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Ancestors & Relations of Patrick Hannaford

Paul HELVEY 1 died 1995. He married Lois BOWLES.

Lois BOWLES [Parents] 1 married Paul HELVEY.

They had the following children:

  M i
William HELVEY 1.
  F ii
Susie HELVEY 1.

Guy J. , Jr. BOWLES [Parents] 1 married Velma UNKNOWN.

Velma UNKNOWN 1 married Guy J. , Jr. BOWLES.

Carl FLAGG 1 married Dorthy Ann BOWLES.

Dorthy Ann BOWLES [Parents] 1 married Carl FLAGG.

Norman Ray BOWLES [Parents] 1 married Velma LOU.

Velma LOU 1 married Norman Ray BOWLES.

Burnell John BOWLES [Parents] 1 married JOYCE.

JOYCE 1 married Burnell John BOWLES.

Larry Dean BOWLES [Parents] 1 married Unknown HOPE.

Unknown HOPE 1 married Larry Dean BOWLES.

Bill SCOTT 1 married Patty Jo BOWLES.


Patty Jo BOWLES [Parents] 1 married Bill SCOTT.

~Joseph CUPP married ~Eleanor UNKNOWN.

~Eleanor UNKNOWN married ~Joseph CUPP.

They had the following children:

  F i ~Rebecca Jane CUPP was born Dec 1842 and died 1914.

~Robert JACKSON Of Haggate On Briercliffe [Parents] 1 was born 26 Feb 1817 in Haggate On Briercliffe, Lancashire, England and emigrated about 1844. He died 27 Nov 1879 in Buana Vista, Franklin Co., Indiana. ~Robert JACKSON Of Haggate On Briercliffe married ~Phebe WATSON on 10 Jul 1837 in England.

~Robert was employed Christian Church Preacher.

~Phebe WATSON [Parents] 1 was born 13 Aug 1808 in Burnly, Lancshire Co., England. She died 21 Nov 1874 in Buena Vista, Franklin Co., Indiana and was buried in Stipps Hill Cen, Buena Vista, Franklin Co., Indiana. ~Phebe WATSON married ~Robert JACKSON Of Haggate On Briercliffe on 10 Jul 1837 in England.

They had the following children:

  M i ~William JACKSON was born 2 May 1838 and died 12 Apr 1910.
  M ii Robert P. JACKSON was born 30 Jun 1840 and died 14 Jun 1908.
  F iii Martha Jane JACKSON was born 28 Aug 1842 and died 24 Mar 1912.
  F iv Mary E. JACKSON was born 29 Oct 1844 and died 5 Mar 1919.
  M v James A. JACKSON was born 28 Apr 1847.
  M vi Joseph W. JACKSON was born 29 Jul 1849 and died 25 Jun 1925.

~John Hamilton CARROLL married ~Laura J. SLONE.

~Laura J. SLONE married ~John Hamilton CARROLL.

They had the following children:

  F i ~Jennie Belle CARROLL was born 30 Nov 1882 and died 3 Apr 1963.

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