.

Fay-West Online
Great site including Historical information on Fayette and Westmoreland Counties

Mon Valley Internet directory
Great site with links to hundreds of Mon Valley businesses, events, news stories, classifieds, etc.
Find information on any city in the US. Includes many links. Search by name or Zip Code.

University of Pittsburgh On-line Library
Great site containing online books, 1890 maps of Pittsburgh, and a great search engine. Thanks to Sue Sohn for submitting this site.

Library of Congress
contains many articles pertaining to the Mon Valley, and over 1,000 old maps of many areas, including Mon Valley communities.

Online Histories - Western Pennsylvania
A listing of many historical accounts of local, Western PA areas. Includes many Bios. Thanks to Ed McClelland for his research and submitting this link.

Virginia Certificates
An article by Raymond Bell explaining the settling of southwestern Pennsylvania, while still a part of Virginia. Lists all original Landowners who obtained Virginia Certificates. Thanks to Diane Smith for posting and submitting this site

Adams Mon Valley Homepage
includes pictures and links to other local sites, mostly in the Elizabeth area.

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