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Jane Iddenden came to New Zealand in 1905 she travelled on the "Corinthic".  The Corinthic was a ship of the Shaw Saville & Albion Coy and it travelled between London and New Zealand, calling at Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart.  The ship was a twin screw 12,231 tons and she sailed under the command of H F David, Lieut. R.N.R., on the 9th February 1905 from London and from Plymouth on the 11th February. Surgeon on board was Dr A N stevens and the Purser was Mr R J Large.

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The Passenger list was as follows:

First saloon

Mr W.D.Cotts Mr J Fair Miss Stead
Mrs Cotts Mr A Fair Mr W P Wethered
Miss Cotts Mr L Murray Mrs Wethered
Master Cotts Mrs Murray Mr m Wingfield
Master Cotts Master Murray Miss Wingfield
Capt. W B Dunn Mrs Newman Mr A W Wyatt
Miss J Ewins Mr A Ritson Mrs Wyatt
Miss A Frandsen Mr C M Scott

Second Saloon

Mr C F Bate Mrs E Hosking Mr H J Richmond
Mr F C Benfield Miss Hosking Mr S Riley
Mrs Benfield Miss A W Hosking Mrs Riley
Mr E Bennett Mr S Hosking Mrs E V Rowe
Miss A M Bragg Miss J Iddenden Master C Rowe
Mr A Cashin Mr R W Kemp Miss M Rowe
Miss C Downes Mrs A Knapp Mrs S Shatford
Mr G H Dunn Mr D MacDonald Mr J Steel
Mr J Edmonds Miss F MacLennan Mr G A Talent
Miss D Cuddon Fletcher Mr T W Maffey Mr J C Taplin
Mr W P Gale Miss E Mannington Mr M Tomson
Mrs Gale Mrs K Payne Miss B Walton
Master J Gale Master E Payne Me E V Whiting
Master A Gale Mrs E L Price Mr A Wyatt
Mr G C Rawlins

West’s Pictures Company

Mr T J West Mr T N Lax
Mr E J Hardy Mr A M Miller

Brescian’s Orchestra & Singers

Mr C hayward Mrs Hayward Miss S Hendy
Mrs H E Hayward Master Hayward Mr F Mills
Mrs H Hayward Master N Hayward Mrs Mills
Mr R Hayward

Third Class

Mr W Attenborough Miss L E Fleming Mr W Nielsen
Mr W Bennett Mr F Frost Miss L O’Dea
Mrs Bennett Mrs E Frost Mr R Owens
Miss Bennett Mr J Gibson Mr F Park
Master A Bennett Master F Glasgow Mrs Park
Miss H Bennett Mr G Graham Miss D Park
Miss D Bennett Mr S E Grundale Mr W Parkin
Miss K Bennett Mr W Hardman Mrs Parkin
Mrs E Berryman Mr J A Harris Miss A Parkin
Mr W Bibby Mrs Harris Mr T Patton
Mrs M Biddle Mr H Herrick Mr J Perry
Mr J Biddulph Miss E P Hill Miss E Pickup
Mrs Biddulph Mr E Inwin Mr J Pike
Miss M Biddulph Mr R Jackson Mrs Pike
Master H Biddulph Mr E W James Miss M A Plant
Master W Biddulph Mrs J James Mr H Price
Mr J N Birch Miss James Mr J Rae
Mr A Bonner Miss P James Mr W D Ramsey
Mrs Bonner Mr W M Jones Mr J Ramsey
Miss Bonner Mr E Kearns Mr P Randle
Miss L Bonner Mr H Kennard Mrs Randle
Miss M Bonner Mr P Kennedy Mrs Reddis
Mrs H L Buckley Mr E Kenward Miss Reddis
Master A Buckley Mr T C Kershaw Miss M Reddis
Mrs K Burke Mrs Kershaw Miss R Reddis
Miss Burke Miss M Kershaw Master B Reddis
Master J Burke Master T Kershaw Master A Reddis
Mr W J Cairns Master W Kershaw Mr J Reid
Mrs Cairns Mr J Kew Mrs Reid
Master W cairns Mr S Kingston Miss Reid
Miss M Cairns Mrs Kingston Miss M Reid
Mr S Caldwell Mr J Kirkwood Miss A Reid
Mr R T Canning Mrs E M Langridge Miss N Reid
Mr J F Christophers Mr W L Langridge Mr J Sanderson
Mrs P A Clarke Miss Langridge Mrs S A Sanderson
Miss L Clarke Miss D Langridge Master R Sanderson
Mr N Cohen Master A L Langridge Master J Sanderson
Mr E H Common Mr G Lawrence Mr F Sherwood
Mr D J Corcoran Mr T Leech Mr San Sibrak
Mr T Cox Miss L McCaldin Mr A H Shrubshall
Mr S R Cross Mr W McCormack Mrs Shrubshall
Mr C Culverwell Mrs McCormack Mrs Steele
Mrs Culverwell Master G McCormack Master J L Steele
Master C Culverwell Mrs S A Marriott Miss M A Stevenson
Miss A Culverwell Mr C H Marriott Mr J Talbot
Master L Culverwell Mr J W Marshall Mr S E Tate
Master G Culverwell Mr T H Matthews Mr T Thomas
Mr G W Davies Mr J Minogue Mr C Thrinder
Mr F M Edgar Mr R H Mitchell Mr J Vaughan
Mrs Edgar Mr W K Morris Mr W Veale
Miss Edgar Mr T Mullins Mrs Veale
Master E Edgar Mr M Mullins Master N Veale
Miss L Edgar Mr J Murray Mr R F Volland
Mr I Edgar Mr J Murray Miss P M Warren
Miss E R Fenby Mrs Murray Mr W Webster
Mr J H Fieldhouse Mr G Murray Mr E White

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