Henry Ambrose - Revolutionary War

Henry Ambrose (1740-1811)

[ No. 414 ]
Certificate.   Berkely County, Virginia

I do hereby Certify, that I have received from Henry Ambrouse, ___ Fresnour Michael Davis, Virgil Fenner Jacob ___, Martin ___ of the said County, sixteen Bushels and a half and six quarts of Wheat . . . . .
for the Use and on Account of the State of Virginia, for which the said Ambrous and the rest is entitled to receive from the Treasury of the said State the Sum of Three Hundred & Thirty three Pounds fifteen shillings --
current Money, agreeable to an Act of Assembly, entitled, An Act for procuring a Supply of Provisions and other necessaries for the Use of the Army.

Given under my Hand, this 6th Day of February -- 1781.

333 .. 15 James M.   ______
for him self &
Charles Morrow   ______

Document copy courtesy of Judy Solomon, Transcribed by Pat Asher

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