Bell Nuttall Family History


Family History
BELL and NUTTALL  WHITE and LOWE Families 
and their connections



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Canterbury, New Zealand


The BELL family has links to Australia, England and the Channel Islands. A person of interest is Sgt Major Norris Bell who was brought out from England, after having fought under the Duke of Wellington, to train the artillery corps in Wellington.


Both the BELL and the NUTTALL families have an association with the NZ Fire Service.


Capt Frank Nuttall, MC DFC AFC, a New Zealander and a member of the RFC, a precursor to the RAF was killed in action in (then) Persia in 1920 and is buried in the British Embassy Cemetery in Tehran.


Most members of these families settled, although not exclusively, in the Canterbury and Wellington areas. The maternal side is from the WHITE and LOWE dynasties from the Channel Islands.


The Bell family also has a connection with the Channel Islands. The links mostly start in Europe, particularly the UK (Isle of Wight, Lancashire, Lincolnshire) and France.








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