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Descendants of Robert Parker of Barnstable, MA and Joseph Parker of Chowan Co, NC

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These pages were originally posted in November of 1999 on webspace provided by Prodigy. Moved to Rootsweb in October, 2002.

Title Page, Third Edition

Beyond the Rocky Mountains

Samuel Parker is my distant Great Uncle. He was a missionary to the Indians in the Northwest  from 1835 to 1837. His book was recently quoted for the PBS mini-series "The West" in 1998. Originally published in 1838, it went through several subsequent editions both in America and abroad. The following book is taken unabridged from the third edition, published in 1842. Comments may be directed to Karl Parker
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Josiah Parker Papers at Earlham College
Quaker Roots: The Josiah Parker Papers (my distant Grandfather) at Earlham College.

The Puritans
New England Puritanism and Migrations

Saint-Gaudens 'The Puritan'


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