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My Purpose

Right after my Granny Roxie (Roxie Jane Caldwell Vance) died in April 2000 I became interested in my family's history and a quest began that has become an obsession. In this quest I have learned how much my family means to me -- not only those living but those who passed many years, if not centuries, before me. I hope to share some of the information that I have been able to accumulate regarding my family, cemeteries that I have transcribed, links to various sites that I enjoy, and a lot of this and that. I am just beginning to build this site, and it will take a while before it is really helpful.

The house in the top left-hand corner is the Patrick Vance home in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Grandpa Patrick Vance built the house in the late 1700s and lived there with his large family until they moved to Tennessee. It is now the corporate headquarters for Valley Quarries, Inc.

my grannies

The photographs above are just some of my "grannies." They include Nancy Ann Brown Fletcher, Laura Ellen Fletcher Peeler, Rhoda Malinda James Caldwell,  and Faith(y) Ann Roberts Bradfield Vance. They were all Southern Ladies who fought hard in their lives for their families.  I feel honored to be a part of their families.

Throughout this site, I may "link" you to my Rootsweb World Connect Project (Rootsweb WCP); take a look but please be sure to come back to here to look around more.


There are many people I wish to thank.  First of all, I thank Dave and Libby for allowing me the time to work on my family's genealogy and to attempt to learn how to publish a website.  I also thank all the wonderful people out there who have shared their research.  And I thank Pat Geary of Genealogy Web Creations for helping me get this site from my computer to the "world-wide web."


Some of the links in "Miscellaneous" to the left are to off-site websites; such as the Melting Pot Genealogical Society, USS Oklahoma City, and the Vance Family Association.

My Blog

Please visit my blog. I may be discussing genealogy or just my thoughts of the day. You may not always agree with my thoughts, but that is what makes life interesting. You are welcome to comment. You will need to register to comment if I understand the "rules" correctly.

So, kick back, grab your favorite beverage and begin to meet my family...(okay, so when I get them on here).