Freepages: Changing the color of the banners

Changing the color of Freepages Banners

The pages you upload to your Freepages account will be delivered by the server with advertising banners which acknowledge your web host, RootsWeb/ Freepages webmasters have two color choices for those banners:

Gray banner (default):

Gray Banner

Green banner:


The difference is subtle, but you may find one version or the other works better with the color scheme you have chosen for your pages.

If you prefer the default Gray banner, and your site is written in HTML 4.01, you don't have to do anything.  That version will be delivered automatically.

To change the banner from the default to the Green alternate, create a file named "banner_select" containing only the text:


and nothing else. The file should be a plain text file (created in NotePad or the equivalent) and the file name must not include a file extension, i.e. do not name it banner_select.txt or banner_select.htm(l)

Upload the banner_select file to the misc_html directory in your Freepages account.

This will change the banner for your entire Freepages account, e.g. family_html, genealogy_html, military_html, etc. as well as misc_html.

If your system will not allow you to save or upload a file without a file extension, upload the file with the extension as required by your system, then rename the file on the server. File Manager can be used to rename the file without a file extension.

To make your pages XHTML compatible, the "banner_select" file should contain either


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