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Kentucky Cemetery
7071 Hot Springs Highway (approximate)
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

Tombstone transcriptions performed March 5, 2009, by Patti Vance Hays

Kentucky Cemetery, Saline County, Arkansas.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.60832, Longitude: -92.6617

Located across from the highway from Kentucky Missionary Baptist Church whose address is 7070 Highway 5, Benton, Arkansas.

Kentucky Baptist Church was organized between 1822 and 1825 and is the oldest continuous Baptist church in Arkansas. Some say the first preacher was Silas T. Toncray in 1822; however, he is found in Little Rock in July of 1824. The community founded in the area of the church was called "Lindsey Settlement." Until the church building was erected in 1832, the church members (including Lindsey, Fletcher, Spenser/Spencer, and Davis as well as others) congregated in the homes of the various members. Among the membership of this "reformed Baptist church" was Judge Charles Caldwell and family of Saline County. Judge Caldwell moved his family to the Lindsey settlement on the Saline River and opened a large mill. The original log building was south of the cemetery site and also south of what is now Highway 5 and the present church building. In 1833 the post office was moved to his home and renamed Caldwellton. Records indicate there was not a permanent minister until about 1836 when John Y. Lindsey was ordained as a deacon. In 1841 he was licensed as a Baptist preacher and was ordained in 1856. In 1843 the church petitioned and was received into the Saline Baptist Association, reporting 15 members. (From Pioneer Faith: The History of Missionary Baptist Associations and Churches in Arkansas from 1818 to 1920 by the History and Archives Committee, State Association of Missionary Baptist Churches of Arkansas, August 16, 1994; p28-31.  This book contains a very good history of the Kentucky Missionary Baptist Church as well as the other Missionary Baptist churches of Arkansas.)

These are listings that we found from grave markers.  There were numerous leaves on the ground; therefore it is very possible that we missed some of the gravesites.  Also, there was a lot of brush lying around which could have covered grave markers.  I have attempted to show what was shown on the marker.  Any additional information will be shown in brackets []. I have added some from Katrina Johnson's previous reading of the cemetery which may be found here. I have shown information in brackets that I did not see the stone and have also added an asterisk for those markers that I did not see. Having not seen them doesn't mean they were not there. We may have missed them or they may have been covered in leaves or brush.

Some of the Lovell family has stone spelled Lovel - most with Lovell; some of the Keen family has the name spelled Keen and some Keene.  Most of the marker photographs may be found on

The link to Rootsweb WCP is the link to my Rootsweb World Connect Project site.  [The fact they are listed on my "family tree" does not necessarily mean they are related to me.] If you should find an error on this page or my Rootsweb WCP or a link does not work, please email me as soon as possible.

Abercrombie, Hinemon L., Sr.    11/15/1907-10/18/1982

Abercrombie, Vaughan Winston    02/19/1930-04/11/1930

Allen, Emma T.    07/23/1894-11/25/1966
    Allen, George E.    12/23/1891-04/24/1980

Armstrong, Annie    03/27/1868-07/01/1943

Armstrong, James E.    10/07/1918 [date of death]    Arkansas Pvt US Army 1

Baby    [this is probably a Gates baby as it is by the families of Everett and Mary Gates and P. W. and Frances Gates]

Bagley, Harvey Hugh    12/22/1944-03/22/1945

Bagley, Mimea    12/29/1886-02/12/1947    married 06/29/1907
    Bagley, James Ben    06/06/1879-02/25/1946

Bagley, Rose Zellah    05/13/1912-10/12/1931

Bagley, Wilma Jean    1934-1982    [Ashby Funeral Home Marker; there is also a concrete marker which is illegible; SSDI shows 06/24/1934-11/1982]

Bailey, Alice Carolyn Brazil    01/23/1941-10/06/1991

Bartenbach, L. Camille    07/04/1924-10/26/1985

Bean, Danny Dale    11/21/1955-04/11/2005

Bean, Patrick Kelsey    10/11/1981-11/07/2004 1

Beardsley, Frank C.    07/12/1902-12/22/1969    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War II 1

Berry, William R.    03/21/1917-10/14/1989
    Berry, Lois A.    08/21/1925-06/23/1990

Berryman, Chester B.    08/13/1921-12/24/1958
    Berryman, Dollie B.    03/05/1923-12/16/2006

Biehslich, August G.    01/12/1920-05/06/1974    Cpl US Army

Bishop, Melba Lovell    11/15/1931-01/25/2014    [from obituary]

Bishop, Wayne Milton    11/15/1930-06/27/2015    [from obituary]

Blackwell, Edith    08/30/1913-02/28/1998
    Blackwell, Earl    12/04/1911-07/09/1988

Blake, James

Blake, James D.    1932-2004    [Ashby Funeral Home Marker]

Blake, Virginia    1926-1999    [Roller-Ballard Funeral Home Marker]

Blake, Willie Dorcas Raney    07/20/1908-09/17/1989

Boggs, Buford Harrell, Sr.    04/03/1931-12/18/1994    Cpl US Marine Corps Korea

Boggs, Dorothy I.    02/04/1926-05/27/2008

Boggs, Eva Carolon    12/16/1943-04/25/1949

Boggs, Melvin E.    09/30/1902-01/28/1960    married 05/26/1926
    Boggs, Gladys L.    09/27/1909-04/15/1995

Bolt, Aaron    died 12/09/1914 based on obituary    [I did not see a marker. I got information about his burial in his obituary.] 1

Bolt, Andy    02/01/1884-04/15/1944
    Bolt, Lena Doan    02/17/1883-08/01/1964

Bradberry, Frank C.    04/07/1906-05/13/1965

Bradberry, Larry Lee    11/24/1948-04/27/2002    US Army Vietnam    Rootsweb WCP 1

Bradberry, Thelma D.    05/07/1910-11/07/2001

Bradbury, T. F.    10/20/1865-04/20/1932
    Bradbury, May    06/05/1891-08/29/1972

Bradbury, William D.    12/13/1943-08/06/1965    Arkansas Pvt 3 Inf Tng Regt

Bradbury, William T.    08/18/1910-02/13/1957    Arkansas PFC US Marine Corps Res World War II

Brazil, Allen D.    09/23/1883-02/21/1974

Brazil, Bertha V.    01/21/1911-07/09/1922

Brazil, George W.    08/11/1864-07/28/1932

Brazil, Lee Nora    12/29/1884-03/16/1919 1

Brazil, Lillie Doan    03/31/1901-11/13/1996

Brazil, Margaret R.    04/06/1865-02/02/1939

Brazil, Mirle Burt    09/01/1918-06/04/1942    son of Mrs. Lillie Brazil

Brazil, Patsy Marie    12/30/1945    [only date appears to be date of death]

Brazil, Recie H.    02/04/1915-09/01/1995
    Brazil, Lilburn H.    02/26/1910-07/26/1969

Brents, Loula B.    01/31/1895-10/02/1956

Brice, Buddy    03/16/1923-07/27/1923    son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Brice

Brinkley, James H.    03/06/1927-08/03/1988

Brinkley, Ruth G.    06/30/1915-11/23/1993

Brock, George D.    05/06/1882-08/24/1884    son of G. and L. J. Brock

Brock, Ida M.    03/08/1879-07/25/1919
    Brock, Woodrow R.    02/25/1918-10/02/1943    in memory of
    Brock, John A.    04/05/1873-10/10/1953

Brown, Victoria Teal    11/15/1954-06/09/1982

Brumley, Carolyn E. Keene    08/22/1909-11/01/1981 1

Burks, Lena (Hudson) Keene    09/17/1919-11/25/2001    [I did not see a stone. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Camp, Cynthia H.    02/24/1908-07/22/1947

Carter, Ella M.    05/20/1881-07/10/1888

Catton, Charley    04/15/1839-04/22/1919

Catton, Ephraim    04/12/1873-03/12/1959
    Catton, Una    10/17/1880-07/06/1952

Catton, Sebaron    12/25/1914-03/28/1945

Cofer, Mattie Bradbury    04/23/1903-04/06/1971

Cofer, Thomas Elmer    11/25/1883-01/06/1967

Crabtree, Lorine Stewart    01/21/1916-07/20/1942

Crolley, Bertha M.    died 08/31/2001    [Funeral Home Marker]    [SSDI shows date of birth to be 06/02/1915]

Dale, Elizabeth    11/26/1837-07/27/1894    wife of M. L. Dale

Dale, M. L.    02/19/1833-12/27/1880

Dale, R. R.    08/03/1857-07/10/1884    son of M. L. and Elizabeth Dale

Davenport, Emma Lee    03/07/1902-10/14/1905

Davis, Elige    02/18/1882-03/31/1972

Davis, M. H. Winchester    03/18/1882-10/05/1972

Deaton, Andrew    09/26/1836-06/14/1896

Deaton, Elijah    died 08/28/1868 or 1869 at 29 years 7 months 16 days    [date of death was extremely hard to read and may be incorrect as stone was broken]

Deaton, Hannah    04/30/1853-03/16/1917

Deaton, Sarah E.    01/31/1847-01/11/1884    wife of R. Deaton

Dees, George W.    01/05/1913-11/30/1913    son of J. W. and L. E. Dees

Dees, John Wesley    11/09/1887-09/14/1963
    Dees, Lou Ella    07/21/1894-01/25/1989

Doan, George W.    02/25/1871-12/07/1924

Doan, James Columbus    12/15/1897-09/20/1975

Doan, Maggie Mae    01/27/1892-08/01/1969

Doan, Nancy A.    08/18/1876-08/27/1965

Doan, Paul Homer    12/17/1911-12/12/1974

Doan, Roger Dale    07/04/1947-12/30/1981

Dodson, Ganam E. "Bud" Jr.    04/25/1920-06/06/2002    Loving dad and husband of Wilma

Dodson, Sarah Belle    10/28/1887-04/08/1977    married 02/04/1906
    Dodson, Ganam E.    03/19/1876-03/28/1935 1

Downing, Noel Glenn    1970-1978    [Ashby Funeral Home Marker]

Earles, Katherine Virginia Smith    08/07/1933-09/12/1989

Edgin, Alice Ellenor    died 12/05/1878 aged 3 years 2 months 1 days    daughter of G. W. and Lucretia Edgin

Edgin, Johnson    died 04/15/1878 aged 76 years 15 days

Edgin, Lucretia    04/11/1843-04/11/1894    wife of G. W. Edgin

Elliott, Albert Lloyd    07/25/1944-05/13/2015    [from obituary]

Elliott, Albert R.    04/02/1893-11/17/1962

Elliott, Patricia Lynne    06/23/1970-11/28/1996

Elliott, Stephanie Diane    11/20/1973-09/19/2009    [from obituary]

Elliott, Vickie Ruth    08/12/1942-03/01/2002    married 09/19/1980 1
    Elliott, Wayne Russell    03/24/1943-03/15/2015 1
        back of marker shows: "Our Children Jim, Guy, Sterling, Tamme and Jami"

Eubanks, Charley Odell    06/25/1905-10/18/1985    [I missed marker when reading cemetery. Burial based on obituary.]    Rootsweb WCP 1

Eubanks, Jack Lee    12/31/1940-10/27/1943 2

Fenley, John    10/02/1809-11/06/1874

Ferrell, Maudie M.    07/31/1926-06/04/1987    daughter of A. J. and Etta Tucker

Fisher, Raymond Lee    12/24/1967-05/14/19713

Follansee, Alice A.    02/14/1862-07/09/1902    wife of J. L. Follansee

Furr, Jesse W.    05/13/1948-05/31/1948

Gates, Everett D.    12/13/1895-09/05/1980
    Gates, Mary Elizabeth    06/27/1895-06/26/1966

Gates, M. Janis    06/03/1938-05/09/2006

Gates, P. W.    02/08/1833-03/23/1906

Gates, P. W. "Bill" Sr.    01/04/1917-    married 06/19/1937    [no date of death, but he died 04/13/2006; he is not buried in this spot]
    Pates, Frances L.    06/02/1916-    [no date on stone marker but there is an Ashby Funeral Home marker that shows 1916-2007; she died 12/26/2007]
        back of stone shows Parents of P. W. "Bud" Jr. and Janis "Muggie"

Gates, Nancy L.    06/13/1859-07/12/1936

Gates, Ruby    03/21/1926-06/23/1932    daughter of Everett and Mary

Geurin, Carey Anson    03/03/1889-08/19/1963

Geurin, Children of Anson and Mattie

Geurin, Martha Elizabeth "Mattie"    02/22/1893-02/12/1981

Geurin, Thomas Scottie    12/23/1930-11/25/2006    married 11/09/1952
    Geurin, Sarah Ruth    [no date of death shown]

Glenn, Annie    1874-1936

Glenn, B. P.    1855-1931

Glenn, Baby Boy    12/26/1954

Glenn, Baby Girl    09/06/1959

Glenn, Charlie Louis    01/13/1913-11/09/1983    US Army    [Ashby Funeral Home marker shows middle name] 1

Glenn, Evalene Mamie    04/25/1905-01/12/1987

Glenn, Evelyn M.    10/14/1956-10/17/1956

Glenn, Gann Burton    09/04/1907-03/27/1966    Arkansas SFC 378 Ordnance Co World War II Korea

Glenn, Henry Harold    08/18/1936-07/03/2006

Glenn, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Glenn    -03/19/1929 2

Glenn, James J.    04/28/1901-05/23/1953

Glenn, John    02/11/1806 in Ky - 01/28/1881 aged 74 years 11 months 17 days

Glenn, Mary A.    died 06/19/1864 aged 28 years 5 months 16 days    daughter of John and M. Glenn

Glenn, Melinda    died 07/28/1868 aged 63 years and 10 days    wife of John Glenn

Glenn, Ocia Pauline    08/05/1918-06/13/1978

Glenn, Raymond J.    1945-1949
    Glenn, Susan R.    1913-1949

Glenn, Robert W.    died 02/12/1883 at 42 years 10 months 22 days

Glenn, Sarah E.    1879-1958    wife of William Glenn

Glenn, William    died 04/22/1884    at age of 67 years 6 months 13 days

Glenn, William    10/18/1896-06/10/1976    Pvt US Army World War I

Glenn, William G.    07/24/1874-03/13/1913    WOW memorial

Glenn, Willie    04/30/1904-06/22/1905

Goins, Joe A.    09/05/1876-12/24/1936    [there is another stone with the name Joe A. Goins inscribed on it and date is illegible - do not know if there are two of the same name buried in the cemetery or two stones]

Goins, Leo A.    12/29/1905-05/17/1968

Gossage, Eva Dee    11/26/1924-06/27/2010    [from obituary]

Gossage, Steve Ezra    08/24/1914-04/23/1990    Pvt US Army World War II
    Gossage, Ida J.    02/18/1922-05/26/1984

Griffith, Elsie Louise    [no date of death shown]

Griffith, Joseph Leon    1950-1996    [Ashby Funeral Home Marker] 1

Griffith, Myrtis J.    02/05/1922-04/11/2004    [dod from obituary under name of Myrtis Murry] 1

Griffith, Ralph    01/08/1916-05/16/1974 1

Griffith, Ralph Randall    11/27/1953-05/30/1988

Gunter, Harry M.    1887-1946
    Gunter, Lillie G.    1889-1962

Haislip, Jesse Lee    10/06/1929-08/15/2013    [from Saline Courier obituary] 1

Harrison, Baby

Harrison, Carrie B.    10/31/1890-03/04/1982

Harrison, Cynthia Ann    07/29/1849-06/02/1891

Harrison, Hannah Kirby    Wife of Ben Harrison

Harrison, Isaac    12/18/1829-11/15/1903

Harrison, Isaac Andrew    02/08/1873-04/08/1953

Harrison, James A.    03/04/1848-05/13/1934

Harrison, May P.    10/25/1890-12/06/1975

Harrison, Samuel Walter    10/28/1876-07/22/1936

Harrison, Walter    02/25/1884-10/04/1929

Hawkins, Arthur, Jr.    05/09/1928-12/09/1985
    Hawkins, Mary Branum    02/10/1931-07/23/2001

Henderson, Eugene    died 07/31/1926    [I did not see a marker. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Henderson, Inez Wilson    died in 1976. [I did not see a marker. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Henderson, J. F.    died 02/12/1957    [I did not see a marker. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Henderson, Jewell    died 08/27/1926    [I did not see a marker. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Henson, J. W.    died in 1929    [I did not see a marker. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Holcomb, Lewis E.    04/16/1892-04/28/1976
    Holcomb, Lula    04/05/1891-05/16/1963

Hubanks, Mrs. W. H.    died in 1923    [I did not see a marker. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Hughbanks, Bill    10/17/1888-01/27/1958

Hughbanks, Eunice    11/08/1912-06/18/1916    daughter of W. H. and M. C. Hughbanks    [I could not read this stone at all. A large bush had grown around it.   This transcription came from a prior reading by Katrina Johnson.] 1

Hughbanks, Cpl. Leonard    1915-1943

Hussey, Donald T.    December 29, 1949 - April 30, 2010    (from obituary)

Hussey, Troy Arthur*   died on March 22, 1972, at age of 20 years    [I did not see this marker. When Katrina Johnson transcribed the markers previously she showed it was a funeral home marker.]

Hussey, William T.    1929-2002
    Hussey, Emma S.    1932-1990

Izard, John D.    07/01/1939-06/14/1961

Izard, Ralph S. III    01/07/1959-03/11/1961 1

Izard, Ralph Sidney Sr.    05/02/1909-11/18/1991    Pvt US Marine Corps World War II    married 09/27/1934
    Izard, Emma Hipp    01/08/1914-11/29/2002 1

James, J. W. (Wess)    12/13/1877-04/22/1960 1

James, Joe    12/14/1909-12/03/2003

James, May Glass    06/20/1884-12/07/1968 1

James, Willie B.    09/27/1919-03/05/2002    US Army Air Forces World War II 1

Johnson, Irene    01/27/1888-03/19/1958

Johnson, Dr. L.    1848-1919


Johnston, Louise Cofer    01/31/1926-06/06/2009    [Roller-Chenal FH, Roller-Drummond Funeral Home, Little Rock, Arkansas, Marker]

Johnston, Thomas Bell    05/28/1921-04/26/2001    US Marine Corps World War II

Jones, W. J. B.    04/19/1845-07/12/1913

Keen, Jack L.    03/27/1933-08/21/2007

Keen, Lloyd Dale    04/02/1938-08/04/1988    PFC US Army

Keen, Willard Ray    07/19/1957-02/15/1986

Keene, Betty Maye    12/07/1901-10/01/1971
    Keene, James Ed    04/03/1897-11/07/1976

Keene, Bonnie Jeane    10/09/1952-01/19/1954

Keene, David    07/27/1935-05/30/1953

Keene, Dorcus    08/19/1876-01/12/1920

Keene, Genevieve    04/12/1928-12/06/1932

Keene, George Daniel    05/27/1907-05/23/1961
    Keene, Lottie Bell    11/11/1908-02/06/1990

Keene, Gussie    10/11/1901-10/21/1990

Keene, Harrison H.    02/09/1925-06/09/1991
    Keene, Jo Wilson    [no date of death shown]

Keene, Henry H.    11/28/1903-01/22/1965 1

Keene, Herbert G.    03/22/1931-01/26/2008    married 03/14/1969
    Keene, Eva Ellen    [no date of death shown]

Keener, Homer Daniel "Danny"    06/12/1941-01/03/2011    [from obituary]

Keene, I. J.    01/28/1865-04/21/1937 1

Keene, Infant Daughter of I. J. and Beulah    02/29/1929

Keene, Isaac J.    08/03/1926-03/09/1975    US Army World War II

Keene, Iva M.    1967-2002    [Ashby Funeral Home Marker] 1

Keene, Jakob Lee    08/07/1989-08/17/1989

Keene, James Ed    04/03/1897-11/07/1976    Pvt US Army World War I 1

Keene, Luther E.    02/13/1905-12/04/1945
    Keene, Jamie V.    10/17/1908-03/07/1984

Keene, William Dean "Bill"    08/29/1950-08/14/1975 1

Keene, William T.    10/28/1899-02/19/1959

Keese, Infant*    11/16/1940    [I did not see this marker. It was listed on Katrina Johnson's previous transcription of the cemetery.]

Kelly, Minnie K.    07/06/1900-06/06/1968 1

Kelly, Tony V.    03/29/1890-01/02/1976
    Kelly, Virginia D.    07/04/1895-09/09/1922

Kelly, Virgil E.    12/15/1894-12/12/1981    US Army World War I

Kettle, Charles T.*    07/09/1845-06/07/1921    [I did not see this marker. It was listed in Katrina Johnson's previous transcription of the cemetery.]

Kinney, Yobby Rhea    04/17/1855-10/14/1908

Kirby, Ethel Ann    01/28/1887-01/18/1954

Langley, Juell    12/31/1917-02/20/1992

Langley, Ora    11/29/1893-10/02/1974
    Langley, James A.    07/10/1891-01/16/1960

Langley, Pearl    07/28/1892-08/27/1983    married 11/01/1914
    Langley, Steve Sr.    10/22/1890-11/21/1975

Laster, Bryant    11/11/1812-06/10/1885

Laster, Tabitha R.    08/12/1836-09/18/1904

Latimer, Juanita    03/12/1912-01/17/1969

Leach, Mildred Marie Glenn    11/10/1922-07/24/1984

Lindsey, Jane Davis    1802-12/24/1886

Lindsey, John Y.    1800-1865

Logsdon    4 small stones with the surname of Logsdon only by William and Lydia Jane Logsdon

Logsdon, Lydia Jane    02/19/1881-01/13/1958

Logsdon, William    08/27/1872-07/03/1955

Lovel, Albert H.    02/16/1911-12/06/1966

Lovel, Emma A.    1872-1951    wife of John W. Lovel 1

Lovel, Jackson Thomas    09/17/1936-01/01/1945    son of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Lovel

Lovel, Jesie A.    01/19/1903-01/26/2000    married 12/25/1919
    Lovel, George M.    10/15/1880-06/08/1968 1

Lovel, John W.    1866-1935

Lovel, Susie    06/13/1908-11/09/1924

Lovell, Eddie    03/25/1937-05/14/1982    Father
    Lovell, Eddie Allen    02/19/1957-02/12/1982    Son

Lovell, Elizabeth    Wife of J. C. Lovell

Lovell, Estelle    Wife of J. C. Lovell

Lovell, Geo. Clinton    01/17/1897-04/15/1961    [George Clinton Lovell]

Lovell, George Duffy    09/15/1913-10/09/1934

Lovell, Herman G.    02/17/1907-06/30/1990    married 12/22/1929    Rootsweb WCP
    Lovell, Fern James    06/16/1912-07/11/2007    Rootsweb WCP 1

Lovell, Ina    09/27/1899-09/17/1988 1

Lovell, Infant Son of J. C. and Estelle

Lovell, Infant Son of J. F. and Lola    05/16/1919

Lovell, Jack Vander    04/29/1933-02/03/2006

Lovell, James A.    05/14/1921-10/02/1933

Lovell, Jim C.    03/19/1869-10/07/1951 1

Lovell, Lola M.    04/15/1899-05/02/1970    married 02/04/1917
    Lovell, John F.    12/26/1894-07/22/1991 1

Lovell, Louis G.    03/08/1892-07/07/1969 1

Lovell, Lucinda    Wife of J. C. Lovell

Lovell, Marion    Son of J. C. and Estelle

Lovell, Martha    Wife of J. C. Lovell

Lovell, Mary    Daughter of J. C. and Martha

Lovell, Mary L.    12/31/1882-12/08/1947
    Lovell, Acey M.    1875-10/09/1949

Lovell, Ola Jean    05/09/1931-04/21/1998

Lovell, Robert     Son of J. C. and Martha

Lovell, Viola May    04/16/1899-08/05/1980 1
    Lovell, John W. Jr.    12/17/1902-07/18/1984 1

Lovell, W. Newton    10/28/1898-08/20/1976    married 04/03/1920
    Lovell, Donnie H.    04/26/1904-12/03/1979

Lovell, William    Son of J. C. and Martha

Lovell, William Gie    06/24/1923-02/14/1931

Lovell, William Joseph "Billy Joe"    08/26/1927-03/06/2004    married 12/18/1981 1
    Lovell, Patsy Ellen Crutchfield    [no date of death shown]

Martin, Austin L.    12/21/1908-05/10/1930

Martin, John R.    03/10/1883-03/04/1929

Martin, Laura Etta    12/02/1898-10/28/1968

Martin, P. Jane    12/22/1880-08/08/1964

Martin, Tom    02/02/1892-03/13/1957    Arkansas Pvt 162 Depot Brigade World War I

Martin, Warren Odell    09/15/1920-03/18/1921

McClendon, Dora M.    04/15/1912-09/08/1987 1
    McClendon, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil McClendon    05/16/1934 [only date - appears to be date of death]
    McClendon, Virgil D.    03/01/1912-11/28/1998

McClintic, Jacob Mitchell    08/28/1986-10/02/2004

McColey, Andy    11/17/1882-05/25/1931

McColey, Claib D.    08/31/1907-02/14/1959
    Kilburn, Mae Lunsford    09/08/1913-01/04/2004

McCutcheon, Charles H.    10/15/1876-06/29/1958

McCutcheon, Flora (Goins)    08/09/1885-07/29/1958 1

McElmurry, Rose Marie    1972-1972    [Ashby Funeral Home Marker]

McWhorter, Baby William    09/15/1913-11/12/1913

Miliner, Nancy A.    died 12/08/1875 died 46 years 11 months 1 days    wife of Joseph Miliner    [I have seen this surname also spelled Milliner, Milner, and Millner]

Millner, Elizabeth    died 08/11/1870 age 39 years and 23 days

Moore, Rachel Mildred "Millie"    10/16/1899-01/02/1991    married 12/27/1919    [stone marker shows Rachel M. "Millie"; fhm shows Rachel Mildred]
    Moore, Allen P. "Al"    08/06/1896-01/21/1981    Pvt US Army World War I

Morrow, Earline Tinkle    04/16/1927-04/21/1981

Murry, Harold M.*    1940-1998    [I did not see a marker. It was listed in Katrina Johnson's earlier transcription of the cemetery; she showed it as a funeral home marker.]

Neighbors, Andy    03/01/1910-12/02/1973

Neighbors, Rena    08/16/1888-05/31/1960
    Neighbors, Martin    01/30/1880-09/03/1929 1

Neighbors, Ruby    09/10/1918-06/23/1920

Nelson, Chandice Reenea Infant Daughter    07/15/1973

Oxford, S. Isaac    birth unknown-03/17/1932

Oxford, Selia    01/04/1868-07/17/1940

Parnell, Beulah Keene    04/12/1906-06/20/1982

Pitcock, Edulia    05/07/1882-01/12/1962
    Pitcock, William E.    05/29/1866-03/01/1941

Pitcock, Florence    11/04/1878-09/28/1948

Pitcock, Isadore H.    09/04/1873-03/25/1920    WOW Memorial; Benton Camp No. 168

Pitcock, Jamie E.    02/06/1906-03/01/1956
    Pitcock, Ada Irene    01/22/1920-08/03/1994    [her stone marker shows Ada I.; Ashby Funeral Home marker shows Ada Irene]

Pitcock, James Otto    age 75-08/21/1969    [from obituary] 1

Pitcock, John Louis    1941-1996    [Ashby Funeral Home Marker]

Pitcock, Leona    08/21/1913-06/21/1988

Pitcock, Mary E.    06/06/1870-09/11/1898

Pitcock, Newton Earnest    07/22/1936-09/10/2016    [from obituary]

Pitcock, William Emanuel    07/11/1951-10/15/1996    married 05/21/1995
    Pitcock, Linda Lee    [no date of death shown]

Pitcock, William Stephen    1917-1987    Pvt US Army World War II

Pook, George D.*    [I did not see a marker. It was listed on Katrina Johnson's previous transcription of the cemetery. She showed it to be a funeral home marker.]

Powell, Joe J.    04/13/1893-09/10/1965
    Powell, Marie G.    11/21/1901-01/09/1993

Price, Buddy    (son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Price)    03/16/1923-07/27/1923 2

Ragan, Barbara Ann*    born and died 09/12/1971    [I did not see a marker. It was listed on Katrina Johnson's earlier transcription of the cemetery under the last name of Raney, but I have been told it is actually Ragan.]

Ragan, Mary Josephine "Jo"    01/03/1931-09/10/2002

Raney, Emma L.*    12/04/1892-08/28/1898    daughter of Nancy    [I did not see a marker. It was listed on Katrina Johnson's earlier transcription of the cemetery.]

Raney, J. R. C. "Rich"    03/31/1858-02/06/1929    married 03/03/1892
    Raney, Ellen    06/20/1875-01/29/1920

Reyes, Gabriela Rachel (Infant)    05/17/2005    [Roller-Ballard Funeral Home Marker]

Rhea, Austin    1886-1955

Rhea, Baby    10/15/1923-10/16/1923    daughter of Austin and Malissie Rhea

Rhea, Dorothy Jean    02/16/1938-05/20/1938    daughter of Jodie and Mary Rhea

Rhea, Harriett Augustine    07/26/1941-10/20/1941    daughter of Jodie and Mary Rhea

Rhea, J. H.    10/24/1841-10/25/1887

Rhea, Johnie R.    02/12/1878-05/11/1878

Rhea, Katie    07/24/1886-12/24/1916    wife of Oscar Rhea

Rhea, Lena May    03/05/1885-10/05/1953

Rhea, Malissie B.    08/04/1889-06/21/1977

Rhea, Oscar    03/17/1882-10/30/1931

Rhea, W. S. "Bud"    09/11/1882-03/02/1919

Rhea, Yobby    12/13/1875-01/20/1876

Richmond, Fannie    05/26/1912-08/15/1916    daughter of J. H. and Elizabeth

Richmond, Irby Craig    12/07/1893-10/22/1925

Richmond, Irby Irvin    05/04/1922-07/11/2002
    Richmond, Betty R.    08/21/1929-04/23/2007

Richmond, J. H.    04/07/1858-10/17/1935
    Richmond, Elizabeth    02/24/1871-11/03/1945    his wife 1

Richmond, John Floyd    06/15/1934-07/19/2000    US Army

Richmond, Mary Geneva    06/23/1937-10/21/2014    [added per obituary]

Richmond, Josephine L.    06/13/1923-03/16/1987    married 12/24/1938 1
    Richmond, Willie F.    11/29/1919-03/06/1979

Richmond, Lucille    03/16/1924
    Richmond, Pauline    09/23/1930
    Infant daughters of J. H. and Elizabeth

Richmond, Lydia M.    12/16/1893-12/23/1982    married 12/19/1915
    Richmond, John    05/20/1892-03/07/1960

Richmond, Ricky Loyd    02/19/1956-08/18/2012    [added per obituary] 1

Richmond, Wayne Ray    12/08/1948-12/22/2001    SP4 US Army Vietnam

Richmond, Will    05/20/1892-12/20/1943

Rogers, Annie Belle    10/30/1908-01/23/1987

Savage, Willie Faye    04/03/1916-11/20/2002

Shields, Aline Smith    08/27/1909-07/04/1979

Shillito, Jake    12/25/1879-07/15/1954

Shillito, Myrtle    10/08/1887-02/27/1919

Shillito, W. W.    12/04/1865-03/09/1918    WOW Memorial; Kentucky Camp No. 4

Short, Ethel    08/01/1887-01/28/1972

Smith, Annie E.    09/06/1909-10/05/2000
    Smith, Frank R.    01/29/1906-12/09/1968

Smith, Donna B.    02/07/1901-03/04/1977    married 09/25/1921
    Smith, Earl E.    07/03/1902-08/20/1967

Smith, Ellen    05/11/1903-11/03/1975
    Smith, Jesse B.    03/22/1898-08/04/1955

Smith, Eugene    1928-1931

Smith, Ida M.    08/20/1888-06/13/1968

Smith, Infant Daughter of Vernon and Mae Smith    03/10/1941

Smith, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Smith    05/30/1922-05/31/1922

Smith, Infant Son of Vernon and Mae Smith    07/26/1936

Smith, James Wendell    09/13/1947-02/09/2013

Smith, Jessie A.    11/06/1882-04/12/1978
    Smith, Harry O.    12/16/1881-01/11/1931

Smith, Mae E.    02/22/1916-11/28/1997    married 10/14/1933
    Smith, Vernon E.    03/01/1911-02/28/1983    Tec4 US Army World War II

Smith, Wilber Eugene    1912-1916    son of Charles and Ida Dixon Smith

Snodgrass, Lloyd W.    08/04/1924-11/27/2002    US Army World War II

Snodgrass, R. K.    10/05/1927-06/03/1930
    Snodgrass, Lula    01/21/1907-04/06/1948

Stainer, Harriet Glenn    1840-1877    wife of McHenry Stainer; daughter of John and Malinda Crawford Glenn; whose murder resulted in Saline County's last legal hanging

Steward, William C.    01/17/1896-09/17/1905    son of D. L. and Mary Steward    [stone shows surname as Steward but his parents' stone is shown as Stewart]

Stewart, Clomar T.    1893-1962 1
    Stewart, Rena C.    1901-1980

Stewart, Daniel    1865-1949
    Stewart, Mary    1877-1958

Tinkle, Amanda A.    09/12/1907-01/12/1979

Tinkle, Andrew    08/12/1886-05/04/1974
    Tinkle, Dora Belle    10/11/1888-12/14/1969 1

Tinkle, Andrew J.    05/17/1920-06/18/1932

Tinkle, Goldie V.    12/03/1909-02/05/1984
    Tinkle, Earl W.    01/02/1903-09/27/1985

Tinkle, Hannah    08/12/1886-11/01/1886

Tinkle, Henery Charline    03/02/1930-08/23/1940

Tinkle, John and Amanda Family    [no dates on stone; there are numerous unmarked graves in the John and Amanda Tinkle Family plot. It is possible that Sarah Lindsey Tinkle may be buried in this plot.]

Tinkle, John W.    11/26/1913-lost at sea 02/1942

Tinkle, Mae M.    08/17/1909-09/15/1997

Tong, Mary Magdalene    02/05/1870-06/10/1924

Tong, William Henry    12/28/1858-03/27/1922

Tucker, Opal Bessie    02/08/1918-09/05/1921    daughter of Etta M. and Andrew J. Tucker

Vinyard, Erin Lee    10/11/1894-02/22/1974

Vinyard, Glenn Ray    08/19/1925-06/22/1990

Welch, Annie    01/31/1893-12/04/1916    daughter of Josie Welch

Whisenhunt, Wilma Juanita Smith    07/06/1934-04/06/2015    [from obituary]

Williams, Beulah Jane    03/18/1901-04/04/1967
    Williams, James Cecil    02/09/1900-07/09/1969 1

Wilson, Elton    age 45-07/15/1966    [I did not see a marker. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Wilson, Infant Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. G.    04/11/1929 [only date - appears to be date of death]

Wilson, Joe L.    06/13/1861-07/31/1920 1
    Wilson, Esteler    05/27/1876-01/14/1940    [Her surname at death was Cameron; she remarried after the death of her first husband.]

Wilson, Roy Robert    04/15/1890-01/04/1949    Arkansas Pvt 5 Infantry 2 Division World War I    married 07/04/1917 1
    Wilson, Mary Josephine    04/16/1895-10/31/1980

Wilson, Roy Robert    02/13/1953-09/04/1971

Wilson, Teddy    died 1923        [I did not see a marker. This information came from an obituary.] 1

Winchester, James    1848-1917    Pvt Co M 4th Reg Arkansas Cavalry Civil War

Woodall, John F.    09/26/1909-10/29/1981
    Woodall, Edith W.    06/18/1922-08/04/2001 1

Wright, Alexander    04/18/1859-12/28/1942
    Wright, Mary Susan    02/28/1870-03/13/1923

Wright, C. C.    died in 1917

Wright, John M.    02/10/1883-03/01/1957

Yates, Delila Jane    09/17/1904-05/04/1993

Yates, Etta L.    02/01/1911-08/27/1998
    Yates, Marion G.    12/09/1903-07/03/1966 1

Yates, J. Harvey    08/23/1902-12/13/1955

Yates, Martha Nell Blake    04/07/1938-08/21/2015    [from obituary]

1  I have the obituary for this person and am willing to share. Please send me an email to request and show Kentucky Cemetery Obituary Request in the subject line and copy and paste the entire line showing the name and dates in your e-mail.

2 Gates, P. W. "Bud," Jr. "Cemetery Surveys: Kentucky Cemetery." The Saline. June 1986: 19-25. Print.  [I did not see a marker.]

3"per Tracy Fisher