Basic HTML Tags

The Basic Tags

Required TAGS
HTML Tells the browser that this is a web page.
HEAD Tells the browser some things about the page.. Included between the HEAD tags are the TITLE and META TAGS. For sample META TAGS you can paste into your HEAD section, click here.
BODY Everything that you want to appear on your page goes between the opening and closing body tags.
Formatting TAGS
Tag Use Attribute and "Value"
BODY Change the defaults for the entire page: Background, and text and link colors. BGCOLOR="#rrggbb"
LINK="#rrggbb" (unvisited)
VLINK="#rrggbb" (visited)
ALINK="#rrggbb" (active)
FONT Changes C O L O R , S I Z E, and  font face of the of the font.   Confession -- I cheated by inserting a GIF of the font face, "Arenski", in case you don't have that font on your system. COLOR="#rrggbb"
SIZE="fixed value"
Valid numbers are 1 thru 7, or -3 to +3
FACE ="fontname"
Also changes the size of your font. These tags make the text one size larger or smaller than the default text size.  
B Bold - Causes text to appear in bold face  
STRONG An alternate tag to create bold face text  
I Italic - Causes text to appear in italics  
EM Emphasis - An alternate tag causing text to appear in italics  
P Paragraph - Forces a double line feed to start text in a new paragraph. ALIGN="left | right | center"
BR Break - Forces a line feed so text starts on a new line. Clear textwrap:
CLEAR=left | right | all
HR Hard Rule - a divider line to separate sections of your page. WIDTH="fixed value" (pixels or percentage)
SIZE="fixed value" (line height in pixels)
ALIGN="left | right | center"
IMG Image - Links an image file so it appears on your page SRC="URL"
WIDTH="fixed value" (pixels)
HEIGHT="fixed value" (pixels) ALIGN="left | right | center"
A Anchor - anchors a link to a different URL HREF="URL"
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