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McPherson Cemetery
Salt Creek Road
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

Surveyed September 29, 2001, and again in 2007, by Patti Vance Hays

McPherson Cemetery

Located on Salt Creek Road off Highway 5.  From Benton, Highway 5 to Salt Creek Road, turn right and go approximately 2 miles.  The cemetery is on the right side of road.

My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after.  Please contact me regarding any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  Most of the tombstone photos may be found on  The link to Rootsweb WCP is the link to my Rootsweb World Connect Project site.  If you should find an error on this page or my Rootsweb WCP or a link does not work, please email me as soon as possible.

The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium.  Many of the tombstone photos are rather large files and may take a few seconds to load if you are using dialup.

Gaston, Billy G.    02/27/1929-10/21/2005
    Gaston, Elizabeth   10/29/1929-09/30/2009    [dates from obituary]

King, William Grady; 02/04/1911-02/02/1992 (S1 US Navy, World War II); married 8/22/1935
    King, Allie Mae    05/05/1919-08/12/1979

Collins, Bill    10/17/1901-04/05/1989; married 08/12/1922    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Collins, Dove    08/09/1906-07/04/1998    Rootsweb WCP 1

Collins, Geneva M.    10/07/1935-01/15/1992; married 01/25/1953
    Collins, Jimmy Ray    no date of death shown

Bryant, Harold Wayne    09/26/1934-03/23/1998    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Bryant, Pat Collins     04/28/1936-11/19/2012    [dod from obituary]    Rootsweb WCP 1

Ham, Marguerite L.    09/01/1916-07/24/1991

Rhodes, Robert Henry    06/28/1963-02/23/1987

Foster, James Hugo    12/29/1948-08/18/1993    CMSGT US Air Force Vietnam
    Foster, Glenda S.    03/03/1940-11/02/2012    [dod from obituary for Glenda Sue Mitchell] 1

McPherson, Joel Granville    11/17/1924-06/25/1987    married 08/10/1946
    McPherson, Olga Ella Lovell    08/31/1924-03/27/1990

McPherson, Janet Marie Blanton    04/19/1950-07/09/1993    married 10/15/1978 
    McPherson, Robert Eugene; no date of death shown.  Stone shows they have children Charles, Buddy, Kelle

Perryman, Joseph Adam    04/30/2005 (or 04/30/2003); son of Eric and Kelle

Doan, Phyllis    04/18/1939-10/10/1997. Stone shows mother of Christine, Kirk, Kenney, Ben, Keith, and Chance

Hobby, James Coy    02/18/1930-11/18/1985    PFC US Army Korea
    Hobby, Virginia    07/04/1932-03/05/2015    [dod from obituary]

Davis, Breck Michael    08/07/1989-03/26/2005

Ford, Wanda Sue    05/19/1941-02/07/1995

Ham, Sam (no dates)

Ham, Walter Felix    03/22/1873-02/22/1961

Ham, Murray F.    08/13/1911-12/13/1972

Doan, Debrah Lynn    02/01/1960-02/01/1960

Taylor, Louis A.    01/20/1923-12/06/1994

Taylor, Clara Earnestine    06/06/1927-05/02/1996

Gabbard, Nora Pearl    02/21/1912-08/21/1985
    Gabbard, Otis L.    11/06/1911-09/20/1998

Allen, Mildred G.    07/14/1921-09/03/1993
    Allen, Lee    05/29/1922-01/05/2011    [date of death from obituary] 1

James, Tilden Herbert    05/09/1915-02/26/1995    US Army World War II     married 04/03/1946    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP
    James, Jean A.    03/17/1926-05/06/2002  Obituary | Rootsweb WCP

Richey, Morgan Paul, Sr.    01/17/1914-07/22/1996    PFC US Army World War II; married 03/02/1935
    Richey, Myrtle M.    11/08/1919-05/03/2000

Helms, Calvin E. “John”    10/30/1944-10/29/1996    married 04/03/1976
    Helms, Ruth Ann Tyler    no date of death shown

McPherson, Angela K.    05/13/1967

McPherson, James W. “Pete”    04/18/1925-07/24/1995    married 07/26/1952
    McPherson, Frankie R.    no date of death shown

Doan, Gary    no dates

Doan, Charity Renae    03/10/1977-04/24/1995

Doan, Dawna    no dates

Willis, Ernest    01/18/1899-05/05/1957
    Willis, Susie    07/14/1902-10/12/1976

Ballard, Charley J.    11/14/1918-09/28/1972    Ark Pvt US Army World War II    husband of Mary; daddy of Betty and Pat

McAllister, Louis    09/17/1916-11/22/2003 1
    McAllister, Lola Evelyn    02/02/1922-06/14/1994
    McAllister, Louis David    08/23/1956-08/23/1956

Hogue, Earcle D.    05/21/1918-09/01/1995    married 10/24/1937
    Hogue, Edythe I.    02/21/1920-09/10/2007 1

Sanders, Ruth E.    07/12/1903-09/03/1974
    Sanders, Charlie A.    04/25/1897-12/09/1964

Doan, Jeff    10/19/1888-01/08/1970 1
    Doan, Lillie A.    11/8/1900-05/27/1979 1

Martin, Samuel    1915-2001    US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP 1

Martin, Amanda    1888-1973    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Martin, Roe    1887-1976 1

McElhaney, Herman Ralph    11/02/1913-07/09/1983
    McElhaney, Irma Flossie    07/18/1916-11/21/2000 1

Beck, Allie R.    02/26/1915-01/06/1987

Beck, J. W.    05/05/1912-09/28/1979

Beck, Sallie    05/26/1896-11/07/1959
    Beck, Steve    10/30/1888-11/13/1959 1

Ballard, Bill E.    11/16/1893-09/07/1973    Ark Pvt US Army World War I    married 12/23/1917 1
    Ballard, Mattie J.    10/30/1898-05/26/1992

Chism, Lacie L.    07/09/1931-06/11/1997    married 08/08/1947
    Chism, Clomer R.    02/06/1928-08/30/1999

Jones, Forrest F.    04/21/1909-05/29/1976
    Jones, Doris M.    12/22/1918-04/04/2010    [dod from obituary]

Hawkins, Louie E.    08/21/1913-03/23/1985    (Mother)

Beck, Dewell Bob "Dude"   07/14/1922-12/23/2007    AMM3 US Navy WW II    married 10/07/1951
    Beck, M. Ethel    [no date of death shown]

Roy, Terry L.    02/04/1958-02/20/2004; married 02/20/1988
    Roy, Lindsay L.    no date of death shown

Ray, Dan C., Sr.    09/13/1944-09/22/1993    US Air Force Vietnam

Cox, Benjamin H., Jr.    06/29/1925-12/31/1979    AMM2 Navy World War II    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Cox, Willie Mae    12/20/1926-01/21/2010    Rootsweb WCP

Suitor, Robert E.    06/07/1919-06/15/1991

Suitor, Charles A.    03/17/1965-03/17/1965

McDonald, James D. “Bunt”    03/01/1920-05/26/1997    S Sgt US Army World War II

Chism, Judith    01/13/1950 (only date)    daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clomer Chism

Everett, Allen, Jr.    05/1948 (only date)

Everett, Allen E.    09/05/1918-04/24/1965    (fhm only shows 1918-1965)

Ballard, Allen P.    03/07/1883-07/25/1952 1
    Ballard, Martha A.    03/17/1885-07/25/1952 1

Ballard, Pearl    07/03/1905-05/20/1925

Ballard, Edward Allen    01/21/1919-08/31/1998    Tec 5 US Army World War II

Ballard, Tom    (no dates)

Ballard, Phyllis    (no dates)

Singleton, Tom    04/15/1888-12/01/1986

Day, Carl Julius    1907-1962
    Day, Ruby Ballard    1917-1992

Ballard, James B.    09/12/1914-02/22/1997    Pvt US Army World War II    married 12/25/1934    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Ballard, Lois Freda    01/23/1919-06/11/1996    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP 1

Singleton, infant son    06/02/1935 (only date)
    Singleton, Mary W.    01/22/1901-06/02/1935

Gilmore, James “Tommy”    05/13/1915-03/14/1985

Gilmore, Deborah A.   07/29/1954-02/20/2008    [fhm shows 1954-2008; full dates were from funeral home folder attached to fhm]

Peeler, Sam    06/12/1916-01/06/2007    PFC US Army World War II    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP 1

Fletcher, James Louis    1923-2001    US Army World War II    [obituary shows he died 10/04/2001 at the age of 78]    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP 1
    Fletcher, Emogene    10/20/1926-01/01/1983    PFC US Army World War II

Fletcher, Menda Lou    12/11/1957-01/30/1998

Ballard, W. W., Jr.    1942-1944

Adams, Eddie G.    04/19/1932-02/05/1974    Ark SSgt US Air Force Korea

Morehead, Patricia Ann    04/24/1946-10/13/2004

Malloy, William McKinley    01/11/1896-06/07/1956    Montana Pvt Btry C347 Fld Arty World War II    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP 1
   Malloy, Marilee    12/03/1912-12/22/1994  (her name is misspelled on tombstone--footstone shows correct spelling)    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP 1

Fletcher, Lula    1888-1969
    Fletcher, John T.    1876-1937         [death cert shows dob as 09/06/1870 and dod as 03/02/1937]     Death Certificate | Obituary | Rootsweb WCP 1

Fletcher, Elizabeth    11/14/1910-1/30/1926    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP

Fletcher, Nancy    12/17/1846-02/20/1929    [her death certificate  shows she died 02/21/1929]    Death Certificate | Obituary | Obituary | Rootsweb WCP 1

Peeler, Laura E    07/17/1872-05/28/1964    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP  1 

Sanders, A. A.    1905-1938

Sanders, Kenneth    1929-1931

Ballard, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ballard    03/22/1934 (only dates)

Ballard, Clyde Dewell    07/05/1906-01/17/1971

Peeler, Charles    12/05/1918-12/05/1993    PFC US Army World War II

Peeler, James M.    04/29/1912-08/14/1993

Peeler, W. A.    10/18/1875-07/06/1933    married 08/18/1907
    Peeler, Lou E.    04/18/1887-02/29/1952

McPherson, Eugene M.    11/13/1920-09/24/2009    US Navy    Married 05/10/1947
    McPherson, Katie Elizabeth    08/20/1922-11/16/2009

McPherson, Ora Lee    08/30/1896-02/05/1935    married 07/18/1919
    McPherson, Sam    01/08/1893-02/12/1984    Pvt US Army World War I

McPherson, Baby    1895-1895

McPherson, Grand    1853-1898

McPherson, Hariet    1866-1931         [obituary indicates she died 4/11/1931] 1

McPherson, Martha Bell    02/19/1902-02/06/1973    married 12/24/1918
    McPherson, James Wesley    08/17/1897-06/07/1984

Fullington, John William    09/08/1913-04/09/1998    CM1 US Navy World War II    married 02/23/1942 1
    Fullington,  Zona A.    02/02/1920-11/23/2003    parents of Mae, John, Andrew; grandparents of Anna, Jenny, Jacob

Fullington, And    (no other info)

Fullington    (no other info)

Johnston, Jenny    (no other info)

Johnston, Danny    (no other info)

Collins, Roy E.    (no other info)

Collins, William    1872-1942

Collins, Martha    1844-1909

Collins, Infant daughter of A. A. and Francis    09/24/1908-09/24/1908

Downs, Mae J.    (no other info)

Fullington    (no other info)

Brewer, Anna    (no other info)

Brewer, Melvin    (no other info)

Brewer, L.    (no other info)

Brewer    (no other info)

Hollingsworth, James W.    03/25/1827 aged 34 years 5 months;    born in Greenville, South Carolina

Ellis, L. M.    03/18/1903-05/21/1990

Scott, Hattie A.    10/11/1890-10/21/1918
    Scott, Aline M.    02/19/1914-10/27/1918    double stone

Fletcher, David    1914-1914

Price, Annie    1885-1910

Price, Baby    1910-1910

Foster, Jess    1826-1911

Wright, Sarah    1856-1939

Willis, Eli T.    (no other info)

Willis, Jewel    (no other info)

Ellis, Gearldine    1920-1922

Ellis, James A.    1898-1925    [obituary indicates 07/14/1898-06/15/1925]    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP
    Ellis, Ida Willis    (her name on double stone with James is shown as Ida Ellis Willis)    1901-1976    [her obituary indicates she died 1/23/1976]    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP

Stimpson, “Tincy” Fannie Marie Ellis    01/19/1926-11/25/1981

Killian, David W.    05/02/1958-04/22/1986

Willis, Jackie Don "Captain Jack"    01/29/1938-07/11/1986    SP5 US Army Vietnam    married 04/19/1963
    Willis, Velma Sue    [no date of death shown]

Willis, Fannie    1862-1938    [obituary indicates 04/06/1938]    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP


Willis, Jim C.    (no other info)    [obituary indicates 05/19/1935]    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP

Willis, Fronie    (no other info)

Willis, Baby    (no other info)

Willis, Jim, Jr.    (no other info)

Owens, Peary    1823-1881

Ballard, Laura    1887-1887

Ballard, John H.    01/04/1895-11/06/1918    US Army

Ballard, Add J.    12/07/1860-01/29/1946
    Ballard, Sarah    03/18/1861-04/06/1956

Peeler, Jessie Richard    date is hard to read—it looks like 10/15/1879-08/28/1961    [obituary indicates 8/28/1962]    Obituary | Rootsweb WCP

Morrison, Shirley A. McMahon    02/27/1935-04/29/1987

McAllister, Phillip    (no other info)

Ragan, Foy    03/18/1925-12/15/1988

Ragan, Ross    08/14/1914-05/22/1984

Boyce, Aleen Saunders    02/27/1899-10/16/1990

Boyce, R. N. “Skipper”    10/25/1889-05/30/1964

Morrison, Charles    12/19/1932-10/13/1997

Nelson, Betty Boyce    06/27/1923-02/26/2006   married 1/1/1965
    Nelson, Herman F.    12/01/1920-05/25/2008

These two were originally posted as having been buried at this cemetery, but I did not see them:

Malloy, Billy Joe    08/18/1963 (10 days old)

Otzenberger, James M., Jr.    09/01/1948-06/16/1971

From obituaries:

Gentry, Bonnie Juanita Ballard    02/22/1925-03/09/2013    Rootsweb WCP

Hockersmith, Aggie Blanche Moore    12/08/1913-07/15/2010 1

Malloy, Mickey    02/09/1953-05/29/2014

McPherson, Raymond Arnel    01/28/1923-11/30/2011 1

Peeler, Duel    06/14/1927-02/29/2016

Witham, Curtis    05/02/1930-07/30/2010 1

1  I have the obituary for this person and am willing to share. Please send me an email to request and show McPherson (Salt Creek Road) Cemetery Obituary Request in the subject line and copy and paste the entire line showing the name and dates in your e-mail.