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  • Descendants of John/Jean Brevard b. circa 1675 to 1680 in France-French Huguenot
  • Generation America -Genealogy
  • Migration Routes of Settlers-Europe to MD to PA to KY or Carolinas
  • Lincoln County, NC Brevards and related lines
  • Wills and Deeds of Rowan Co. Nc

the beauty of all green growth
old French “Beauverd”

(From Beth Heckel)

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Beau in French means “beautiful”….vert in New French and verd in Old French means “green color.” The literal meaning of the Beauvert surname is thus the beauty of all green growth. The name implies a pastoral setting and not one of grimy, dirty Paris at the close of the Medieval Ages. Our family did not originate in Paris but migrated from the pastoral Languedoc Province in southern France. The Protestants originated in Gaul in South France. This was called Languedoc long before the Reformation began a century later. As residents of Languedoc, our family would have used the name Beauverd. They migrated northward to Lyons and along the Valley of the Loire to Nantes. The ancestors moved North to the capital Paris and eventually adapted the North French dialect, which changed the spelling to Beauvert. It is easy to see how attempts to Anglicize and simplify the name once the family came to Ireland would result in “Bevard,” which is thought to be the earliest spelling.

The Paris branch of the Beauvert family was composed of two brothers (one named Jacques) and two married sisters. Along with their husbands and children, they managed a factory in Paris. Other relatives owned the plant at Valenciennes; both factories were producers of linen and lace. The Paris plant was founded in the latter part of the 15th or the early 16th century and the Valenciennes factory around 1540. Soon after, the terrible religious wars began. The family, like many of the manufacturing and merchant classes, had become Huguenots (who followed the main, though not slavishly, teachings of John Calvin - some of the narrow-mindedness and cruelty of Calvin they could not condone).

The French Protestants (followers of Calvin) were called “Huguenots” a name which the Catholics held in derision. The chief of the Reform Movement were:
1. Prayer to God by the individual instead of through an intercessor;
2. Rejection of the Confessional;
3. Rejection of the Mass;
4. Condemnation of the Doctrine of Purgatory as having no mention in the Bible and as being a Church Doctrine to augment finances;
5. Denunciation of the selling by Priests of Indulgences;
6. Elimination of Images;
7. Refusal to make Intercession to the Saints - and what was considered of the utmost importance and
8. Conducting of Services in the Language of the Country.

The popularity of the new thought in religion was not to the liking of the orthodox and some leaders; they wanted to put an end to this “heresy.” There followed many years of civil war. In 1563, the Huguenots were allowed freedom of worship, after a treaty known as the “Pacification of Amboise.” However, the arch-schemer, Queen Mother Catherine de Medici, gradually had all privileges withdrawn. The second Huguenot war began in 1567. Catherine, fearing that her twenty-one-old son was leaning toward the Huguenots, began a series of intrigues that culminated in one of the most disgraceful massacres in the history of mankind. The Huguenots were, for the larger portion, the better educated people of the day. Many Huguenots were business people and, being in trade, were ostracized by the Nobility, the Clergy and the Law (although many persons of these three classes were often indebted to the people in trade). Some Huguenots became alarmed and were wise enough to convert property and securities into cash, which they sent by messenger for deposit in English counting houses. The Beauverts either could not believe that affairs would become completely out of hand or were not far-sighted enough to see it coming and went about their business until it was too late.
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Descendants of John/Jean Brevard

Generation America

JOHN BREVARD was b. about 1675 to 1680 in France, and d. about. 1735 in Somerset, Md
He came "as a child" to Md after 18 Oct 1685 revocation of Edict of Nantes. He died after 1733.
She was born 1683, and died Bef. 1711.
He married (2) MARY KATHERINE MCKNITT Abt. 1711-1712 in Somerset, MD, daughter of JOHN MCKNITT, Sr. and JANE ALEXANDER. She was born February 26, 1691 at Manokin, Somerset Cty., MD, the widow of Thomas Powell of Worcester County, Md and died Aft. 1726 in Manokin, Somerset Cty., Md

The Brevards
(From Margaret Gardner-Cannefax’s: Cannefax-Gardner and Related Lines pg 97. pub.1972)

The name "Brevard" is of Huguenot origin. They went from France to northern Ireland, and came to America prior to 1711, and settled in Maryland. In 1726 John Brevard from the "Upper Elk" Congregation in Maryland attended a meeting in New Castle Presbytery. Sometime after four sons of John (John, Robert, Thomas and Zebulon) left Maryland, probably on death of father and set out for North Carolina. There in 1747-48 John and Robert entered upon land on the headwater of Rocky River located between the Davidson and Templeton families. John’s wife was Jane McWhorter. Two Brevard girls-Polly and Sally- married Davidson Brothers, John and George. John and his wife were killed by Indians.

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posted by Jean Capps on Thursday, July 3, 1997
I am looking for information about a group of families who immigrated to Somerset Co, Md in the late 17th Century. John McKNITT had a plantation named "Glasgow" in the Nanokin neigborhood near Pocomoke on a tract of land called "The Strand". Jean BREVARD was a Huguenot who had escaped to Northern Ireland and immigrated with members of the ALEXANDER, WALLACE, and McKNITT families on the ship "Welcome". I would like to know where they put into port. All of these families were active members of the Presbyterian community in the Manokin area. Several members of these families moved to the Elk River Area of Cecil Co. Md. The McKnitt home in Cecil Co was also called Glasgow. and adjoined Samuel Alexander's properties called "Sligo" and "Bullens Range" and a tract called "High Spaniola". Their descendents went on to Rowan Co, later Iredell Co in NC and were very active in the Revolutionary war. I would like to know if anything remains of these folks, i.e. graves, land tracts, churches. I am due to go to a family reunion of descendents in Pensacola, Fla. July 19, 1997. No one has any idea of this history and I would love to take some pictures because I live in Maryland now. Many thanks in advance. Jean Capps

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  1. ADAM BREVARD, b. Abt. 1712, Cecil, MD; d. Abt. 1783, Worcester, Md
  2. JOHN BREVARD, JR., b. Bef. September 15, 1715, Cecil, MD; d. September 15, 1790, Iredell County, NC.
  3. BENJAMIN BREVARD, b. Abt. 1717, Cecil Cty., Maryland; d. March 27, 1793.
  4. ROBERT BREVARD, b. January 10, 1718, Charles Camp, Cecil Cty., MD; d. October 20, 1800, Iredell, NC.
  5. ELIZABETH BREVARD, b. 1722, Cecil, MD; d. September 02, 1813, Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church, NC.
  6. ZEBULON BREVARD, b. March 29, 1724, Cecil, MD; d. March 08, 1798, Burke, NC.
  7. THOMAS BREVARD, b. 1726 m. Hannah Creiger

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Generation No. 2

ADAM BREVARD (JOHN) was born Abt. 1712 in Cecil, MD, and died Abt. 1783 in Worcester, Md
He married MARY MCKNITT Abt. 1733 in Cecil Cty., MD, daughter of JOHN MCKNITT and DOROTHY WALLACE. She was born 1713 in Somerset, Maryland, and died Aft. 1749.
Per Stephen Hand (author of Brevard Family 1990) - Adam, as the oldest son, seems to have inherited Charles Camp - plantation of his father - and added additional acres to the property. Adam was a private in the company of Capt. John Evans in Somerset Cty., Md in 1748.

Children of ADAM BREVARD and MARY MCKNITT are:

  1. JOHN BREVARD, b. about 1735; m. SARAH CAMPBELL - widow of Joshua Dale.
  2. ESTHER BREVARD, b. about 1737; m. SOLOMON HUDSON
  3. DAUGHTER BREVARD, b. about 1739; m. ? DAVIS.

JOHN BREVARD, JR. (JOHN) was b. before September 15, 1715 in Cecil, MD, and died September 15, 1790 in Iredell County, NC.
He married JANE MCWHORTER Abt. 1743 in Elk River, Somerset, MD, daughter of HUGH MCWHORTER and JEAN GILLESPIE. She was b. between March 24, 1725 - 1726 in Armaugh, Ireland, and died March 25, 1800 in Iredell County, NC.
Notes for JOHN BREVARD, JR.:
John Jr. had eight (8) sons - all patriots in Revolutionary War - consequently the British burned their house. A son-in-law, General William Lee Davidson Click on the underlined text to access the referenced information. was killed the same day by British Troops.
Buried CENTRE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Cemetery Mt. Mourne, Iredell County, NC

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Migration Routes of Settlers

The Scotch-Irish were soon followed by another stream of immigrants the Germans who had previously located in Pennsylvania. The route which the German and Scotch-Irish settlers took in making the overland journey from Pennsylvania to western North Carolina is described by Colonel Saunders as follows:
On Jeffrey's map, a copy of which is in the Congressional Library at Washington City, there is plainly laid down a road called "the Great Road from the Yadkin River through Virginia to Philadelphia, distant 435 miles." It ran from Philadelphia through Lancaster and York to Winchester, thence up the Shenandoah Valley, crossing the Fluvanna River to Looney's Ferry, thence to Staunton River, and down the river through the Blue Ridge, thence southward, crossing Dan River below the mouth of Mayo River, thence still southward near the Moravian settlement to the Yadkin River, just above the mouth of Linville Creek and about ten miles above the mouth of Reedy Creek.
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Pencader "Hundred" of New Castle County, Delaware - abutted Cecil County, Maryland line.


  1. EPHRIAM BREVARD, b. Abt. 1744, Cecil Cty., MD; d. Abt. 1780, Charlotte, NC.
  2. HUGH MCWHORTER BREVARD, b. Abt. 1746, Hawfields, Orange Cty., NC; m. JANE YOUNG.

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  4. MARY ELIZABETH BREVARD, b. June 16, 1748, Rocky River, Rowan Cty., NC; d. January 1824, Logan County, KY.
  5. JOHN BREVARD, b. February 18, 1751, Iredell, NC; m. HANNAH THOMPSON, December 1783, North Carolina.
  6. ADAM MCWHORTER BREVARD, b. March 1753, Rowan Cty., NC.
  7. ALEXANDER BREVARD, b. April 1755, Iredell, Rowan Cty., North Carolina; d. November 01, 1829, Machpelah, NC.
  8. NANCY MCWHORTER BREVARD, b. Abt. 1757, Cecil, MD; d. July 1781, Catawba River, Burke, NC; m. JOHN DAVIDSON; b. December 15, 1735; d. July 1781, Catawba River, Burke, NC.
  9. ROBERT BREVARD, b. 1759, Rowan Cty., NC.
  10. BENJAMIN MCWHORTER BREVARD, b. Abt. 1761, Anson, Cty., NC; m. JANE SIMONTON.
  11. REBECCA BREVARD, b. 1763, Iredell, North Carolina; d. Bef. 1833, Hopewell Cemetery, Giles, TN; m. JOHN JONES; b. October 20, 1760; d. 1823, Tennessee.
  12. JANE BREVARD, b. July 22, 1765, Cecil, MD; d. 1833, Iredell County, NC; m. EPHRAIM DAVIDSON; b. 1762; d. 1842, Iredell County, NC.

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xii. JOSEPH BREVARD b. July 19, 1766, Iredell, North Carolina; d. October 1821, Camden, SC.

BENJAMIN BREVARD (JOHN1) was b. about. 1717 in Cecil Cty., Maryland, and d. March 27, 1793. He married REBECCA ALEXANDER.


  1. ADAM BREVARD, b. 1744, Cecil Cty., Maryland; d. 1809, Fleming Cty, KY; m. MARY BURKE, December 22, 1795, Fleming Cty., KY.
  2. BENJAMIN BREVARD, b. Bef. 1746, Cecil Cty., Maryland; d. 1843, Fleming Cty., KY; m. CATHERINE SMITH, February 22, 1796, Fleming Cty., KY.
  3. JOSHUA BREVARD, b. Abt. 1742.
  4. RACHEL BREVARD, b. 1748; m. (1) Mr. BOYD; b. Abt. 1740; d. Bef. 1788; m.
    (2) WILLIAM TAYLOR, January 28, 1788; b. Abt. 1744.
  5. REBECCA BREVARD, b. 1750; d. Bet. 1797 - 1799, Maryland; m. NICHOLAS CHAMBERS, March 05, 1796, Maryland.
  6. CLARISSA BREVARD, b. 1752; m. DAVID CULBERTSON, December 20, 1800.

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ROBERT BREVARD (JOHN1) was born January 10, 1718 in Charles Camp, Cecil Cty., Md, and died October 20, 1800 in Iredell, NC. He married SARAH CRAIG April 16, 1744 in Cecil, MD, daughter of JAMES CRAIG. She was born March 22, 1728 in Iredell, NC, and died January 23, 1807 in Iredell, NC.
Robert and Sarah's home was burned in 1781 by the British army under Colonel Tarleton - trying to extract from their daughter, Asenath the location of her husband, Captain James Houston.


  1. ELIZABETH BREVARD, b. December 29, 1748, Rowan, Bladen, NC; d. August 27, 1831, Maury County, TN.
  2. JOEL BREVARD, b. June 20, 1745, Cecil Cty., MD; d. March 1781, Cecil Cty., Md
  3. MARGARET BREVARD, b. April 07, 1747, Cecil Cty., MD; d. February 01, 1758, Cecil Cty., Md
  4. ASENATH BREVARD, b. December 26, 1755, Rowan Cty., NC; d. June 13, 1843, Iredell County, NC
  5. SARAH BREVARD, b. April 20, 1751
  6. MARY BREVARD, b. January 12, 1754, North Carolina; d. September 11, 1790, North Carolina.

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ELIZABETH BREVARD (JOHN) was born 1722 in Cecil, MD, and died September 02, 1813 in Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church, NC.
She married (1) JAMES HUGGINS 1743 in Lancaster Cty., PA, son of JOHN HUGGINS and MARY CARRUTH. He was born 1715 in Belfast, Ireland, and d before 1789 in Iredell, NC.
She married (2) JOHN LEWIS JETTON Bet. 1747 - 1748 in Cecil Cty., MD, son of LEWIS JETTON and JANE BOROOM. He was born Abt. 1720 in New Castle Cty., Delaware, and died November 27, 1787 in Mecklenburg, NC.
Simpson Pg 184 " Five sons and one daughter were the issue of Jean and Katherine McKnitt Brevard, of whom John, Robert and Zebulon, and their married sister Elizabeth and her husband migrated about 1747 to the Yadkin and Catawabi. Adam and Benjamin remained in Maryland, Adam in Worcester county, married his maternal 1st cousin Mary McKnitt. Benjamin in Cecil County."

Migrated with her four (4) brothers and her husband to North Carolina sometime between 1742 and 1745.

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Lincoln County, NC
As the waters of the Catawba, that leave its eastern border, and the South Fork, that flows through its center, united as they left old Lincoln in their onward sweep to form the Great Catawba, so have the settlers on the Catawba and the South Fork merged into a Scotch-Irish-German people, preserving the virtues, and mayhap the weaknesses of a noble ancestry. These settlements will be noticed separately.
Among the settlers occur the names, Allen Anderson Baldridge, Ballard, Barkley, Barnett, Beal, Beatty, Black, Bradshaw, Brevard,Bryant, Cherry, Childers, Cooper, Cox, Daily, Davis, Derr, Duncan, Edwards, Graham, Hunter, Hutchinson, Jetton, Johnston, Kelly, Kincaid, King, Knox, Little, Long, Lowe, Luckey, Lynch, McAlister, McCaul, McCombs, McConnell, McCormick, McIntosh, McLean, McMinn, Nixon,Proctor, Regan, Reid, Robinson, Shelton, Stacy, Thompson, Wilkinson, Wingate, and Womack; while in the western part, are found Alexander, Baxter, Blackburn, Cobb, Goodson, Henderson, Hill, McBee, McCaslin, Potts, Ramsey, Williamson, Wilson, and others.
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  1. ROBERT HUGGINS, b. 1746; m. RACHEL JETTON, February 13, 1787, Rowan Cty., NC; b. 1748, Cecil Cty., Md
  2. JAMES HUGGINS, b. 1745; d. 1793.
  2. JOHN JETTON, b. 1746, Cecil Cty., Md
  3. ISAAC JETTON, b. 1747, Cecil Cty., Md
  4. RACHEL JETTON, b. 1748, Cecil Cty., MD; m. ROBERT HUGGINS, February 13, 1787, Rowan Cty., NC; b. 1746.
  5. MARY JETTON, b. 1749, Cecil Cty., Md
  6. LEWIS JETTON, b. January 24, 1749, New Castle Cty., Delaware; d. September 21, 1826, Davidson, Mecklenburg, NC.

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ZEBULON BREVARD (JOHN1) was born March 29, 1724 in Cecil, Md, and died March 08, 1798 in Burke, NC. He married ANN TEMPLETON March 07, 1754 in Anson, NC, daughter of SAMUEL TEMPLETON and ANN. She was born Abt. 1725, and died August 05, 1804 in Burke County, NC.

  1. MARY BREVARD, b. August 05, 1755, Anson, NC; d. March 01, 1865.
  2. DAVID BREVARD, b. March 18, 1757, Anson, NC; d. 1760, Iredell, NC.
  3. ELIZABETH BREVARD, b. March 18, 1758, Anson, NC; d. 1810;
    m. WILLIAM BEARD, November 17, 1783, North Carolina; b. Abt. 1753, Rowan Cty., NC.


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    Notes for WILLIAM BEARD:
    John Beard Will - November Term 1809
    I John Beard of the County of Randolph and State of North Carolina being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following:
    Firstly: It is my will and desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be punctually paid as soon as it can be conveniently done after my decease.
    2ndly: I will and bequeath unto my loving wife Martha Beard the use of my mannor house, all my household furniture together with such________and other conveniences as may be desired by my widow necessary for her, I also give unto my said wife all my personal estate not hereinafter __________during her widowhood and desire that my Executor shall sell such part of the same as her and them may deem proper and keep the monies arising therefrom as a fund for her support during her widowhood.
    3rdly: My two eldest sons Thomas Beard and Patrick Beard having already received such part of my estate as I intend for them it is my will that they hold and enjoy the same and no more.
    4thly: I give and bequeath unto my son John Beard two hundred and fifty dollars, to be paid to him at the expiration of his mother’s widowhood, or sooner if convenient.
    5thly: I will and bequeath unto my son Jesse Beard the tract of land whereon I now live, beginning at a black oak supposed to be Woodards corner, and turning with the river to the old road, and I am agreeable to the deeds also the balance of the other tracts lying westward of Thomas Beard’s former plantation, beginning at his corner in the ninety acre tract keeping with his line its various courses, supposed to contain in the whole three hundred acres, and also one half of three hundred acres bounded by a tract formerly David Hoovers and also one half a tract of ninety five acres adjoining Allens called the Mill Plain - also the sorrel mare harness and choice of saddles with half the farming tools and also one half the wagon smith tools, dutch fan, jack screw, the old waggon irons and all the ____wrought iron on hand to be jointly held and used by him and his brother William. It is also my will and desire that my son Jesse shall use and cultivate the mansion plantation for his own, but shall not have power to sell or let the same during his mothers widowhood paying his proportional part of the sum allowed by my intentions towards her support, all the property mentioned in the item I will and bequeath unto my said son Jesse his heirs and assigns forever.
    6thly: I will and bequeath unto my son William Beard, at the expiration of his mothers widowhood, the remaining parts of the Rolston tract which is bounded by Lytle McCracken and others, running along Benjamin Saunders line to a pine, thence West _________line across the ninety acre tract, thence east to a white oak by the road then to a spruce pine corner thence east with Snows tract including the twenty five acre tract containing by estimation three hundred and twenty acres, all of the remaining half of the tract of land adjoining Hoover and Allen with my half acre lots in Johnston Village reserving a wagon road along Saunders line for Jesse to his own land - he staying with his mother until he arrives at the age of twenty one years. I also give and bequeat to my said son William my young black Jefferson mare and my other saddle and in case the said mare should die or be lost before he comes of age, it is my will and desire that he shall be furnished with one by my Executors of the value of eighty dollars to be paid for and of the monies arising from the sale of such property as them and my wife may agree to sell according to directions in the 2nd item. I also give and bequeath unto my said son William one half of my plantation utensils of every kind. I also will that my waggon, smith tools, dutch fan, jack screw, old waggon irons and all the wrought iron on hand shall be jointly used and owned between him and his brother Jesse and further this is my will that my son William when he arrives to the age of twenty one years shall take possession of his lands and occupy the same, and also pay his proportional part with his brother for the support of his mother all which property mentioned in this item, I give and bequeath to my said son his heirs and assigns forever.
    7th: it is also my will that in case either of my said sons Jesse or William should die without heir the survivor shall will all the real and personal estate which is herein alluded to the other and divide the same equally between himself, my son John Beard and John Beard’s son Thomas - unless the deceased shall leave a widow in which case she shall be entitled to her legal part of said estate and the balance be divided as above directed.
    8th: I will and direct my Executors to sell my tract of land on Little ________ adjoining James L. Blair to make a title to the purchasers and apply it paying any debts and legacies and the remainder be applied to the support of my wife.
    9th: I further will and direct at the end of my wife’s widowhood that the remainder of my personal estates be sold and the monies divided into five parts and that one of these parts be equally divided between my two daughters, Jane Frazier and Sarah Hollady and that the other four parts be equally divided between my sons John Beard, Jesse Beard, William Beard and my grandson John Beard's son Thomas after allowing an advantage of fifty dollars in that divided to my son William.
    10th: I leave and bequeath to my two daughters Jean Frazier and Sarah Holladay one dollar each.
    11th: I leave and bequeath unto my friend Catherine Lytle all my part of the household furniture, stock and farming utensils which was willed to me by Thomas Lytle.
    12th: I will and bequeat unto the following negros their freedom, to wit Joe, Sam, Parker, Pink and Easter and their offspring so far as relates to my part on the said slaves, they being willed by Thomas Lyttle to William Bell myself, and Samuel Millikan and by us jointly owned at present and I further will and bequeath unto the said Joe, Sam, Parker, Pink and Easter my part of the lands willed to me by Thomas Lytle they paying what William Bell and Samuel Millikan may think I am entitled to for my trouble and also for my ________ I think I sustained in setting a line between myself and Frank Lyttle but if their freedom cannot be obtained in this state, I give and bequeath the said negroes with their offspring so far as relates to my part and also my part of the said land after making the above distribution to the Humane Society of Pennsylvania for them to dispose of as they in their wisdom may think best so that object of my will may be complied with.
    And lastly, I nominate and appoint my friend Mathew Coffin and William Lombbran? With my sons Thomas and Jesse Beard executors of this my last will and testament revoking by this presents, all wills by me heretofore made, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty third day of the 5th month 1809.
    /s/ John Beard - seal
    Signed sealed published and declared in presense of us
    Mary X Mann
    Alex Gray
    Henry Burrow

    State of North Carolina
    Randolph County
    November Term 1809
    The execution of the foregoing last will and testament of John Beard was duly proven in open court by Mary Man and Alexander Gray and ordered to be recorded.

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    Rowan County .... DEEDS
    Beard, William / Gillespie, James / Deed/M-Q/47and48/1795
    Beard, L. / Coxe, Tench / Deed/R-1-3/101/-----
    Beard, Lewis / Coxe, Tench / Receipt/7-9/192/1798
    Beard, Lewis / Harris, William / Deed/15-17/409/1802
    Beard, Lewis / Grant, Alexander / Deed/22-23/121/1804
    Beard, Lewis / Bradley, Richard / Deed/22-23/252/1805
    Beard, Lewis / Crawford, John / Deed/22-23/324/1805
    Beard, L. / Haws, John / Deed/22-23/472/1806
    Beard, Lewis / Elms, John / Deed/22-23/520/1806
    Beard, L. & Susanna / Coxe, Tench / Deed/22-23/546/1806
    Beard, Lewis / Whiteside, William / Deed/22-23/622/1806
    Beard, Lewis / Harris, William / Deed/24-26/131/1807

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    Families involved in Rowan County, NC ....
    Rowan County has the distinction of being the first county in North Carolina to organize a safety committee.
    1 This fact shows that the people were keenly alive to the cause of the colonies. The first committee met August 8, 1774. Its members were James McCay, Andrew Neal, George Cathey, Alexander Dobbins, Francis McCorkle, Matthew Locke, Maxwell Chambers, Henry Harmon, Abraham Denton, William Davidson, Samuel Young, John Brevard, William Kennon, George Henry Barringer, Robert Bell, John Bickerstaff, John Cowden, John Lewis Beard, John Nesbit, Charles McDowell, Robert Blackburn, Christopher Beekman, William Sharpe, John Johnston, and Morgan Bryan.

    2 The records of the Rowan Committee of Safety have been preserved in Wheeler's "History of North Carolina" and in the Colonial Records and they give an insight into the opinions and purposes of the times. Though this committee began its administration before the Revolution its actions belong to the Revolutionary period, and will not be discussed in this sketch.

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    Guilford, NC 1790 census
    Beard, William.     2-2-3-0-0

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  5. JANE BREVARD, b. May 29, 1760, Mecklenburg County, NC.
  6. SARAH BREVARD, b. June 05, 1762, Mecklenburg County, NC; d. Bet. 1845 - 1846.
  7. ROBERT BREVARD, b. July 17, 1763, Iredell, North Carolina.
  8. ANN TEMPLETON BREVARD, b. January 06, 1766, Mecklenburg County, NC; d. Bef. 1846, Washington, Arkansas; m. DAVID EDMISTON.

    The following information came from an unpublished manuscript written by Dr. Howard V. Jones of Cedar Falls, IA, entitled THE EDMISTON FAMILY OF ARKANSAS. Dr. Jones is a leading authority in the US on Edmondson and Edmiston family history. After stating that Anne Brevard, wife of David Edmiston, is the daughter of Zebulon Brevard and Ann Templeton, he further states that Ann is the d/o of Samuel Templeton. This is footnoted with reference to the Thomas Brevard Bible. The footnote continues Burke Co. records show an account for Samuel Templeton , dec'd by 19 Feb 1784. Note and judgment on Wm. McCafferty to James Templeton and Wm. Morrison, Exrs. Alex Dobbins receipt Aug. 17, 1786 to Templeton for part received by wife of Dobbins, Feb. 1, 1785. Vouchers, receipts: Edward Meloney, Zebulon Brevard, John Davidson, Arch'd Templeton, a legatee, David Templeton, a legatee, Conm. J.H. Stevelie, Benj. Parks, John Hughes, Jan. 28, 1800, report copy of settlement to court Oct. 20, 1786 with Excrs., 4 legatees, David, Archibald, Templeton, Ann Brevard, Jane Dobbins."
  10. ZEBULON BREVARD, JR., b. February 28, 1769, Mecklenburg County, NC; d. 1865, Tennessee.
  11. JAMES BREVARD, b. March 03, 1771.
  12. RHODA BREVARD, b. July 21, 1773.
  13. THOMAS BREVARD, b. September 25, 1775, Mecklenburg County, NC; d. October 16, 1846, Todd County, KY.

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THOMAS BREVARD (JOHN1) was born 1726. He married HANNAH CREIGER.
Hannah Brevard's Will, Cecil Co.,MD, 6 Sep 1793.
In the Name of God Amen, I HANNAH BREVARD of Cecil Co., and State of Maryland, being very sick of Body, but of a sound disposing mind memory and understanding, considering the certainty of Death and the uncertainty of the Time thereof, and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs, and thereby better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me home, do therefore make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say First and principally I commit my Soul unto the hands of Almighty God, and my Body to the Earth, to be decently buried at the decretion of my Executors, and after my Debts and funeral charge are paid I devise and bequeath as follow.
Item I give and devise unto my son ROBERT CROZIER and his heirs forever all and singular my Real Estate that I posses in Cecil County by deed or Patton consisting of the Plantation where I now dwell.
Item I give and begueath unto my son ROBERT CROZIER all my personal estate, after paying unto my nephew OLIVER BRAVARD the sum of Thirty when he arrives to the ago of twenty one with legal interest from my decease.
Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter ASSENCA FARIS, all and singular my wearing apparel, with my riding sadle, manumite and give my negro woman PEGG her liberty at my decease and hereby order that ROBERT CROZIER shall give her a suit of clothes at her Freedom, the clothes are left to his discretion.
Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint this my last will and Testament, revoking and anulling all former wills by me here-to-fore made, ratifying this and no other to be my last will and Testament.
In Testamony whreof I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this 6th day of September Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and ninety three. 1793
Signed sealed her
Published and Declared by Hannah Bravard the within named testator, in the presence of who at her Request and in her presence have Subscribed our names as witnesses thereof.
James Foster
Geo. Turner
John G Richardson

Cecil County for Sep 7th 1793 then came James Foster, George Turner and John Richardson, the three subscribing witnesses of the foregoing last Will and Testament of HANNAH BRAVARD late of said County deceased and makes oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they saw the said Testatrix sign and seal this will that they heard her publish pronounce and declare the Same to be her last will and Testament, and at the time of her so doing she was to the best of theur apprehension of a sound and disposing memory and understanding and that they severally subscribed their names as witnesses to this will at the Request and in the Presence of the Testareixl and further that they heard her declare in their presence that she gave thirty pounds to OLIVER BRAVARD who is nephew of her son ROBERT CROZIER.
Sworn before David Smith Reg.
Recorded and examined by David Smith Reg.

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