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Smith-Rosemont Cemetery
also known as New Rosemont Cemetery
1010 Military Road
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

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Smith-rosemont cemetery sign

Photographed and transcribed by Patti Vance Hays January - February 2008 unless otherwise annotated.

The transcription of this cemetery is "under construction" as I am not certain where the various sections begin and end. The transcription is complete as of February 2008.

New Rosemont Cemetery is located at 1010 Military Road, Benton, Arkansas, and is located adjacent to "Old Rosemont" Cemetery.  They can both be entered by the same road, but "New Rosemont" is located to the right of "Old Rosemont." Smith-Rosemont Cemetery is owned by Smith Funeral Homes.

Notations entered in brackets [] are my own notes and not on the marker itself.  If it is a "double marker," the names are listed together.  I am not showing dates of birth when there is no date of death known unless the date of birth is 1920 or earlier or I know the person is still living.  Please let me know if I have a date of birth listed for a living person that you would like removed from the website.  Also, please let me know if you find any errors.  I have tried my best to type accurately, but errors could be found.  Dates are written in month, day, year format.

I have photographs of most the stones.  Many of the markers' photographs may be found on  If you are related and would like an unreduced marker photograph, please email me, and I can email you the photograph.  Please put in the subject line:  New Rosemont Cemetery photograph.

Please click on the , icon for a personal photograph. You may use the photographs for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on Found Leaves and Branches:

If you use any of the photographs (and I will be adding more), I would love to hear from you. Let Patti know, and I will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your family tree. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: New Rosemont Cemetery family tree

The link to Rootsweb WCP is the link to my Rootsweb World Connect Project site.  [The fact they are listed on my "family tree" does not necessarily mean they are related to me.] If you should find an error on this page or my Rootsweb WCP or a link does not work, please email me as soon as possible.

There are numerous stones that do not have dates of death that may be buried here.  I am going to attempt to find out if any of them are, in fact, buried in New Rosemont and will annotate them as I learn.

Also, occasionally the listings are not in order.  I am also in the process of verifying which section is which.

These are burials that were made since photographing the cemetery or obituary indicates the desceased rests in Smith-Rosemont, and I did not see a marker.  The information comes from obituaries:

Adair, Ida K.    age 94-12/08/1974    [Burial based on obituary. It states she was buried in Rosemont Cemetery and am assuming New Rosemont Cemetery as her daughter, Joe Renee Kennemur is buried here.] 1

Adams, Doris W. "Bud"    05/22/1923-03/20/2014

Adams, Sadie Pauline Hunter    12/01/1925-07/11/2013

Babbitt, George Venson    03/17/1945-04/25/2012

Babbitt, Paul Thomas    08/06/1934-11/02/2014

Bailey, E. C.    03/04/1944-01/30/2017

Bailey,  Joan F.    04/20/1953-01/19/2015

Bailey, Stinson C.    07/23/1941-02/22/2016

Barnett, Christy Carol Hendrix    08/19/1967-05/30/2015

Barnett, Frances Burchfield    09/03/1952-09/05/2015

Bates, Shirley Darlene Golleher    11/05/1950-01/12/2015

Beaty, Danny    12/21/1955-11/17/2012

Beaty, Harlan Curtis    01/17/1954-02/02/2010

Bell, Martha Steele    04/08/1935-07/25/2009

Bridges, Arlene Maria    03/21/1958-05/10/2014

Buck, Joe Pat    08/23/1946-04/03/2014    [burial per daughter-in-law]

Burroughs, Linda Sue    09/04/1947-03/28/1999    (from Sentinel-Record obituary)

Calvert, Dick    08/21/1945-06/01/2012 1

Campbell, Dennis B. "Danny"    11/22/1944-09/09/2017

Capps, Nancy James    06/24/1957-05/10/2015

Carter, Joyce Juanita Dunn    04/14/1924-05/13/2010

Channon, Richard Ashton    12/08/1945-01/13/2016

Cobb, James E. "Bo"    10/17/1924-11/20/2011 1

Coleman, Carolyn Frances Bright    04/03/1940-05/14/2017

Cook, Christine Vaughan Luzader    08/24/1916-07/21/2008

Davenport, Ramona Lois Moore    08/31/1952-01/29/2013

Davidson, Billie Marlene Wilbur    07/04/1951-08/29/2011

Dorsey, Lawrence Edward, Jr.    03/30/1944-02/21/2015

Dozier, Sherry Lyn Cady    01/03/1960-11/02/2017

Eberhard, Jewel Parker    12/03/1921-04/10/2015

Edmonson, Earl "Sonny"    03/23/1931-02/02/2012 1

English, James T. "Tad"    03/09/1948-06/06/2015

Eubanks, Roger Allen    06/02/1956-10/03/2009

Evans, James C.    08/22/1931-07/14/2012 1

Fleming, Herbert Carl "Chief"    04/29/1928-04/28/2016

Flores, Makenzie Kaylee    10/02/2002-06/09/2012 1

Fox, Margaret Fay Boyd    02/25/1932-03/26/2014

Harrell, John Russell    11/07/1923-09/22/2011 1

Harris, Reedy Edward    02/12/1912-10/25/2012

Henthorne, Daniel    10/10/1941-03/11/2015

Henthorne, Robert Darren    03/22/1967-04/12/2016

Hill, Casey Daryl    03/07/1986-06/21/2013

Hines, Mary Mansfield    01/19/1926-11/05/2016

Hughes, Michele Denise    10/15/1962-12/29/2010 1

Hulsey, Ronald Louis    09/26/1951-06/28/2014

Johnston, Kevin Wayne    12/23/1961-11/14/2015

Kidd, Terry    02/22/1945-04/17/2016

King, Merle Jean Kirkpatrick Prichard    08/06/1924-10/11/2016

Lovell, Mary L.    09/16/1942-02/13/2005

Mansker, Bernice V.    age 75-08/08/1998 1

Matte, Joan Louise Silvestri    09/19/1945-09/08/2015

McCallister, Rodger DeWayne    08/15/1941-05/04/2012 1

Miller, Gerald Everett    05/22/1928-04/29/2016

Miller, Jerry Lee    02/24/1940-06/07/2015

Mitchell, Joe W.    10/15/1908-05/01/2014

Moore, Jimmy Dale    06/04/1932-07/10/2012 1

Nickels, Daniel    08/01/1926-01/11/2014

Nix, Oma E. McAdams    12/01/1925-06/05/2012 1

Oxenrider, Roy D.    01/25/1932-12/15/2013

Oxenrider, Tami Dee    12/14/1964-09/16/2017

Richards, Joe Lee, Sr.    05/15/1935-06/13/2013   

Rickard, Madean Daugherty    10/01/1934-06/13/2013

Ruff, John Hunter    10/19/1980-11/15/2013

Ruffin, Lester Riley    10/06/1936-02/21/2012 1

Scallion, John Robert    04/08/1932-07/25/2013

Shelnut, Helen Marie Warford    04/29/1929-06/03/2012

Shelnut, Wayne W.    09/12/1928-04/02/2013 1

Shelnutt, Rheba Lee Pool    08/18/1922-12/11/2016

Shelton, Noel    10/11/1936-03/19/2014

Sides, William Fredrick    08/25/1937-01/15/2013

Sims, Joe Donald    01/15/1930-12/03/2015

Sluder, Joyce Chambers    12/22/1953-01/08/2013

Smart, Carolyn Bullock    11/05/1939-11/12/2016

Smith, Jerry McKinney    01/12/1935-12/04/2010 1

Smith, Ronald "Smut"    05/20/1946-04/01/2014

Smithson, Jack Ashley, Sr.    10/18/1923-03/26/2017    [from obituary]

Smithson, Juanita Waleszonia    08/25/1929-06/16/2016    [from obituary]

Standridge, Harold Lloyd    06/20/1932-01/18/2016

Tyler, William Earl "Bill"    10/01/1931-02/01/2015

Ulmer, Freddie Ronald "Ron"    03/24/1940-03/23/2017    [from obituary]

Vaughn, Lena I. McClain Wells    08/15/1922-08/08/2014

Westerman, Sherry Nell Taylor    09/11/1943-01/06/2012 1

Whatley, Inez F. Petty    10/15/1930-09/13/2014

White, Tommie Neil    01/28/1933-07/22/2016

Williams, Joe M. "Bob"    01/15/1951-04/26/2014

Willis, Orbra Joe    07/15/1936-12/03/2016

Wilson, Arthur Lafayette    07/06/1932-03/27/2016

Wilson, Debbie Lynn House    12/23/1953-09/24/2011 1

Wilson, James Oliver    06/02/1949-08/26/2015

Withem, Mary Frances Crawford    05/04/1916-10/12/2001 1

Garden of Apostles (Section 1) -- beginning on the southern part heading north (begins on the right after entering main road)
Rows 1-10 reread 27 May 2017

Row 1

Coppock, Gyle W.   04/06/1924-08/16/1996   Cpl US Army Korea
   Coppock, Bernice   11/03/1926-07/27/1996

Turner, Mary Lee   [no date of death shown]

Helton, Vergil Alvin   10/30/1922-03/02/1992   Tec 5 US Army
    Helton, Lola M.   10/08/1917-12/13/2008

Allison, Sharon Kay    [no date of death shown]

Ashcraft, Elmer Leslie   1903-1971    Rootsweb WCP
    Ashcraft, Ruby Jones   1900-1973    Rootsweb WCP

Todd, Dewey C., Sr.   07/20/1922-10/29/2004   S Sgt US Army World War II
    Todd, Lucille L.   07/27/1926-02/18/2010

Tillman, John T.   __-08/19/1970   [SSDI shows dob as 12/10/1892]
    Tillman, Rebecca   1898-1972

Teague, Price   1921-2005
    Teague, Mary C.   1925-1990

Teague, Judy Ann   [no date of death shown]

Sutton, James O.   [no date of death shown]
    Sutton, Barbara J.   [no date of death shown]

Treece, Joe H.   04/05/1934-10/05/1976

Treece, Eunice Edna   11/06/1915-01/14/2000

Bray, Boyd H.   07/11/1910-10/07/1990   married 12/19/1933 1
    Bray, Bennie M.   04/25/1916-11/09/1998

Dawson, Edward   02/15/1887-11/26/1970   Tennessee Pvt Evac Hosp 3 World War I

Dawson, Margie Ada   10/09/1900-05/01/1995

Rutledge, Lloyd S.   1896-1976
    Rutledge, Helen   1889-1965

Beatty, Dakota S.   03/08/1898-10/17/1980

Armstrong, Helen M. Dobbs   11/04/1920-11/26/1979   Sgt US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP    ,

Frady, Johnnie Mae   02/12/1924-03/01/1966

Floyd, Donald E.   05/25/1923-02/08/1968   Arkansas PFC US Army World War II 1

Floyd, Radie Ann    12/02/1924-06/26/2009

Montgomery, Rev. W. D.   1888-1981
    Montgomery, Emma M.   1893-1973

Moore, Robert Kennon   04/05/1907-01/21/1995
    Moore, Addie Mae   06/02/1907-01/28/1994

Herzfeld, Sandra Kay   [no date of death shown]
    Herzfeld, Robert Leo, Sr.   08/28/1944-10/14/2004

Northum, James H.   12/24/1909-11/06/1970
    Northum, Irene G.   01/05/1912-04/21/2002

McClure, Nelson Lee    02/04/1924-04/16/2013    married 12/21/1946
    McClure, Vernice (Necie)    [no date of death shown]

Staggs, Charlie M.   09/25/1907-04/26/1978
    Staggs, Dorothy A.   09/27/1909-12/03/1983

Staggs, Charles L.   04/02/1935-02/26/1997
    Joyce C.    [no date of death shown]

Camp, Nova Neal   04/08/1906-09/21/1975   Pvt Army Air Forces World War II

Watts, Nina Collene   07/09/1968-02/02/1970

Watts, Ronald Hugh   08/12/1941-05/11/1991

Watts, Hugh E.   1918-1981
    Watts, Violet W.   1921-1995

Johnson, Barbara G.   04/12/1944-05/01/1975

Mills, Van    05/06/1916-05/06/2008
    Mills, Omega    12/12/1915-06/23/2007

Porter, Gary D.   02/04/1948-11/18/1967    Rootsweb WCP 1

Porter, Charles Clyde   12/11/1916-06/01/1994    Rootsweb WCP
    Porter, Nona Thomas   08/25/1915-08/31/1996    Rootsweb WCP 1

Higdon, John Bennett   12/19/1898-01/28/1969
    Higdon, Veda Thomas   09/10/1920-10/05/1961

Weaver, Angie H.   12/12/1894-08/13/1976

Green, Martha Josephine    02/22/1925-07/06/2010
    Green, Leonard Gerald    09/06/1916-10/10/2009    PFC US Marine Corps World War II

Ross, Grady B.   1910-1968
    Ross, Ora P.   1912-1979

Cochran, Carl   09/19/1914-03/05/1979

Cochran, William R.   06/12/1940-03/22/1986   SFC US Army

Row 2

Stricklin, Elmer Leon   05/10/1929-06/28/1980

Magby, Clayton C.   03/22/1931-06/01/2013    [dates from obituary] 1
    Magby, Pauline   [no date of death shown]

Keisler, Bobby Gene   07/08/1934-11/12/1996   US Army
    Keisler, Barbara N.   [no date of death shown]

Southworth, Millard "Shorty"   12/21/1928-06/21/1986

Southworth, Mildred   12/21/1928-03/13/1984

Johnson, Byrd M.   07/22/1898-04/06/1974

Dontenville, Lawrence Charles, Jr.   06/10/1936-10/20/2006   US Army Korea
    Dontenville, Virginia Gail Burks   [no date of death shown]   mother of Sean and Christian Dyer

Burks, Helen   1922-2003    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Burks, Virgil   1923-1992    Rootsweb WCP 1

Whiteside, Mack E.   1951-1975

Kitchens, Grady E.   12/27/1919-04/19/1997   Tec 5 US Army World War II
    Kitchens, Margie M.   09/16/1919-04/22/2006

Moxon, Gilbert (Monk)   1906-1984
    Moxon, Mattie Mae   1903-1987

Sharp, Patricia A.   [no date of death shown]
    Sharp, E. W. "Dub"   07/29/1932-05/24/2004   [Ernest W per SSDI] 

Sharp, Claud   1912-1995
    Sharp, Marjoria B.   1913-1980

Morton, Verla Belle Chenault   08/28/1939-10/06/1993 

Henry, James S.   1890-1979
    Henry, Wadie H.   1892-1980

Hill, Ralph E.   07/18/1922-08/25/1995   Cpl US Army World War II
    Hill, Mildred Lee   02/24/1922-03/23/1990   PFC US Army World War II

Hill, Elvin O.    07/31/1954-08/05/2012 1

Ray, Alvin D.   07/03/1970-07/03/1970
    Ray, Julie K.   07/03/1970-07/04/1970

Yates, Jesse   09/22/1892-08/03/1957

McClain, Ruth Meta Yates   07/29/1900-08/19/1991

McClain, David   08/29/1918-01/28/2002   US Army

Montgomery, James H.   12/21/1910-09/19/1969   Arkansas S Sgt 1861 Svc Comd Unit World War II
    Montgomery, Annaleise K.   08/03/1914-01/18/1987

Holt, Patsy Ruth    02/26/1941-01/05/2010

Garrett, Virgil W.   1920-1983   Cpl US Army World War II

Boen, Delbert L.   09/06/1921-11/02/1987   S Sgt US Army World War II

Boen, Emogene M.   06/28/1924-08/30/1962

Sweeten, William L.   1886-1972
    Sweeten, May   1899-1996

Sweeten, William L.   1886-1972
    Sweeten, May   1899-1996

Green, Alva A.   08/09/1909-08/12/1995

Green, Lona Gene   01/09/1916-04/10/1996

Pearson, Lona M.   01/19/1894-12/02/1973

Miller, Alpha   02/22/1892-12/15/1972

Cook, Dempsey C.   12/02/1897-03/21/1975
    Cook, Anna Lois   07/03/1901-03/20/1986

Lewellen, John W.   01/14/1887-10/28/1964

Lewellen, Mable Henry   04/21/1890-01/15/1980

Williams, William C.   12/06/1897-01/08/1996   married 04/22/1931
    Williams, Nettie L.   05/26/1904-05/09/2002

Baldwin, William Dewey   11/23/1898-03/14/1971
    Baldwin, Stella Mae   08/25/1903-04/13/1983

Wolf, Woodrow W.   04/30/1917-07/16/1958   Arkansas GM3 USNR World War II

Simons, Marie Wolf    01/13/1921-11/24/2012    Loving Mother of Bonnie Wolf and Larry Wolf

Simons, F. Gerald    01/26/1918-10/21/1997    Beloved Papa of Melissa Rebecca Laura

Barnette, Walker E.   1916-1997
    Barnette, Eppie Dean   1921-03/17/2017    [dod from obituary]

McGrew, Rosa Nell   1883-1958

Shell, Dewayne   12/30/1944-04/26/1965

Shell, Thomas E.   06/08/1918-07/17/2008    [from obituary] 2
    Shell, Vera Lee   10/19/1923-2000

Hines, Clarence   1921-2014   Rootsweb WCP
    Hines, Virginia    1923-2006    Rootsweb WCP

Rasberry, Betty J.    [no date of death shown]    Married 05/11/1961
    Rasberry, Rex C.    09/24/1939-05/31/2013    Parents of Tim, Karen, April    US Army  1

Allen, John W.   1890-1958
    Allen, Carrie L.   1893-1983

King, Austin Doyle   09/02/1932-02/03/1991  Pvt US Army Korea

Hicks, David Richard   03/05/1915-02/10/1968   Arkansas PFC Co D 320 Inf Regt 35 Div World War II Purple Heart    Rootsweb WCP 1

Hediger, Nancy Louise Hicks   12/01/1924-11/28/1992    Rootsweb WCP 1

Byrd, Ashley H.   1891-1978
    Byrd, Anna Mae   1892-1972

Howard, Raymond W.   02/12/1927-06/22/1986

Howard, John Lee   01/10/1921-02/04/1975

Holcombe, Jimmy Howard    10/03/1981-04/18/2009 

Croxton, Opal Howard   09/28/1902-01/16/1988

Childress, Warren    06/30/1918-10/15/2007

Pritchard, Aubry Niccole    01/11/2009    daughter of David and Amy Pritchard    [not there 27 May 2017]

Childress, Gladys J.    10/20/1921-10/29/1988

McFalls, Thomas D.   09/25/1940-08/17/1987

McFalls, Patricia Annette    09/10/1957-09/30/2010
    McFalls, Billy Wayne    [no date of death shown]

Row 3

Shelton, Robert E.   [no date of death shown]

Shelton, Lucy P.   03/04/1929-10/11/2005

Shelton, Coy L.   11/16/1920-02/12/1993   US Army US Navy

Shelton, Nora E.   09/12/1894-09/17/1974

Hames, Orvis H.   1928-1988
    Hames, Sammie Sue   [no date of death shown]

Harris, Odell S.   1911-1984

Harris, Ann M.   1917-1997

Keathley, Troy Amos   11/02/1893-07/05/1963   Arkansas CM3 US Navy World War I
    Keathley, Irene S   06/26/1906-01/06/1973

Hutchison, Jerdon M.   10/12/1912-05/10/1978   married 11/18/1933
    Hutchison, Bernice E   05/08/1917-12/03/1977

Henson, Michele D. "Mikki"    10/15/1962-12/29/2010    [closeup]
    Henson, James H.    12/25/1936-01/30/2017
    Henson, Norma    [no date of death shown

Yarbrough, Harvey L.   09/25/1916   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows dod as 01/1985 but cannot be sure he is buried here]
    Yarbrough, Inez E.   02/11/1912-08/14/1981

Johnson, Donnie Ray    05/24/1953-07/01/2016

Blackburn, Brenda Paulene Johnson   09/29/1954-12/15/1996

Blackburn, Robert Walter "Robbie"   11/02/1975-02/17/1992   beloved grandson of Jerry and Frances Johnson

Johnson, Jerry W.    11/03/1934-01/28/2013    Married 08/02/1952
    Johnson, Frances Joann    [no date of death shown]    Parents of Donald, Brenda, Barbara, Jerry Lynn

Thornberry, Joe   1895-1973
    Thornberry, Ida   1901-1999

Beaty, Daniel W.   1927-1992
    Beaty, Hazel L.   1931-2002

McCrory, Ruth   09/02/1900-05/04/1989

Ashcraft, Edgar E.   03/19/1905-01/09/2000
    Ashcraft, Gladys J.   07/19/1910-01/04/1974

Ashcraft, Arthur E.   06/15/1930-02/01/1985   US Air Force Korea

Conway, Willis Thomas   1896-1981   Sgt US Marine Corps World War I   [one stone shows 1896-the military stone shows 1891]
    Conway, Helen G.   1900-1975

Hill, William R.   04/07/1927-06/05/1990   EM3 US Navy World War II

Brummett, Henry B.   1900-1976
    Brummett, Nancy E.   1909-1997

Poston, Melvin Ralph   07/24/1932-05/24/1975   US Army Korea

Roberson, Alonzo B.   1884-1965
    Roberson, Margaret C.   1895-1971

Foddrill, Earl   [no dates shown] 1
    Foddrill, Ann   1895-1976 1

Phillips, Edward   08/10/1885-11/01/1964

Pennington, Bill    02/15/1938-06/10/2012

Burnett, Billy D.   11/17/1934-08/28/1996   SP4 US Army
    Burnett, Linda M.   1938-1998

Doggett, Onice Lee   05/29/1919-11/03/1983   F1 US Navy World War II
    Doggett, Arvilla Jozelle   04/10/1917-07/14/1986

Doggett, Garrell "Gary"   02/26/1941-11/10/1978

Hale, William F.  1922-1991 1
    Hale, Delcia M.   1914-1987

McGrew, Lemuel P.   1906   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows 08/03/1906-12/12/1995 but cannot be certain he is buried here]
    McGrew, Angie Lena   1906-2002

Roberts, Wilton R.   08/25/1912-02/29/1976
    Roberts, Nell L.   08/29/1919-05/12/1996

Gadberry, Nancy Roberts   06/22/1938-11/16/1981

Wells, Jodie   01/23/1897-05/20/1959   Arkansas Pvt 3 Bn Repl Tng Cen World War I
    Wells, Birdie Moore   10/31/1904-02/12/2001
        parents of Edward, Christine, Joann and Tommy

Lewallen, Comer E.   09/04/1896-07/03/1962

Lewallen, Dove E.   05/15/1899-02/23/1986

Bruce, Floyd Charles   04/07/1906-05/09/1970

Bruce, Betty Miller   02/22/1909-02/21/1998

Blohm, Willie Marie Moore   [no dates]    [Marker shows Willie Marie Moore - previously had name of Blohm]

Bruce, Bettie C.   07/23/1871-02/28/1965

Grimmett, Horace Jewell   1891-1957
    Grimmett, Esther M.   1894-1981

Grimmett, Lois Georgia   1916-1996

Sutton, Doise O.   1920-01/20/2017   Sgt World War II USAF    [dod from obituary] 1
    Sutton, Martha "Polly"   1920-1996

Sutton, Glenn Edwin   1946-1970 1

Hunter, G. Oscar   09/19/1893-12/13/1969
    Hunter, Cora B.   08/09/1897-10/09/1988

Chenault, Lewis Allen   08/28/1903-11/11/1972
    Chenault, Marie   03/11/1917   [no date of death shown]

Green, Minnie   07/25/1881-12/31/1972

Brinkley, Leonard L.   10/17/1914-11/04/2001   married 01/08/1939
    Brinkley, Ethel Grace   06/02/1918-10/14/2014

Womack, Lee Roy H.   1914-1992
    Womack, Syble   1919   [no date of death shown]

Julian, Vincent M.   1891-1983   Co L 30 Inf Ord Div World War I
    Julian, Clara V.   1898-1966

Atkins, Roy   1923-2008    [Ashby FHM shows Roy Ned Atkins)
    Atkins, Bessie M.   1927-2006

King, Darrell Tracy   10/06/1963-01/07/1984

King, Douglas Wayne   12/27/1957-01/01/1989

Abbott, A. G.   01/11/1926-12/14/1968
    Abbott, Murl D.   07/11/1930-11/14/1997

Wright, John R.   [no date of death shown]
    Wright, Betty A.   1938-1981

Bullock, Beacher B.   07/23/1906-06/09/1997   F1 US Navy World War II
    Bullock, Evelyn   1913-02/27/2010    [dod from obituary] 2

Smart, James R. "Jim"   1937-1978

FHM with name missing

Kent, Monroe   1894-1969
    Kent, Lester O.   1902   [no date of death but SSDI shows 12/31/1902-05/1978--cannot be sure he is buried here]

Southard, Allie O.   09/18/1902-11/17/1983
    Southard, Thelma E.   07/13/1905-09/18/1989

Southard, Gerald F.   [no date of death shown]
    Southard, Patricia L.   [no date of death shown]

Row 4

Capps, P. A.   01/01/1917-04/13/1994  1
    Capps, Jessie   03/16/1922-11/23/2009

Bergner, Carolyn   03/14/1935-09/09/1944 

Word, Edwin Eugene   [no date of death shown]   married 12/29/1962
    Word, Ernestine S. "Tina"   07/25/1943-05/17/1990

Strickland, Ernest E.   08/26/1895-12/04/1984   SEA1 US Navy World War I
    Strickland, Lucille   1917-1985

Sherrill, William Joseph, Jr.   11/07/1926-12/17/1997   US Navy World War II
    Sherrill, B. Maxine   1930-2012  1

Thompson, James R.   [no date of death shown]
    Thompson, Vera   [no date of death shown]

Blackburn, Robert    11/08/1949-09/24/2008  1

Doss, Alvin E.   09/08/1910-06/12/1996   married 09/08/1928
    Doss, Zella M.   01/26/1910-12/09/2001

Boyd, Delores May   05/20/1940-09/21/1979

Huey, Earl E.   02/04/1914-03/17/2004   married 05/30/1936
    Huey, Geneva   10/13/1913-03/14/2008

Combs, Henry A. "Hank"   11/23/1913-10/12/1991

Combs, Emogene "Jean"   04/20/1923-07/14/1999

Caldwell, Headlee C.   1920   [no date of death shown]
    Caldwell, Wilma J.   1924-2007 

Golden, Oscar N.   12/27/1929-06/22/2014    US Army
    Golden, Betty R.   [no date of death shown]

Rowan, Barbara Ann   11/27/1943-06/06/2007  1

Brown, David James   -04/07/1968

Alexander, Will   1887-1978
    Alexander, Nellie M.   1913-1999

Lovell, Clifton   1915-1992
    Lovell, Jannette   1917-06/12/2013    [dod from obituary]

Lovell, Flora E.   09/26/1894-01/04/1979

Glosson, Earl B.   1913-1994
    Glosson, Myrle M.   1917-2003

Stuckey, Norma J.   1940-1975

Burks, Willis   11/20/1923-03/01/2003   US Navy World War II
    Burks, Lola   11/09/1922-10/25/1996

McCormack, Hubert O.   08/05/1926-04/04/2005   World War II Korea   married 06/22/1951
    McCormack, Lorene   [no date of death shown]   parents of Curtis and Eddie

Grace, John C.   1913-1963
    Grace, Velda O.   1911-1994

Stroup, David Henry   03/19/1946-11/08/1988   US Army Vietnam
    Stroup, Ollie   1916-2009

Standridge, Bessie   1909-1998
    Standridge, Dessie   1909-1998

Posey, John W.   10/28/1929-02/06/1963

Arrowood, Elaine Mills   02/08/1948-04/29/1973

Kates, Edith M.  01/03/1919-12/20/1967 

Arrowood, Albert L.   01/31/1913-06/01/2000
    Arrowood, Viona   10/14/1918-02/16/1998  1

Thomas, Donna Jean    06/21/1944-04/30/2014    Daughter of Albert and Viona

Arrowood, Michael DeWayne, Jr.   10/10/1983-10/10/2001

Bumgardner, Maxie R.   1937-2004
    Bumgardner, Ruby J.   1939-1990

Cook, Nola J.   01/27/1928-07/11/1986

Bobbitt, Florence L.   03/05/1888-06/12/1963

Swint, William W.   06/29/1900-04/01/1968
    Swint, Beulah M.   11/03/1899-05/09/1986

Lambert, Dewel Morris   02/03/1923-06/07/1990   S2 US Navy World War II   married 10/09/1944
    Lambert, Melva V.   01/07/1927   04/08/1998

Hunter, Glen C.   10/02/1918-08/27/2009    US Army World War II
    Hunter, Lafern   1920-2012 1

McDonald, J. B.   1925-2002
    McDonald, Jeanette   1923-07/15/2015    [date of death from obituary]

Northern, Winfred Austin   09/26/1925-05/20/1994   US Navy   married 03/30/1951
    Northern, Gladys Martin    04/01/1925-10/13/2008  1

Tully, John T.   1908-1985
    Tully, Annie L.   1913-2002

Kent, Daniel W.   1900-1975 

McClure, Paul Stephen   10/05/1918-04/19/2001   S Sgt US Army World War II Purple Heart
    McClure, Ruby   1920-2002

Davenport, James E.    04/27/1925-10/20/2012 1
    Davenport, Ethel O.    12/24/1922-07/10/2016

Hathcote, Herman   02/18/1903-11/06/1982
    Hathcote, Laverne   11/28/1916-12/08/1989 1

Johnson, Harold L.   1911-2000
    Johnson, Elsie Cabe   1913   [no date of death shown but SSDI show 12/19/1913-10/09/1993--cannot be sure she is buried here] 

Burrow, James F.   02/01/1950-05/17/1981
    Burrow, Vanessia L.   [no date of death shown] 

Row 5

Bergner, Eddie S.  1911-1989
    Bergner, Lucille T.   1914-1999

Offield, John R.   [no date of death shown]
    Offield, Lela   1949-2006   [SSDI shows 07/11/1949-01/19/2006]

Dickinson, Herman A.   1904-1979
    Dickinson, Esther L.   1910-1991

Elrod, Nancy B.   06/28/1921-04/07/1977

Clark, J. W.   1889-1976
    Clark, Annie   1892-1976

Burbank, Georgia M.   1894-1978

Gambill, Osa Leo   1930-2007
    Gambill, Linda D.   [no date of death shown]

Grant, Herman   1927-2008
    Grant, Georgia "Jean"   1924-2004

Weems, Rachel Thornberry    04/22/1922-05/09/2013 1

Taylor, Henry J.   04/08/1915-10/09/1991
    Taylor, Pearl D.   05/15/1918-11/23/1986

Hardin, Jimmy L.   1943-1992
    Hardin, Arbelle   [no date of death shown]

Hughes, Alisha Ann   -09/10/1989

Ragan, Donny Joe   06/29/1953-06/30/1953

Ragan, Simon Lee   1912-1998
    Ragan, Cordelia   1921-2012 1

Berg, George Carl   09/15/1924-11/20/2001   US Merchant Marine World War II

Berg, Annie May   05/04/1894-11/23/1980

Hogue, Odis J.   06/04/1921-06/12/2007   Rootsweb WCP  1
    Hogue, Dorothy G.   10/28/1923-06/01/2012    Rootsweb WCP  1

Bowen, No Name    09/03/1915-02/23/1981   [SSDI indicates it is Wilma Bowen]  1
    Bowen, Robert L., Jr.   04/14/1958-11/30/1977  1

Keene, Andrew H.   01/08/1920-05/14/1968   Arkansas SP1 US Navy World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Keene, E. Evelyn    1922-2016

Ragan, Roy E.   06/17/1923-03/07/2011    [dates from obituary]    [Ashby FHM shows Ragan, Roy Elmer 1923 - 2011]  1 2
    Ragan, Kathleen C.   -2001

Doggett, Garrell W., II    07/09/1964-02/01/2009 1

Ragan, Roy "Randy"    10/29/1952-03/23/2002
    Ragan, Paula Hyatt    [no date of death shown]

Brown, Charles William "Bill"   12/29/1920-03/18/2008   [dates from obituary]    [No name at all on marker for Charles with V. LaVerne 16 February 2012; earlier there was a FHM]
    Brown, V. LaVerne   09/13/1922-11/29/1998

Brown, Norma Jean   03/01/1952-07/15/1969

Trichell, Cora Blaylock   04/02/1912-07/08/2011   [dod from obituary] 2

Leech, Gene Edward   03/08/1934-04/22/2004   SP3 US Army    Rootsweb WCP
    Leech, Mary Jo   [no date of death shown]

Kates, Joseph Cecil, Sr.    07/28/1917-12/18/2006    Cpl US Army Air Forces World War II; Flying Tigers

House, William "Nate"   01/04/1970-01/05/1970

Erwin, James Howard   08/17/1890-05/08/1966
    Erwin, Ira McShan   08/10/1886-12/07/1977

Collatt, Mary Lucy Erwin   01/11/1920-02/01/1995

Wills, Paul L.   [no date of death shown]
    Wills, Patsy J.   [no date of death shown]

Kuehn, August P.   06/02/1890-10/11/1966

Chance, George Diel, Jr.   09/28/1907-02/23/1964

O'Kelley, John Clifford   01/01/1912-04/23/1973
    O'Kelley, V. Elizabeth Highfill   10/02/1914-02/20/1997

Highfill, Lawrence Claire   12/19/1917-04/12/1986

Hall, Haywood G., Jr.   02/03/1915-08/09/1991 1
    Hall, L. Marie McCright   02/14/1920-03/04/2015    [dod from obituary]

Harrison, Gerald Lee   04/08/1945-03/09/1997   Sgt US Air Force Vietnam

Nicklaus, Doyle L.   1915-1965
    Nicklaus, Ruby L.   [no date of death shown]

Nicklaus, Thomas Kevin   02/17/1957-03/09/1971

Rayburn, J. N. "Buck"   1924-2003
    Rayburn, Onita   [no date of death shown]

Rayburn, Jerry    1944-2010
    Fralick, Keith    1931-2010


Wright, A E "Gene"   1925-2011 1
    Wright, Alice Louise   [no date of death shown]

Reynolds, James W.   04/06/1904-10/01/1970

Wright, Tom T.   1890-1983    Rootsweb WCP
    Wright, Oscola M.   1902-1987    Rootsweb WCP

Cabe, Robert Lee   06/24/1918-09/17/1983   Sgt US Army World War II

McGarrah, James H.   1918-1992
    McGarrah, Margie L.   1923-1994

Sheridan, John D.   03/06/1913-12/12/1997
    Sheridan, Lucille H.   03/13/1918-07/29/1996

Sheridan, Keith Alan   08/28/1972-10/16/1992

Sheridan, James C.   1948-1985
    Sheridan, Mary J. "Judy"   [no date of death shown]

Row 6

Matthews, Charles E. "Chuck"    05/17/1963-01/23/2013

Landreth, Eddie Glenn    [no date of death shown]    Married 06/25/1988
    Landreth, Melissa A.    [no date of death shown]

Dominguez, Ruben   05/09/1929-06/19/1981

Wilkerson, Muriel David   11/09/1941-07/30/2003   US Marine Corps
    Wilkerson, Novell   [no date of death shown] 

McJunkin, Thomas, Jr.   [no date of death shown]
    McJunkin, Tressie Mae   [no date of death shown]

Key, Joann    [no date of death shown]

Clark, Fred   12/14/1916-05/09/1984
    Clark, Mozelle   02/17/1920-04/13/2000 1

Turner, H. Leroy   1916-1996
    Turner, Mabel   1918-1984

Turner, Michael McCord    07/28/1951-02/01/2016    US Air Force    Married 12/29/1990
    Turner, Edith Alissa    [no date of death shown]

Hardin, Beb   04/13/1913-10/05/1972    Married 06/11/1937
    Hardin, Melver Collins    01/14/1918-03/23/2014

Chailland, Chris   04/08/1971-06/05/1991

Carr, Paul A.   1946-2000
    Carr, Sharron J.  [no date of death shown]

Baker, Jack Clinton   09/23/1930-09/11/1983   PFC US Marine Corps Korea 1

Batchelder, Bennie S.    06/08/1937-05/20/2009

Wells, Vernon L.   03/31/1923-10/05/1982   US Army World War II

Wells, Retha F.   11/02/1925-11/26/1988

Wells, Rickey L.  [no date of death shown]

Radican, Herald Lloyd    03/26/1924-07/16/2012    CPL US Army Air Forces World War II 1
    Radican, Wilma Jean    01/07/1929-12/03/2010 1

Wallace, Mary Ann   04/14/1948-05/30/1967

Styles, Carl A.   1912-1979
    Styles, Katie M.   1920-2004

Sample, Samuel M.    [no date of death shown]
    Sample, Patsy J.    [no date of death shown

Carter, Odie Odell   1905-1989 

Carter, Creola Carmelia   1906-1989

Payne, Dale E.   [no date of death shown]
    Payne, Marjorie L.   [no date of death shown]

Vann, Troy M.   1942-1965

Vann, Raymond A.   08/14/1919-12/02/1983   MM2 US Navy World War II
    Vann, Betty Jo   1922-1999

House, William Nathan   10/06/1916-06/29/1963

House, Emily L.   05/19/1918-09/16/1974

Rhea, Maxine House   08/07/1936-08/02/1976 

Fritz, Theresa Kay   01/14/1961-04/28/1986

Burns, Lucy Gill   10/26/1893-04/25/1968

Leech, Dick, Jr.   11/29/1908-12/08/1992
    Leech, Mattie L.  12/21/1909-12/08/1991

Oetken, Henry   1927-1973
    Oetken, Betty Lou  1929-2009

Parkman, Lt Forrest H.   1932-1984
    Parkman, Maude Leech   1942-2003 

Smith, John William   05/27/1922-09/26/1979

Smith, Ella Wanda   07/06/1924-08/11/2002

Rea, Fred W.   1901-1981 1
    Rea, Sammie A   1902-1971

Downs, James T.   10/15/1894-12/11/1968
    Downs, Hattie C.   03/08/1893-05/29/1968 1 

Downs, William Ernest   08/11/195-05/10/1975    US Army World War II
    Downs, Malta M.   08/10/1917-01/24/2006

Molock, Alice   10/13/1909-03/06/1992
    Molock, Arthur   04/30/1903-12/06/1969
    Molock, Mary   03/06/1945-07/04/1965

Crowson, Ora Mae   [no date of death shown]
    Crowson, Bobby Gene    12/07/1926-07/17/2010    US Navy World War II

Peters, Jewell A.   11/10/1907-07/12/1966   Arkansas Pvt Co D 3 Ord Tng Bn World War II

Peters, Thelma A.    05/28/1916-05/11/1978

Meeks, Ronald Paul   03/18/1947-04/11/1966   Arkansas PFC US Army

Meeks, Reat Fulton    04/20/1924-10/15/2011    Married 09/25/1944
    Meeks, Mary Marjorie    12/06/1925-09/06/2015

Downs, Edward E.   12/08/1921-07/09/1992   PFC US Army World War II Purple Heart
    Downs, Mary Margaret    1921-03/26/2016    [dod from obituary]

Wright, Charles A.   02/24/1934-12/25/1997   US Air Force
    Wright, Mildred   [no date of death shown]

Wright, Thomas G.    [no date of death shown]
    Wright, Wanda S.    [no date of death shown]

Holiman, Carl W.   07/22/1922-04/28/1993   Cpl US Army World War II
    Holiman, Carolyn E.   1926-1996

Haynes, Ura B.   11/07/1900-11/02/1982

Morrison, Charlee Diane   07/27/1979-10/30/2000   daughter of Russell and Patti

Rinehart, Dudley W.   12/24/1921-12/18/1998   Sgt US Army World War II
    Rinehart, Juanita Louise Haynes   08/17/1924-05/08/2008

Row 7

Summerhill, Floyd A.   [no date of death shown]
    Summerhill, Jo Ann   [no date of death shown]

Simmons, Dr. W. D. "Bill"    [no date of death shown]    Married 11/15/1953
    Simmons, Alice N. "Allyson"    09/07/1932-12/21/2014    Parents of Rusty, Stephanie, Allyson, Creighton

Box, Franklin L.   03/30/1917-01/04/1994   US Navy World War II
    Box, Violet V.   11/22/1919-11/26/1986

Kirkendoll, Melvin W.   01/11/1958-09/15/1979

Robbins, Billy M.   11/04/1932-10/04/1998   US Marine Corps Korea
    Robbins, Shirley A.   [no date of death shown]

Teal, Mary M.   [no date of death shown]
    Teal, Troy Lewis   1931-1978

Dumond, Emma   01/12/1895-11/13/1973

Elder, Marie Maxine   04/28/1929-05/20/1967

Teal, Jewell I.   [no date of death shown]   married 12/03/1950
    Teal, Jimmie W.   04/28/1929-05/03/1994

Teal, Mark Anthony   06/06/1955-05/12/1972

Ray, Martha Jewel   [no date of death shown]
    Ray, Jack Walton, Jr.   [no date of death shown]

Craig, Willie E.   04/01/1898-07/06/1965
    Craig, Alta Fay   11/26/1913-05/21/1996

Hamm, Robert L.   1915-1986   Sgt US Army World War II
    Hamm, Christerville V.   1916-2001

Witham, Robert Q.   10/09/1968-05/27/1972
    Witham, Kathy L.   [no date of death shown--her last name may be Hamm]

Hamm, Robert James   1975-1987
    Hamm, Wanda S.   [no date of death shown]

Ziegler, Robert Burl    10/28/1952-07/03/2016

Ziegler, Esther B.   01/24/1916-05/08/1997
    Ziegler, Rev. Burl W.   09/20/1914-12/04/1976

Carl, Mary Ann   1941-1966

Bowers, Neal   1910-1983
    Bowers, Lucile   1912-2004 1

Ramage, Rosa Lindsey   03/01/1890-10/13/1976

Baker, Dorsey L.   10/19/1884-06/16/1965

Robertson, John G.   11/14/1901-04/12/1973
    Robertson, Vergie A.   08/10/1907-01/05/1974

Robertson, B. M. "Mose"   10/01/1927-01/02/2002 1

Bowers, Noel   1910-1975
    Bowers, Lottie Irene   1914-2006   [stone shows Irene--fhm shows Lottie Irene]

Frye, Raymond O.   05/08/1921-09/03/1988
    Frye, Juanita M.   07/01/1926-06/05/2004

Frye, Barbara J.   03/14/1949-06/12/1965

Kish, Steve James, Jr. "Sonny"   08/31/1940-05/21/1973

Molock, Troy R.   12/04/1921-06/24/1972

Molock, Robert E.    [no date of death shown]

Crowson, Robin Renee    [no date of death shown]

Crowson, Billy Dean    12/07/1926-05/28/2014    US Army World War II
    Crowson, Minnie Belle "Penny" (Molock)    01/23/1932-03/16/2012 1

Beaty, Girdle   1901-1968
    Beaty, Doris I.   1909-1978

Beaty, Girdle, Jr.   10/06/1925-01/26/1984   PFC US Army World War II
    Beaty, Vonda L.   [no date of death shown]

Beaty, Alan Dale   03/22/1953-06/13/1997

Gray, George Elizabeth   05/29/1895-10/02/1967

Thompson, Floyd S.   1919-1992
    Thompson, Ruth E.   1926-1985

Thompson, Kerry Lynn   1955-1977

Webb, John E.   07/23/1897-10/27/1968   Arkansas Pvt 29 Co 165 Depot Brig World War I
    Webb, Irene E. "Rene"   09/18/1900-04/14/1994  1

Venable, Nickalus C. "Nick"   03/24/1981-02/21/2004

Webb, Charles W.    06/20/1926-03/03/2017    [dod from obituary]
    Webb, Billie J.    04/28/1925-03/25/2009

Middlebrooks, James William  08/23/1928-05/19/2012    Founder Middlebrooks Electric Service 1945 1
    Middlebrooks, Bobbi N.   08/04/1935-02/14/2013

Logan, Dewey W.   07/21/1917-07/24/1995   US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Logan, Iva Lois   11/26/1915-04/22/1985    Rootsweb WCP

Davis, Ella Ruth   01/25/1892-11/17/1982

Weaver, Evelyn Johnson    10/04/1912-09/29/2001

Weaver, Mary Beth   01/10/1943-02/28/2005

Row 8

Smith, Coyt S., Jr.   03/17/1936-12/28/2001    US Air Force
    Smith, Kathryn   [no date of death shown]

Harvill, Fredrick Kelly   1914-1998
    Harvill, Maxine Jane   1917-2006

Kirkendoll, Lenny B.    08/16/1937-03/28/2011 1

Martin, William H.   1909-   [no date of death shown]

Freeman, James C.   1920-1987   MM1 US Navy World War II
    Freeman, Ruby E.   [no date of death shown]

Petty, W. C.   02/15/1948-03/08/1981   SR US Navy Vietnam

Curtis, Ed Junior   03/22/1939-07/29/2008    married 04/12/1958
    Curtis, Anna Lois   04/23/1929-12/24/1999

Freeman, Dewayne   [no date of death shown]
    Freeman, Darlene   [no date of death shown]
    Freeman, Kenneth   05/04/1975-06/10/1975

Grace, Roy Ben    08/13/1936-09/06/2010    married 11/05/1960
    Grace, Della A.    [no date of death shown]    Parents of Jackie and Karen

Killian, S. E.   1918-2004
    Killian, Hazel (Sue)   1922-2000

Jackson, Dee D.   02/23/1917-06/06/1989   M Sgt US Army World War II

Gestring, Michael Monroe   06/17/1962-06/25/1968

Taylor, Donald M.   02/09/1931-05/30/1999

Walters, John Neil   07/08/1921-01/10/1989   SFC US Army World War II Korea
    Walters, Arcelle D.   1928-1988

Allen, George Edward, Sr.   1906-1982

Allen, Ann   04/22/1913-11/11/1985

Harrell, J. R.   [no date of death shown]
    Harrell, Ruby J.   1919-   [no date of death shown]

Harrell, Cecil Doyle    1943-2011    [FHM shows 11/03/1943-03/21/2011]  1
    Harrell, Ronnie D.    [no date of death shown]

Heard, John W.   02/24/1913-03/09/2003
    Heard, Laveta S.   01/24/1920-06/22/2002

Winfield, John Lewis   02/01/1908-06/27/1976
    Winfield, Martha Faris    07/05/1912-2005   [FHM shows date of death; however, FHM not there 27 May 2017] 2

Holland, Dodge   1923-1982
    Holland, Emily   [no date of death shown]

Beech, Admal D.   1905-2000
    Beech, Lettie Mae   1908-2003

Beech, Alton Ray  11/13/1934-10/29/2015    M Sgt US Army
    Beech, Gerry V.   [no date of death shown]

Barnette, Albert Louis   11/19/1915-12/15/1995   US Army

Barnette, Nettie Mae   09/20/1919-02/15/2005   [Mae is on permanent marker; Nettie Mae on FHM]

Hunter, Jimmie Lee   08/14/1930-08/08/2011    US Air Force Korea
    Hunter, Tommie A.    [no date of death shown]

Molock, John Robert   06/23/1933-01/20/2007   US Army
    Molock, Lola Justina   [no date of death shown]

Derouen, Wilson    1916-1988
    Derouen, Audley   1920-2006

Yelvington, Tom O.   1901-1982
    Yelvington, Nellie B.   1909-1984

Bullard, Jack    02/03/1923-10/12/2009    Tec 4 US Army World War II
    Bullard, Dorothy Louise   09/07/1933-09/10/2004

Smith, Harvey "Hot"   08/28/1931-03/09/1991

Smith, James Luther   03/02/1929-07/18/1997
    Smith, Betty G.   11/18/1934-12/12/2010

Walters, Bill   06/24/1915-02/15/1989   married 07/17/1937
    Walters, Chloe Lea   07/13/1919-10/27/2005

Vice, George C., Jr.   08/26/1928-01/24/2007   US Navy World War II    [one stone shows 1929; SSDI shows 1928]   married 12/06/1957
    Vice, Betty Webb   [no date of death shown]

Vice, George C., Sr.   02/24/1908-07/05/1970   Texas F2 US Navy World War II
    Vice, Jessie 1910-2000

Stewart, E. R. "Doc"   1911-1982
    Stewart, Inez   1914-1995 

Row 9

Unmarked with "Nana"



Caldwell, Dwight H.    06/07/1945-03/03/2012    [dates from obituary] 1
    Caldwell, Norma R.    [no date of death shown]

Johnson, Gattlin Jeremiah    -10/01/2016

Covert, J. D.   -2003   [no date of birth shown]
    Covert, Minnie B.   1935-2014

Allen, Cecil A.   [no date of death shown]
    Allen, Bertie M.   1912-1998

Covert, Fanny   08/08/1885-09/30/1984

Greer, Thomas "Buddy"    05/27/1941-02/17/2008    Married 03/13/1959 1
    Greer, Barbara    [no date of death shown]

Greer, George E.   1914-2002
    Greer, Dorris D.   1921-2007

White, James W.   07/22/1918-07/23/1997   US Army World War II
    White, James W., Jr.   06/17/1950-01/14/1970   Arkansas CA USNR Vietnam 1
    White, Maxine B.   [no date of death shown]

Ray, Nancy E.   09/03/1908-03/09/1996 1

Justice, Charles A.   1894-1973
    Justice, Willie A.   1905-1998

Skaggs, Brooks Edward   07/04/1911-01/14/1992   S1 US Navy World War II
    Skaggs, Johnnie M.   1911-2006

Huchingson, Rodney D.   05/18/1968-05/18/1968

Rollans, Bryan Scott    -02/17/1992   [only date shown]   infant son of Danny and Leondra

Huchingson, James A. "Doodle"   10/09/1909-05/13/1983

Huchingson, Mary Elizabeth   02/13/1919-06/16/1992

Lange, Sondra Faye Huchingson   12/31/1939-01/12/1996

Huchingson, Gary D.   07/18/1941-04/01/2006   Cpl US Marine Corps

Huchingson, Cynthia Gail   01/26/1947-03/19/1997

Huchingson, Bradley Wayne   07/02/1969-10/10/1994

West, Ira E.   08/17/1917-11/25/1999   married 03/07/1936
    West, Edith A.   04/23/1917-07/07/2005

James, Homer   08/26/1909-12/06/1989 1

Powell, Evan Michael   07/15/1997-08/04/1998

Layfield, Helen T.   1927-1980
    Layfield, Edmond L., Jr.   1926-2014

Layfield, Viola E.   1925-2009

Davis, David Kevin   -05/17/1968   [only one date shown]

Ramsey, Thelma Y.   1905-1996

Carman, Billy L.   [no date of death shown]
    Carman, Joyce   [no date of death shown]

Goad, Denis   1910-1985
    Goad, Mildred   1912-2006

Earnheart, Benjamin Franklin   07/04/1924-03/24/2007   BM2 US Navy World War II
    Earnheart, Adell M.   1925-1992

Hinck, Reuben F.   10/08/1899-11/20/1967   Arkansas M Sgt Army Air Forces World War I and World War II

Hinck, Alma   07/11/1911-12/08/1988

Stephenson, Glen   02/18/1903-07/31/1970
    Stephenson, Bertha May   06/26/1911-06/20/2001

Davis, Myrtle M.   1906-1996  1

King, J. D.   1935-2000

Row 10

Redman, Jimmy D.    [no date of death shown]
    Redman, Daisy R.    [no date of death shown]

Staggs, Steven Ferrell    [no date of death shown]    married 06/24/1995
    Staggs, Kristin Dawn    11/16/1967-04/07/2014

Price, Lloyd Dale    10/11/1963-09/17/2015 1

Price, Lewis Don   09/02/1941-03/06/2008    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Price, Tressie    04/29/1944-09/13/2009    Rootsweb WCP

Price, Delbert Lewis   03/12/1917-09/20/2005   PFC US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Price, Alice L.   04/10/1919-09/12/2008    Married 07/10/1937    Rootsweb WCP

Mason, Grace Ann    09/02/1938-05/18/2012 1

Lamont, L. Maude   10/25/1908-11/14/1973

Allder, Richard W.    [no date of death shown]    Married 09/04/1965
    Allder, Martha L.    [no date of death shown]

Ollar, Thomas E.   10/29/1911-08/13/1982
    Ollar, Versie Mae   06/07/1913-12/31/2000

Hunter, Ernest T.   10/04/1891-12/13/1975
    Hunter, Annie B.   04/05/1897-01/11/1977

Gourley, James A.    07/03/1943-01/16/2011    [Ashby FHM] 1

Greer, Charles E. "Sonny"   04/22/1936-10/08/1969   Arkansas AN US Navy
    Greer, W. Marie   [no date of death shown]

Greer, Edward Hampton   01/17/1968-01/17/1968   Our Baby

King, Denon F.   02/05/1924-06/17/1977   Pvt US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    King, Margaret P.   09/04/1921-08/26/1991    Rootsweb WCP    [Her obituary states she died on the 23rd rather than 26th.] 1

Whitley, Robert E., Sr.    [no date of death shown]
    Whitley, Suzan    [no date of death shown]

Lee, Robert E.   1928-2004
    Lee, Mary M.   1925-1999

Richards, Ned   1921-2002
    Richards, Mary Jo   [04/25/1922-03/30/2008 from Roller Ballard Funeral Home obituary; permanent stone shows Mary Joe; FHM shows Mary Jo; no date of death shown 27 May 2017]

Hensley, Patricia Jane   10/10/1973-11/18/1973

Hensley, Leander T.   04/29/1917-10/01/2005

Arenz, Thomas   03/22/1894-05/20/1968
    Arenz, Lucy E.   04/28/1903-11/20/1969

Brown, Lois E.   04/15/1906-10/21/1988

Wells, Rosa B.   1902-1968

Barber, Windon Bernard   [no date of death shown]   NSSAR 113803   married 10/12/1948 Marion Co, Ms
    Barber, Dorris Reeves   04/10/1927-10/31/2003   NSDAR 566199
        parents of Donna Elizabeth, Melanie Anne, Glynis Kay

Pelton, Marion S.   10/29/1898-02/07/1973   married 09/13/1917
    Pelton, Rose E.   03/04/1898-10/13/1982

Wise, Todd Michael   05/03/1979-10/13/1980

James, Robert J.   [no date of death shown]
    James, Wanda J.   [no date of death shown]

Haley, Barry David   11/08/1957-01/19/1980

Hampton, Wesley G.   03/06/1900-06/08/1990   PFC US Army World War II
    Hampton, Cleo H.   1902-1989

Scott, Minnie Alice   1879-1972

Hollowell, Walter C.   10/20/1910-09/10/1968   Arkansas Sgt 420 Base Unit AAF World War II
    Hollowell, Ruth Lorene   08/18/1915-09/26/2002

Davenport, James R.   [no date of death shown]
    Davenport, Ramona L.   [no date of death shown]

Woodall, Stanley Ray   07/07/1942-09/16/1997    Sgt US Army

Woodall, Chester Lee   12/22/1917-12/07/1970   Fire Chief 1
    Woodall, Loease   11/17/1921-01/07/2005 1

Lovell, Buster R. "Buddy"   10/12/1938-08/25/1991    Rootsweb WCP 1

Row 11 (remainder of this section was read in 2008)

Ball, Adele F.   10/13/1901-03/26/1989 1

Ball, Clyde A.   1930-2003 1
    Ball, Viola A.   1917-1995

Ball, Tommy G.   06/09/1959-11/15/1993

Sullivan, Harold E.   10/13/1924-05/13/2003   PFC US Army Air Forces World War II
    Sullivan, Bonnie   [no date of death shown]

Halpain, Jess (Happy)   06/11/1898-12/08/1972
    Halpain, Clara   05/20/1906-02/14/1993

Halpain, J C   [no date of death shown]
    Halpain, L. June   1935-2009

Robertson, Ray A   1925-2005
    Robertson, Martha L   1929-1997 1

Jones, Raymond   1923-1989
    Jones, Lillian A   1921-08/20/2013    [dod from obituary] 1

Halpain, George W   05/18/1885-05/26/1963
    Halpain, Annie Lee   12/10/1897-11/16/1997

Halpain, Luke   1927-2010
    Halpain, Claudia E.    1926-2017    [dod from obituary]

Halpain, William (G W)   1917-1999

Givens, Odie   10/19/1900-01/08/1976
    Givens, Violet   07/12/1908-09/15/1976

Hyatt, John W   11/06/1924-09/14/1997
    Hyatt, Eloise R   01/01/1935-04/26/2008

Godbey, Raymond   02/01/1909-11/10/1965   Michigan AS US Navy

Boone, Frank   1902-1985
    Boone, Maudie   1905-1994

Huddleston, Jackson L   11/08/1923-11/03/2003   [one stone shows 2002 but SSDI shows 2003]   Cpl US Army Air Forces World War II
    Huddleston, Anna M   [no date of death shown]

Kent, Claud   06/09/1906-12/03/1992
    Kent, Sue   01/06/1915-12/18/1979

Mauldin, Donald Joe   08/29/1940-03/28/1992   Capt US Army Vietnam
    Mauldin, Nettie R   1934-12/10/2013    [dod from obituary]

Sanders, Jeffrey Patrick   09/09/1973-03/11/1989

Hammond, Emery A   09/15/1894-12/21/1967
    Hammond, Hester Lee   07/01/1905-02/27/1984

Daugherty, Dick   1906-1985
    Daugherty, Ona   1909-1993

Wise, A L "Pete"   08/13/1928-02/23/2012    [dates from obituary]
    Wise, Bartha June   [no date of death shown]

Zahn, Frank G   1904-1996
    Zahn, Katherine   1911-1979

Cox, Lester Clifton   1912-2005   [FHM shows Clifton Lester, however, SSDI shows Lester C.]
    Cox, Minnie Marie   1914-2004

Wimberly, Walter R   1928-1994
    Wimberly, Joan   [no date of death shown]

Wood, Nathan Loren   09/25/1923-01/21/2000   S Sgt US Army Air Forces World War II
    Wood, Flora V   1924-2007

Hayes, James Walton   08/11/1909-11/28/1966   Arkansas Pvt Infantry World War II
    Hayes, Edith   02/22/1912-07/30/1970

Nix, Millard A   1911-2003
    Nix, Faye W   1911-05/15/2009    [dod from obituary] 2

Jones, Gia Ivy   07/21/1977-11/30/2006

Nix, David A   05/26/1955-02/28/1994

Hill, Cody H.    03/16/1937-06/10/2010    US Air Force
    Hill, Eva L. Wood    [no date of death shown]

Rea, Joe Adams   02/05/1924-08/02/2003   SM2 US Navy Sgt US Army World War II Korea
    Rea, Bertha M   [no date of death shown]

Bumgardner, Warren I   12/29/1919-08/03/1990   T Sgt US Army World War II 1
    Bumgardner, Annie L   [no date of death shown]

Lindsey, Vicky Anne   03/16/1950-10/08/1992

Rogers, Alta M.   01/30/1918-10/31/2009    [date of death from obituary]

Sutton, Dolan Norman   06/09/1932-04/07/2002   US Army   [one stone shows 1930 for year of birth but obituary states 1932]
    Sutton, Mildred M.   1933-1987

Harris, Annette D.   07/02/1936-07/27/2002

Crawley, Ronald   1958-2007   [FHM]

Rickard, Cecil R.   [no date of death shown]
    Rickard, Madean   [no date of death shown]

Prince, James R.   [no date of death shown]
    Prince, Linda K.   [no date of death shown]

Withrow, Edward, Jr.   10/30/1924-10/13/1970   Arkansas Cpl 199 AAA AW Bn World War II
    Withrow, Edith   1925-1986

Harper, William A.   1886-1977
    Harper, Allie R.   1892-1980

New grave 16 February 2012 with no name

Edmondson, Earl   1894-1974
    Edmondson, Hester   1904-   [no date of death shown]

LaSage, Clarence E.   06/09/1893-06/23/1973   Arkansas Cpl US Army World War II
    LaSage, Emma K.   03/07/1903-09/02/1985

LaSage, Floyd M.   09/30/1920-01/04/1990   Cpl US Marine Corps   married 05/25/1940
    LaSage, Geneva Lorene   [no date of death shown]

Richey, Joe R.   1901-1986
    Richey, Nellie Iona   1904-1997

Rich, Doyle L   1919-1991
    Rich, Rita C   [no date of death shown]

Rich, Ronald Alan   10/05/1952-06/26/2004

Harmon, Albert Vernon   1909-1977

Smith, Fred C   1924-1970
    Smith, Marsha E   [no date of death shown]

Smith, Fred   1905-1980
    Smith, Ocie   1901-1992

Wylie, Edith J   09/13/1913-10/08/1994

Bradshaw, Chad Thomas   05/22/1973-01/18/2002
    Bradshaw, Kay   [no date of death shown]

Bradshaw, Clyde T   [no date of death shown]
    Bradshaw, Kay J   [no date of death shown]

Wills, Jim Thomas   10/16/1967-05/21/1988

Bierman, Lillian Mae   05/01/1935-03/03/1973

Burress, Don Alan   1947   [only date shownh]   Son
    Burress, William Henry   1972   [only date shown]  Father
    Burress, Nancy May   [no dates shown]   Mother

Houghtaling, Freda B   1890-1972

Kyser, Joy B   03/25/1900-08/05/1970

Tomlinson, Lillie   07/02/1880-12/29/1967

Love, Charles Dennis   11/19/1907-09/14/1981   Pvt US Army World War II
    Love, Anna Bell   11/28/1913-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows 10/17/1997; a niece verified she is buried here] 2

McCray, Rose B   1903-1988
    McCray, I E   1900-1989

James, William B.   12/19/1918-10/26/1992   US Navy    Rootsweb WCP 1
    James, Kathleen   [no date of death shown]

Ledbetter, Arce Luther   03/30/1917-05/03/1999   US Army World War II
    Ledbetter, Pauline   [no date of death shown]

Lovell, James F.    05/30/1949-08/02/2008

Ledbetter, Otis   01/18/1912-08/24/1985   Pvt US Army World War II

Ledbetter, Allie Mae   07/04/1915-09/02/1997

Looper, Walter N.   09/18/1907-10/07/1997
    Looper, Flora May    04/20/1902-10/15/2009

Looper, William D   02/09/1883-09/19/1972
    Looper, Bertha Mae   01/06/1895-10/30/1973


Gray, William O   1885-1974

Handy, James W   1910-2002
    Handy, H Irene   1914-1990

Murray, John A.   01/07/1909-06/07/2000   US Navy World War II   Brother
    Murray, Evelyn T.   1904-1975   Sister

McKissack, Jeffie D.   01/26/1905-10/24/1970   Arkansas Pvt 16 Inf 1 Inf Div World War II BSM
    McKissack, Maria   1919-   [no date of death shown]

Simmons, William A.   1902-1981
    Simmons, Joyce D.   1908-1999

Begoon, Dorlas R.   11/28/1916-11/30/2010   married 08/29/1943    [Roller-Ballard FHM snows Dorlas Robert Begoon] 1
    Begoon, Betty J.   12/18/1922-01/06/1999

Hart, Walter G.   06/26/1901-05/22/1981
    Hart, Meck C.   03/31/1906-03/09/1991

Gober, Willie W.   1897-1981
    Gober, Monnie Mae   1900-2001

Gober, William Harold   [no date of death shown]

Nalley, Robert L.   1926-1997    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Nalley, Millie Rea   1926-07/05/2014    [dod from obituary]    Rootsweb WCP

Fulcher, David Maurice   07/29/1921-06/19/2009    1st Lt US Marine Corps World War II
    Fulcher, E. Jean   1924-03/17/2016    [dod from obituary]

Fairchild, Bertha M.   02/02/1891-07/26/1976   Mother
    Fairchild, Ruth L.   07/09/1916-12/27/1984   Daughter

Beavert, Phillip Hoyet   06/04/1944-06/03/2003
    Beavert, Linda Joyce   [no date of death shown]

Shelton, Virgil    1938-2011    [Ashby FHM]

Beavert, Carlos C.   09/26/1913-05/22/1984
    Beavert, Marie   02/21/1918-03/09/2003

Sluder, Robert H.   06/26/1917-11/29/1990   Sgt US Army World War II

Harrison, Noel   05/10/1917-08/11/2000
    Harrison, Noel Keith   12/18/1960-08/11/1980
    Harrison, Fannie Lou   07/11/1932-03/21/1998

Johnson, Glenda S.   [no date of death shown]   married 02/03/1973
    Johnson, Lebron S.   1944-2007

Adams, James D.   08/08/1906-08/21/1968
    Adams, Ione   01/06/1909-05/11/1997

Newcomb, Terrell Dodson   02/24/1946-02/24/2004   Loving father of Krista, Ryan, Marissa, and Jeremy

Newcomb, Willie Fay "Billie"   05/09/1913-10/25/2002

Newcomb, Golda Rachel   01/30/1908-04/30/1989

Newcomb, Dodson   12/17/1918-08/05/1977

Pannell, Floyd   1916-1969
    Pannell, Evelyn   1917-2006

Wright, Eddley   1891-1976
    Wright, Lorena   1896-1973

Lumpkins, Helen Margaret    10/14/1923-12/09/2008    [Helen M. from funeral home marker; Margaret from permanent marker; dates from FHM] 1

Lumpkins, James G.   10/15/1921-12/09/1979   S1 US Coast Guard World War II

Lumpkins, Jim   [no date of death shown]
    Lumpkins, Dianne   1946-1992

Nordgren, Vanteen   1918-1992

Nordgren, Charles G.   07/12/1917-07/16/1981   Cpl US Army World War II

Bjornson, George   05/05/1889-02/04/1972
    Bjornson, Esther   05/23/1895-03/09/1989

Frankenberry, Glenn E.   09/19/1895-04/04/1977

Arthur, Robert B.   1904-1969

Davis, Winnie   08/01/1893-09/03/1987

Folz, John R.   1906-1972

Randolph, Jesse   05/13/1909-01/23/1975 1

Boyce, Lance P.   11/02/1902-04/23/1972

Wilson, Kenneth L.   05/17/1954-07/08/1975   SP4 US Army Vietnam

Saddoris, Eldo   02/20/1907-09/03/1975
    Saddoris, Genevieve   09/19/1914-01/14/1973

Muhlens, Edward   05/11/1885-01/25/1973

Colvin, Retha Lee   10/13/1913-02/09/1989

Pruett, Jerry Dean   01/06/1957-09/29/1977

York, Willie Berry   1934-1976
    York, Pauline M Byers   1928-1984

Van Alstin, Josephine M.   03/29/1905-05/04/1991


Balding, Leroy   10/23/1922-07/19/1981   Pvt US Army World War II
    Balding, Pearl J.   11/15/1920-06/13/1987

Balding, Wayne E.   1956-2007   [FHM shows 1956 but stone shows 1957 with no date of death; SSDI shows 1956]

Adams, Doris (Bud)   [no date of death shown]
    Adams, Pauline (Sadie)   [no date of death shown]

Upton, Arthur H.   06/16/1907-09/25/1995   Father

Upton, Edna M.   09/03/1905-05/13/1997   Mother

Porter, Ruth S.   11/18/1907-04/06/1989

Newkirk, Lafe Oren   05/17/1910-08/08/2003   US Merchant Marine World War II
    Newkirk, Beatrice Wicker   06/29/1916-12/27/2004

Newkirk, William Oren   02/20/1947-06/01/1969   Arkansas SP5 593 Engineer Co Vietnam

Yates, A. J.   12/24/1913-12/11/1969   Arkansas A1C US Air Force World War II Korea

Yates, Mary Ruth   08/18/1923-12/14/1974   Beloved Mother

Stewart, Gene E.   [no date of death shown]
    Stewart, Catherine Gay   1929-1996

Beasley, Harold R.   1931-2007
    Beasley, Betty A.   1933-05/16/2015    [dod from obituary]

Lauer, Marian E.   1928-1996   Mother

Peloquin, Ruby Mae   1914-1979   Mother

Dixon, Dr. Donald S.   02/02/1923-09/21/2005   US Army Air Forces World War II

Chilton, Dean Winfield   12/01/1908-09/30/1995   US Navy
    Chilton, Annie M.   1921-04/15/2012    [dod from obituary] 1

Nickels, Pearl Marie   12/09/1924-01/07/2013    [dod from obituary]

Caldwell, Lee   1916-1988 1
    Caldwell, Katheryn   1921-1994

Ward, Mark D.   12/23/1956-12/02/1996

Caldwell, R. Delores   [no date of death shown]

McCallister, Rodger D.   [no date of death shown]
    McCallister, Frances Nell   [no date of death shown]

Berry, David Lee, Sr.   03/21/1946-04/09/1995
    Nicklaus, Dimple Berry   04/21/1920-01/21/2011    [Ashby FHM]    [dod from obituary] 1 2

Grinder, Hazel L.   07/09/1895-03/30/1982

Grinder, Henry S.   01/15/1895-11/22/1977   Cpl US Army World War I

Garden of Roses (Section 2) -- beginning on the southeastern corner

Row 1

Ramos-Navarrete, Engracia    06/09/1963-05/04/2015    married 11/21/2009
    Navarrete, Rafael    02/20/1962-

Row 2

West, Carl "Eddie"    08/14/1956-05/19/2014

Clayton, Michael Rowe "Mike"    [no date of death shown]

Clayton, Ann Parham Jones    [no date of death shown]

Clayton, John Michael    12/20/1973-09/12/2008    Beloved Son of Mike and Ann

Rogers, James Knox   07/04/1941-09/08/2003   A1C US Air Force
    Rogers, Sonia Elaine   09/13/1953-

Row 3

West, Bobby    09/13/1930-05/07/2014
    West, Francis    01/31/1940-

Lobbs, Dalton Allen   12/19/1991-04/03/1992

Suggs, Glen   father of Dina, Michael, and Angela   [no date of death shown]

Row 4

Earnest, Pearl   09/15/1908-12/06/1995   Mother and Grandmother

Garrett, Teresa   [no date of death shown]
    Garrett, Koty Chaize   1987-1989
    Garrett, Betty J.    [no date of death shown]

Rabb, Richard Donald   08/31/1932-02/25/2001   married 06/09/1959
    Rabb, Jerri Ann   [no date of death shown]

Watson, Ruby Griffin   01/20/1909-12/06/1994

Hogue, Alice Morrison   07/27/1925-05/28/1991   married 08/19/1947    Rootsweb WCP
    Hogue, F. Paul, Jr.    01/04/1924-01/09/2012    US Navy World War II  Rootsweb WCP 1

Cupples, Frederick H.   07/23/1933-04/22/1997   US Army Korea - Air Force Cross

Reese, Baby Girl   06/05/1964-06/06/1964

Row 5

Simmons, Paul D.    11/01/1918-06/03/2009    married 09/01/1939    US Army    Rootsweb WCP
    Simmons, Virginia A.    06/07/1918-03/12/2014    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Simmons, Barbie    1950-2009    "She played well with others"    Rootsweb WCP 1

Brown, Jeff   09/26/1962-09/29/1989

Brown, Laurie Ann   09/25/1961-02/10/1990   [on bottom is Jeffery Lane Coker with no dates]

Wise, Nancy Ann   09/24/1937-08/09/1986

Martin, Fred   06/18/1910-03/09/1983    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Martin, Elna   07/07/1921-
    Walls, Fannie E.   1921-2007   [this is a fhm; Fannie Elna was first married to Fred Martin and then Charles Walls; fhm not there 1 October 2015 and no date of death on permanent marker.] 1

West, Henry B.   1897-1974
    West, Zuma M.   1903-1979

McAdoo, Melvin   [no date of death shown]
    McAdoo, Wanda V.   [no date of death shown]

O'Neal, Clem Lee   12/12/1920-12/22/1989   CME US Navy World War II   Father
    O'Neal, Marguerite   12/29/1914-04/17/2001   Mother

Derrick, Bois J.   [no date of death shown]

Reese, Johnny R.   [no date of death shown]
    Reese, Judy M.   [no date of death shown]

Rolleigh, Eugene L., III   11/25/1943-05/29/2003   US Army

Rolleigh, Eugene "Gene" Lawrence   12/01/1920-03/02/1998   married 56 years 12/24/1941
    Rolleigh, Margaret Anne Cathey  09/18/1921-06/04/2011

Hickox, Baby Boy   born and died 01/02/1967

Bowen, Douglas H.   1914-2007
    Bowen, Oneta   1920-2009

Kirkpatrick, Samuel Barrion   08/08/1914-10/07/1995   S Sgt US Army World War II

Kirkpatrick, Paula Sue   07/15/1952-07/21/1959   daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick, Elsie Mae   08/19/1914-01/01/1992

Lancaster, Willie A.   01/16/1892-03/31/1979
    Lancaster, Burlie N.   09/23/1890-11/13/1967 1

Lancaster, Horace M.   11/17/1885-09/19/1956   married 04/16/1905
    Lancaster, Frances Belle   05/06/1887-09/17/1978

Lancaster, Eunice A.   12/02/1907-05/29/1975

Lancaster, E. F. "Chris"   12/25/1906-12/05/1984

Lincoln, William F.   09/04/1891-07/18/1974   Father
    Lincoln, Pearl P.   08/20/1890-05/08/1974   Mother

Reese, Norman E.   10/07/1946-08/22/1993   married 09/24/1975 1
    Reese, H. Marie   [no date of death shown]

Lovell, Bobby Gene   11/06/1938-04/16/1979

Warren, Ruthie Darlene Sims   09/28/1950-08/28/1998 1

White, Fred Thomas, Sr.   04/29/1905-12/15/1983   married 11/28/1925
    White, Lea L.   01/17/1908-06/17/1985

White, Fred T., Jr.   12/10/1926-10/12/1970   Arkansas Pvt US Army Korea

White, Camilla A.   12/13/1933-11/15/1991

Blume, Clayton C.   1890-1954

Kent, Felix H.   1886-1959

Cloud, Henry   03/27/1888-12/08/1969
    Cloud, Ida   12/17/1887-03/03/1970

Hobbs, Lucille Cloud   1912-1979

Richey, Oliver R.   1904-1979
    Richey, Tinnie   1901-1992

Sims, T. D. (Ben)   03/11/1882-10/30/1953
    Sims, Annie Frances   02/15/1888-11/13/1990 1

Gentry, William Lewis   10/04/1916-07/27/1968   Father   married 11/04/1937
    Gentry, Marie Evelyn   03/07/1917-04/21/1999   Mother

Scott, Charles J.   05/07/1891-01/14/1958   Beloved Husband

Fleming, Margaret Troxel   09/23/1922-09/19/1972

Troxel, Lowe F.   06/17/1880-11/09/1953
    Troxel, Irene Nash   06/24/1900-11/07/1976

Burruss, Carl Junior   08/17/1926-08/02/1959   Arkansas EM2 US Navy World War II

Hayes, Ed   04/08/1882-06/18/1966
    Hayes, Della   12/21/1885-03/02/1963

Hayes, Albert Loyd   01/04/1912-12/11/1966   Arkansas Tec 5 120 Station Hosp World War II

Hunt, Boyd Tom   06/07/1914-09/20/1996
    Hunt, Rosa Ann   11/24/1915-11/02/1996

Bray, Leslie A.   02/19/1908-10/18/1994   married 03/03/1928
    Bray, Jewell W.   09/13/1909-11/28/2006

Henthorne, George W.   11/02/1885-11/01/1959
    Henthorne, Dora M.   01/11/1894-05/12/1975

Bolt, Lesa Gail   07/11/1955-08/11/1955

Bolt, Carl C.   11/29/1904-04/22/1961
    Bolt, Mary Ava   12/23/1909-04/29/2001

Bolt, A. C. "Bud"   11/04/1926-07/08/1982

Rose, George Mackey   02/23/1957-01/19/1961   Our Son 1

Rose, Boy   -07/28/1958   Our Baby   [only one date shown]

Rose, George M.   1924-2001
    Rose, Geneva L.   1925-1987 1

Black, William H. "Bill"    10/17/1946-01/18/2013    Father of Mistie and Lorie; Papaw of Laci and Luke

Black, Hueitt Ellison   06/12/1903-02/02/1992   married 11/04/1928
    Black, Annabel Fagan   03/17/1912-07/11/1973

Black, Mitchell Ellison   03/20/1873-07/26/1961
    Black, Daisy Bell McGraw   05/10/1880-10/24/1960

Sugg, Jasper Joel   05/03/1909-05/08/1980   Pvt US Army World War II

Sugg, Thelma House   11/15/1913-09/30/1991   married 06/24/1939

Suggs, Gary David   01/23/1947-09/26/2003 1

Crowson, Dan Edward   01/28/1930-11/11/1955   Arkansas AMAN USNR

Crowson, Clarence Edwin   09/28/1896-01/07/1981   MM2 US Navy World War I

Crowson, Elise H.   09/25/1901-12/09/1984

Chism, Micheal D.    01/31/1968-    Beloved Son of Vicki Sheridan

Coleman, James O.   01/19/1906-09/09/1975
    Coleman, Evelyn F.   12/22/1908-12/21/1959

Fagan, William   02/08/1917-07/14/1955   Arkansas Sgt 50 FTR Control SQ AAF World War II
    Mann, Floy Fagan   05/20/1914-   [no date of death shown]
    Mann, Harold Ross   03/19/1916-12/13/1978   CSC US Navy World War II

Brown, Henry Martin   08/07/1919-04/24/1988   Maj US Army Air Corps World War II   married 05/15/1942
    Brown, June Gingles   02/05/1921-12/09/1999   Retailer, Historian, Genealogist

Gingles, Henry Jackson   04/19/1895-09/26/1963   Arkansas Cpl US Army World War I   married 04/06/1920
    Gingles, Violet Brugh   01/28/1896-02/27/1979   Poet, Artist, Historian

Demuth, David Orville   11/07/1932-04/12/1979   Capt US Air Force   married 12/29/1954
    Demuth, Cherry Gingles   01/12/1934-05/31/1988   Musician

Gray, Robert "Bob" Gordon    08/21/1931-08/07/2015    Married 08/25/1951 1
    Gray, Carlene Fitzhugh    03/25/1931-12/04/2011 1

Holt, Christene Fitzhugh   03/25/1931-02/05/2005

Row 6

Rudder, Mary Grace   08/12/1937-05/16/2005   [FHM]    [FHM no longer there 1 October 2015]

Harris, George Ronnie   08/28/1947-10/15/1998

Chism, Hazel L.   09/21/1914-03/20/1990

Harris, George Clifton   12/07/1919-04/11/1999   Cpl US Army World War II
    Harris, Mary Geneva   08/22/1920-05/04/2010

Ray, Ann Wicker   12/02/1909-10/07/1981

Brown, Joe M.   12/06/1911-08/06/1974
    Brown, Mary F.   03/30/1901-07/06/1994

McClendon, Cecil F.   09/19/1909-06/11/1972   married 07/11/1933 1
    McClendon, Dorothy L.   01/04/1915-11/24/2006

Edmonson, Luke M.   09/03/1900-01/07/1977
    Edmonson, Thelma C.   12/22/1912-12/25/1995

Terry, Robert G.   11/06/1922-09/17/1968   Father

Reichhardt, Ina Ruby   1909-1975
    Comstock, Walter A.   1904-   [no date of death shown--believe surname is Comstock]
    Comstock, Eunice M.   1912-1977

Moore, James Allen   10/21/1925-04/21/2003   US Army World War II   married 12/25/1948 1
    Moore, Charlene H.   [no date of death shown]

Williams, Frances Faye Cushing   11/04/1948-08/19/2004   Mom

Duty, Oliver M., Sr.   08/20/1908-09/04/1969   married 06/22/1929
    Duty, Lois B.   01/13/1910-09/21/2000
    Duty, Oliver M., Jr.   03/29/1930-07/26/2005   [own stone in front of parents]

Powell, Thomas Marvin "Buddy"   11/15/1926-09/30/2001    US Army World War II 1
    Powell, Katherine L.   [no date of death shown]

Summerville, Clyde Clayton   1910-1992   married 07/28/1934
    Summerville, Lorraine Evelyn   1912-2010

LeBlanc, Willie Mae   10/03/1935-03/08/1997   married 03/03/1964
    LeBlanc, Ronnie L.   [no date of death shown]

Freeman, Ezra C.   01/16/1900-11/27/1988   married 06/07/1918
    Freeman, Rosie M.   01/09/1900-02/10/1994

Huddleston, Gerald M.   08/31/1926-04/25/2003   US Army World War II   married 07/23/1950
    Huddleston, Ethel M.   12/29/1923-10/01/2009    [dates from obituary]

Killian, James Andy   11/22/1942-09/14/1964   Arkansas A2C US Air Force

Watkins, Jessie A.   06/20/1876-06/17/1959
    Watkins, Sarah A.   09/13/1886-05/28/1967 1 

Weyand, Richard H.   1891-1964

Johnson, Marion E. Lovell   11/04/1919-02/09/1986    Rootsweb WCP

Lovell, Buster   03/08/1919-12/08/1968    Rootsweb WCP

Lovell, Jessie L.   12/16/1903-11/28/1968    Rootsweb WCP

Drennan, Clarence E. "Buck"   06/06/1926-02/07/2014   married 04/01/1944    [Roller-Ballard FHM]    Rootsweb WCP
    Drennan, Wanda L. Cloud   04/28/1926-01/03/1994    Rootsweb WCP

Caldwell, Mary M.   06/15/1920-01/20/1996

Cook, John H.    01/15/1931-12/09/2010
    Cook, N. Lavone    05/27/1931-01/11/2013

White, Jeffrey Allen   11/15/1960-12/15/1960   Our Son

White, Loretta F.    12/09/1938-        Married 05/23/1958
    White, Harold P.    02/22/1939-09/25/2011 1

Lemons, Minnie   01/05/1889-09/21/1964

Taylor, Heloise Lemons   02/26/1916-05/13/1991

Bauer, Louis   09/09/1897-01/17/1963
    Bauer, Alva   05/28/1899-08/02/1981

Love, J. O. "Buck"   01/01/1911-01/17/1980   married 12/27/1930
    Love, Clara Belle   09/20/1912-02/02/1996

Spann, Melvin   1904-1980
    Spann, Euldene   1903-1957

Spann, Clarence   1922-1926

Finney, Robert L.   11/19/1934-09/25/1987   Dad

Burruss, Carl Toby   02/14/1893-12/20/1969 1
    Burruss, Lillian Mason   02/25/1901-06/29/1967

Shaw, Mary Eva Burruss   02/20/1925-11/21/1971 

Burruss, Adrian Lloyd   -06/03/1934    [only date shown; appears to be date of death]

Rothenberger, Christopher U.   01/19/1896-02/28/1973   Arkansas Cox US Navy World War I
    Rothenberger, Mary E.   11/15/1902-12/08/1957

McDonald, Mary D.   05/24/1924-07/03/2001
    McDonald, George H., Jr.   12/20/1924-05/11/1992    US Army World War II

Wheeler, Mary Lyn   10/11/1954-02/24/1990

Robinson, Elmer, Jr.   11/06/1929-09/09/1958   Arkansas SFC Infantry Korea CR

Robinson, Huerta Mae   03/26/1912-06/20/1992   married 12/28/1928
    Robinson, Elmer   11/20/1907-11/20/1995

Sears, Arthur L.   1889-1961

Gibson, Joseph L.   10/09/1890-01/07/1963   Iowa Sgt Co G 352 Inf 88 Div World War I
    Gibson, Edith W.   07/09/1899-08/17/1971

Rowland, Kenneth L.   06/06/1957-06/07/1957

Rowland, Bobby Lee    10/24/1927-02/27/2009    married 04/10/1948    PVT US Army World War II    [closeup]    Rootsweb WCP
    Rowland, Marjorie Gibson    08/08/1929-

Morrison, Elizabeth Rowland    12/25/1948-    Married 12/12/1978
    Morrison, Devirl "Woody"    03/05/1941-08/21/2012    Sgt US Marine Corps Vietnam

Rucker, Paul W.   08/22/1920-08/08/1958   Arkansas S Sgt 806 Air Base GP AF World War II

Rucker, Mary Louise   09/05/1915-10/04/1967

McLean, Jimmy Lee   06/04/1930-08/10/1962

Crowley, Nada E.   07/28/1875-10/26/1959

Fulcher, Alvin Myrle   01/16/1913-03/24/2001
    Fulcher, Letha Fay   02/22/1917-10/06/2007

Rodgers, Willie C.   07/10/1906-03/21/1987
    Rodgers, Mollie B.   07/14/1910-03/01/1995
    Rodgers, William, Jr. (Bill)   06/14/1927-07/07/1982

Hathcote, Infant Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Hathcote   -10/11/1959   [only one date shown]

Hathcote, Joe W.   11/02/1895-10/25/1965
    Hathcote, Wilma L.   03/17/1899-06/15/1980

Robertson, Lester Lee   09/06/1903-12/05/1967
    Robertson, Dola   11/13/1906-02/28/1997

Alder, Billy R.   03/31/1928-11/17/2014   Father   married 06/17/1949   Rootsweb WCP
    Alder, Evelyn R.   12/09/1928-09/11/1999   Mother

Young, John Robert   [no date of death shown]   married 08/29/1964
    Young, Cherry B. "Gingi"   02/11/1944-03/04/1999

Saffold, Wesley O.   10/10/1914-10/18/1989   Sgt US Army World War II   married 05/24/1953
    Safford, Hettie L.   01/27/1929-03/28/2001

Hicks, James Hosea   01/07/1910-01/06/1990    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Hicks, Agnes Ilene   08/03/1916-04/20/2011    Rootsweb WCP 

Row 7 

Wyatt, Rusty Kyle   09/12/1957-02/12/1996

Marsh, Jack C.   10/26/1905-05/01/1980
    Marsh, Ethel E.   01/27/1909-02/05/2001

Burton, John Ralph   07/24/1922-01/09/2004   WT2 US Navy World War II   married 09/27/1945 1
    Burton, Emma Louise   [no date of death shown]

Chandler, Lester J.   07/28/1916-03/21/2006
    Chandler, Chloe Reeves   11/09/1921-01/12/2013
    Chandler, Martha R.   07/28/1947-11/13/2010

Tremor, William M.   07/17/191-03/20/2002   US Navy World War II Pearl Harbor Survivor   married 11/08/1942   [one stone shows 07/17/1920 but SSDI shows 1919]
    Tremor, Verona Lee   08/13/1922-11/12/2013

Witham, Daniel Joel   05/31/1953-12/19/2005   married 04/11/1980    US Marine Corps
    Witham, Diana S. Hobbs   11/23/1948-02/22/2015

Wiggs, John Edward   01/16/1939-06/05/1993   US Air Force
    Wiggs, Letty E.   [no date of death shown]

Curtis, Jonathan Daniel   -10/14/1987   [only one date shown]

Pettus, Billy Joe    10/20/1927-    married 12/22/1948
    Pettus, Audrey H.    12/17/1927-04/19/2017    [dod from obituary]

Henthorne, Horace R.   09/05/1915-09/15/1975   married 11/02/1935    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Henthorne, Dorothy L.   01/24/1918   [no date of death shown]

Glidewell, Coy "Foob"   07/02/1914-06/21/1983   married 02/03/1977    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Glidewell, Lillian M.   05/15/1919-08/16/2004

Tully, John T., Jr.   07/04/1929-09/25/2004   Father
    Tully, Ruby Dean Gardner   10/24/1929-10/22/2009   Mother

Witham, John Henry   02/18/1927-01/13/1995   Pvt US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Witham, Frances P.   1929-07/25/2010    [dod from obituary]    Rootsweb WCP

Francis, Laura Suzanne   -05/01/1981   [only one date shown]

Snodgrass, Harold   11/01/1900-06/13/1967
    Snodgrass, Lena   03/01/1903-12/09/1977

Snodgrass, Harold C.   09/01/1926-07/18/1981
    Snodgrass, Marjorie Smith   08/19/1928-11/04/2001

Sims, Winnie B.   03/15/1905-09/30/1974   married 02/09/1934
    Sims, Rucile A.   03/29/1911-05/28/1994

Robison, Allen M.   07/22/1902-12/09/1964
    Robison, Maxine F.   09/10/1906-03/20/1999

Cockmon, Charlie E.   04/24/1903-09/18/1978   married 02/07/1931
    Cockmon, Dollie A.   01/27/1909-03/08/1995

Garrett, George Harold   10/15/1918-03/07/2004   Sgt US Army Air Forces World War II   married 03/09/1941
    Garrett, Josephine Eugenia   05/07/1921-11/24/2005

Samples, Francis Robert "Monk"   04/13/1914-11/09/1996   PFC US Army World War II   married 03/29/1946
    Samples, Jonnie R.   05/23/1925-10/24/2015    [dod from obituary]

Samples, Thomas Lee   12/29/1950-01/01/2005   US Navy   married 02/09/1978
    Samples, Catherine L.   [no date of death shown]

Cloud, Lilburn   09/16/1900-12/07/1967
    Cloud, Tevis   05/19/1905-04/19/2005

Burrow, David Eugene "Gene"   10/23/1925-10/01/1989   PFC US Army World War II   married 09/05/1947
    Burrow, Eloise   [no date of death shown]

Burrow, Richard A.   10/08/1948-01/25/1998

Owens, Vaughn Artie   12/12/1928-11/07/1995   PFC US Army S Sgt US Air Force World War II  [one stone shows name Artie Vaughn but SSDI shows Vaughn A]

McClendon, Wilton C.   01/16/1926-12/10/2004   S1 US Navy World War II

Crook, Charles R.   02/10/1913-01/09/1958

Shelnut, Grace Crook   12/12/1912-09/27/2004

Medlin, Martha Elizabeth   10/31/1921-04/02/1972

Williamson, Joe Ervin   10/19/1894-05/11/1968
    Williamson, Lillie May   10/22/1899-12/31/1977

Donnor, George M.   06/17/1891-05/06/1967   married 05/07/1916
    Donnor, Idell S.   10/06/1895-02/28/1984

Dean, Maude   01/10/1881-11/02/1967   Our Beloved Mother

Dean, James P., Jr.   07/29/1901-06/26/1970

Shaw, Emory   1892-1972
    Shaw, Lillian Mae   1898-1957

Wright, Phillip Harris   10/20/1917-04/16/2000   MOMM3 US Navy World War II   married 06/01/1940
    Wright, Maxine Mansfield   05/31/2015-09/30/2015    [dod from obituary]

Cordell, Harry E.   02/15/1908-05/18/1960   Arkansas PFC Medical Department World War II

Cordell, Carl "Cotton," Jr.   12/09/1928-01/06/2015    [dod fCaruth-Hale FHM; permanet marker shows Cotton Cordel; FHM shows Carl "Cotton" Cordell Jr.]    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Cordell, Erma Lee   08/16/1928-12/17/1998    Rootsweb WCP 1

Cordell, Carl Richey, Sr.   01/30/1910-01/29/1995   married 03/22/1928    Rootsweb WCP
    Cordell, Alice Joel   04/08/1909-03/20/1996    Rootsweb WCP 1

Barnes, Emma K.   09/18/1882-10/28/1974    Rootsweb WCP

Cordell, Charlie L.   02/12/1886-11/11/1961

Cordell, Laura Susan   01/19/1876-09/12/1959

Plafcan, Joseph George, Jr.   02/03/1920-09/25/1980    [This double marker was not there 8 October 2015.]
    Plafcan, Mary Louise   [no date of death shown]

Elliott, Herman G.   12/06/1907-03/06/1989   CM1 US Navy World War II

Elliott, Laura Annie Winkle   06/20/1902-03/09/1990

Henthorne, G. Raymond   05/30/1920-02/17/1972   married 06/19/1941
    Henthorne, Lois B.   11/10/1920-05/31/1982

Reynolds, Lynn Louis   12/04/1909-07/14/1965   Arkansas M Sgt HQ 5 Infantry Div World War II Korea

Bierman, John F.   05/20/1908-11/09/1958

Potter, Teddy   06/16/1964-12/16/1964

Bierman, Aldine S. K.   08/26/1884-07/11/1978   married 07/03/1907
    Bierman, Josephine A.   08/30/1888-06/02/1980

Bierman, Clarence C. "Teapot"   12/06/1918-01/17/1998   Daddy

Sheridan Bench
    Sheridan, Johnny Dale   05/08/1945-02/16/1983   married 04/02/1981
    Sheridan, Glennia Victoria   [no date of death shown]

Parson, Warren   03/23/1921-12/07/1999   Father   married 10/26/1940
    Parson, Pauline   09/29/1922-08/19/1996   Mother

Brents, Thomas L.   09/21/1901-08/13/1965

Ragan, Mary Reed   1923-1998

Huchingson, Georgia A.   12/15/1915-01/30/1982

McCutcheon, Virgil Douglas, Sr.   07/29/1909-08/20/1991

Avera, Louvina Elouise   03/31/1936-12/06/1995   Sissie

Mills, Roy C.   01/29/1908-03/25/1962
    Mills, Maurine C.   10/18/1915-05/06/1997

Mills, Richard   1953-1972   son of Roy and Maurine

Bratton, Albert C.   12/09/1923-09/12/2000   US Army World War II   married 01/24/1948
    Bratton, Pauline H.   10/02/1919-08/09/2002   A Loving Wife and Mother

Huchingson, John W.   01/14/1905-11/02/1963
    Huchingson, Virginia C.   09/24/1906-03/06/1992

Neill, Bernard R.   11/08/1892-11/10/1974   married 06/27/1922
    Neill, Ollie B. Huchingson   01/16/1895-03/12/1996

Howe, Harvey L.   12/23/1913-10/09/1969

Predmore, Helen J.   [no date of death shown]

Rucker, Tracy R.   12/12/1915-05/11/1984
    Rucker, Freda H.   02/05/1917-07/22/1996

Crawford, Harry C., Jr.    [no date of death shown]
    Crawford, Sammie J.    [no date of death shown]

Row 8

Mitchell, Woodie   1919-   [no date of death shown]
    Mitchell, Arbry Eulene   [no date of death shown]

Noakes, Bertha   1914-1997    Rootsweb WCP 1

Carter, Danny   08/02/1951-08/25/1981   Husband    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Carter, Gwendolyn   [no dates shown]   Wife

Kesterson, Lee   07/18/1907-04/02/2000
    Kesterson, Thelma   09/25/1909-09/23/1982

Eld, Wesley W.   09/22/1922-03/24/1978
    Eld, Esther R.   08/22/1914-10/22/2000 

Hentschel, Cecil A.   01/02/1919-06/29/1990   US Merchant Marine World War II

Evans, George Richard "Dick"   08/04/1931-12/07/2002    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Evans, Alva N. Griffith    01/09/1927-12/15/2006

Garrett, Ann Louise   12/19/1916-07/24/1968
    Garrett, Robert "Bob" Doyle   09/26/1921-03/01/1997

Luzader, Donald F., Jr.   08/16/1968-01/14/1992

Luzader, A. C. "Christi"   11/04/1963-06/20/1997

Luzader, Donald F., Sr.    05/28/1938-11/08/2008    married 06/03/1962
    Luzader, E. Adeline    [no date of death shown]

Lovell, Glennie A.   1907-1985

Witham, Walter Earl   09/28/1925-12/01/1993

Mansker, Denver H.   03/15/1918-11/25/1986   SFC US Army World War II Korea
    Mansker, Bernice V.   [no date of death shown]

Mansker, Michael Wayne   07/04/1954-04/18/1993   SP4 US Army Vietnam

Sherrill, Cornelia   09/14/1916-04/04/1999 1

Sherrill, Bobby Dale   12/01/1934-08/01/1963

Sherrill, Howard W.  10/23/1911-12/19/1993 1

Smith, John Addison   11/28/1905-10/04/1992   wed 06/02/1931
    Smith, Anita Mae   01/01/1910-12/19/1996

Callison, Ernest M.    02/25/1888-12/24/1960   Father

Callison, Ida L.   12/13/1893-04/04/1965   Mother

Holiman, J. Boda   01/19/1887-12/24/1963 1

Holiman, Blanche B.   02/27/1892-03/18/1968

Holiman, Don Forsythe   07/03/1916-08/15/1983   Founder of Boysville, of San Antonio, Texas

Meyers, Bert E.   1910-1983
    Meyers, Alice I.   1916-1998

Smith, James B.   1881-1960

Reese, James Andrew   01/29/1920-12/05/1984   married 11/24/1975    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Reese, Maybelle Langley   08/28/1928-11/25/1987    Rootsweb WCP 1 

Jones, Opal Lois Langley   06/30/1924-10/24/1981 1

Langley, John H.   08/05/1896-02/26/1964   Arkansas Pvt 42 Co 162 Depot Brigade World War I   married 03/13/1923
    Langley, Mimie A.   09/16/1901-06/28/1982

Pruitt, Roy Dee   10/19/1962-12/25/1962

Meyers, Raymond Hilbert   06/20/1912-03/02/2006   AS US Navy World War II
    Meyers, Evelyn E.   09/30/1920-03/20/2006

Moss, Elmo Ray   09/01/1885-08/20/1963   Missouri Cy USNR
    Moss, Mary M.   05/06/1900-10/31/1990

Byers, Adelbert D.   09/14/1892-02/11/1964   Texas PFC 27 Const Co Air Svc World War I

Martin, Melvin T.   09/17/1917-11/10/2003
    Martin, Rene   02/12/1910-07/23/1984

Hatch, Mamie I.   12/10/1909-12/05/1989 

Wright, James Freeman   05/25/1927-04/06/1963   Arkansas S1 USNR World War II

McClendon, Charley   1892-1961
    McClendon, Ella   1898-1972

McClendon, Raymond C.   04/10/1921-12/06/2011 1
    McClendon, Carrol W.   03/03/1935-03/06/2011    [dates from obituary] 1

McClendon, George W.    1928-2008

Simmons, Elbert E.   01/08/1915-11/15/1953   Our Beloved Father

Simmons, Kenneth E.   02/15/1942-12/23/1985   Our Beloved Son and Brother

Nix, Robert C.   12/29/1892-06/07/1977
    Nix, Cora Ricketts   01/24/1893-09/02/1959

Caple, Alvin T., Sr.   01/23/1912-04/23/1969
    Caple, Thomasene   11/30/1919-03/18/2013

Hines, Walter Anthony    10/08/1954-02/05/2008

Mansfield, Walter   04/22/1886-06/22/1962
    Mansfield, Beulah   04/04/1896-09/08/1984 

Hines, L. D.   05/09/1921-01/12/1982

Thomas, Robert Lee   03/06/1900-05/23/1965 1
    Thomas, Lizzie Carlisle   02/17/1906-03/20/1996 1

Weaver, David Allen   11/28/1966-03/08/1992

Cullison, Ethel Charlene   03/06/1931-04/23/2007   MotherHarrison, J. B., Sr.   03/22/1882-11/17/1971
    Harrison, Quinnie E.   12/27/1891-04/04/1978

Lee, B. L. "George"   05/04/1933-07/29/1978

Lee, Robert Elmer   02/11/1900-03/30/1969

Ramsey, Minnie Hudson   07/20/1883-05/03/1963

Easter, Burtis Elbert   09/06/1918-03/17/1962   Arkansas Tec 5 Co B 1397 Engr Const Bn World War II 1

Easter, Catherine   03/10/1926-05/28/2010 

Wilson, O. T. "Slim"    09/23/1909-09/03/1962
    Wilson, Wanda Kay    05/01/1949-06/24/1968 1

Bray, Earnest T.   1904-1985    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Bray, Edna Mae   1904-1978    Rootsweb WCP 1

Holland, Rupert A., Jr.   11/08/1919-06/06/1954   Arkansas Pvt US Army World War II
    Holland, Rupert A.   01/05/1895-09/30/1954   Arkansas Co A 154 Infantry 39 Division World War I
    Holland, Pearl L.   1903-1989   [SSDI shows 1901 as year of birth]

Homan, James D. "Jack"   05/26/1912-01/15/1978   Pvt US Army World War II 1
    Homan, Marinda Jo   10/15/1920-08/03/1986

Ford, James A. "Steve"   1914-1955

Davis, W. L. "Tobe"   03/07/1900-07/03/1978   married 11/29/1939
    Davis, Rachel Jensen   10/26/1911-08/01/1974

Yarbrough, Jon Byron   10/29/1900-12/25/1983
    Yarbrough, Anna Nash   01/19/1897-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows she died 12/15/1993--a grandson states she is buried in this spot]

Hockersmith, Alfred Gann, Jr. "A. G."   04/03/1922-07/24/1960   Arkansas SF1 USNR World War II
    Kincaid, Martha Jean   01/10/1922-11/15/2003

Hockersmith, Michael Lee   09/13/1945-02/22/2005

Moore, Danny "Shane"    02/25/1975-08/02/2015    temporary marker; marker not there October 8, 2015

Stewart, Jeffie Wimberly   02/08/1908-10/25/1976

Talley, Edward Everett   1914-1957

Wimberly, A. A.   05/05/1900-11/11/1968   married 03/01/1920
    Wimberly, Pauline   07/15/1905-11/15/1978

Wimberly, Harold W.   04/21/1924-07/05/2010   PFC US Army World War II    married 04/26/1947
    Wimberly, Lillian Marie Zinn    10/03/1927-12/31/2014    [from obituary; her name is not on marker; believe she is buried here]

Crouch, Herman H.   1918-1971

Crouch, Robert E.   10/02/1940-08/25/2006   Father of Christy and Wimp

Clemmons, James Houston   06/20/1938-05/09/1999   CH US Navy   married 08/24/1957
    Clemmons, Ivy Marie Crouch   19 Mar 1942-6 Feb 2017    [dod from obituary]

LaPlant, Joseph T.   04/25/1927-03/14/1990   US Army World War II   married 12/07/1953    [tombstone photo]
    LaPlant, Alice M.   [no date of death shown]   daughter of Verda Moore

Holiman, Arthur B.   10/19/1890-11/13/1983
    Holiman, Sibyl G.   07/15/1901-03/18/1995

Row 9

Shelnutt, Harold E.   08/11/1919-10/31/1999   US Navy World War II   married 10/30/1954    Rootsweb WCP
    Shelnutt, Dorothy M.    01/02/1922-05/26/2015    Rootsweb WCP    [dod from obituary]

Jordan, Delar C.   10/02/1917-07/14/1977

Williams, Freddie E.  11/26/1934-03/23/2005   M Sgt US Air Force

Shell, Theo Dale   02/23/1929-06/22/1999   married 04/09/1949
    Shell, Clara M.   [no date of death shown]

Turner, Susie E.   09/10/1910-05/20/1978

Dodson, Rhea   12/26/1924-11/28/1994   MOMM3 US Navy World War II
    Dodson, Nola "Dean"   04/15/1927-04/18/2007   parents of Mack and Karen

Evatt, Russie   06/21/1911-05/20/1973
    Evatt, Hazel   03/05/1915-08/29/1979

Eubanks, Royce Leon   12/19/1921-12/05/1999   US Army World War II   married 12/05/1946
    Eubanks, Mary M.  09/05/1923-10/23/2013

Eubanks, Shareen Momi   06/14/1946-06/25/1968 1

Eubanks, Roger Allen    06/02/1956-10/03/2009

Witham, Raymond E.   1982-1986
    Witham, Ray Lee   [no date of death shown]
    Witham, Joyce L.   1948-2001

Reese, Leon   03/02/1920-10/09/1997

Witham, John Dewell   01/28/1895-01/12/1968   Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I    Rootsweb WCP
    Witham, Viola B.   01/06/1900-09/29/1971    Rootsweb WCP

Sherrill, Carl A.   01/10/1907-07/15/1990
    Sherrill, Lena   01/04/1908-06/30/1998

Sherrill, William J., Sr.   1904-1975
    Sherrill, Opal M.   1909-1977

Newcomb, Patrick Vernon   07/03/1911-09/18/1991   married 07/30/1932
    Newcomb, Inez Hester   08/27/1915-10/29/1994

Ellis, James Whitcomb, IV   05/05/1949-03/05/1998

Ellis, James W., Jr.   03/30/1926-05/10/2000   married 09/29/1946
    Ellis, Ruby Dell   [no date of death shown]   parents of Rachel, James IV, and Mary

Ellis, James W. (Jim)   06/08/1903-03/25/1967   married 09/28/1924
    Ellis, Rachel Leech   01/29/1906-07/16/1996

Rhea, Kellie    12/24/1959-05/22/1999

Rhea, Clarence   08/26/1908-12/18/1980
    Rhea, Adell   03/24/1920-07/19/1995

Ewell, Mary E.   09/25/1882-03/16/1963    Rootsweb WCP

Ewell, Johnie Melton   10/19/1914-02/10/1982   PFC US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP

Johnson, Bruce   11/10/1955-04/06/2015   Father   married 01/22/1977
    Johnson, Brenda May   04/05/1950-03/03/2007   Mother    Rootsweb WCP

Suggs, L. Doyle   10/25/1923-04/09/1999   married 03/03/1943
    Suggs, Opal H.   11/07/1923-07/07/1998   Our children are Diann, Wayne and Bill

Mann, Newton T.   05/19/1899-02/03/1971   married 02/29/1920
    Mann, Lottie   01/30/1905-07/21/1978

Elkins, Christopher   09/26/1975-06/28/1981   Son
    Elkins, Shirley Ann   07/15/1953-08/29/1981   Mother

Smart, Bonnie M.   10/08/1928-04/29/2001
    Smart, Thomas J.   09/07/1922-05/06/1995

Copeland, Myrtle H. Manning   10/27/1910-01/20/1983

Manning, John Huey, Jr.   born and died 10/22/1969

Manning, John Rufus   08/01/1903-12/20/1962

Love, Billie Charles   01/07/1932-10/19/1961   Arkansas MM3 US Navy Korea

George, David L.   1921-1990
    George, Opal   [no date of death shown]

Bailey, Linda   09/07/1946-05/25/1964

Bailey, Bernadine   09/29/1924-10/25/1982

Bailey, Thomas E.   11/13/1921-03/13/1992

Cooley, Rebecca Bailey    1951-2001

Jameson, William J.   10/06/1882-08/30/1965
    Jameson, Beulah D.   01/04/1883-12/13/1968
    Jameson, John T.   01/01/1920-06/28/1920   [He is said to be the first burial in Smith-Rosemont.]

Hines, Walter Anthony   10/08/1954-02/05/2008    Gross FHM - not there October 8, 2015

Laster, Bryant H.   09/23/1905-08/13/1959
    Laster, Mary Jane   12/21/1900-11/03/1988

Seabloom, Jack L.   10/20/1924-07/12/1972   Arkansas PFC 347 Harcft Co TC World War II

Smithson, C. E. "Buddy"    07/29/1925-10/17/2014    Married 12/25/1946
    Smithson, Lessie F. "Jackie"    [no date of death shown]

Edwards, Charles E.   06/10/1921-08/12/2003   US Army World War II
    Edwards, Eugenia S.   04/21/1923-06/16/2004

Baldwin, Lucy H.   04/19/1899-06/06/1994

Spurlin, Joseph F.   1894-1968 1
    Stafford, Robert H.   1922-1966

Dietrich, William M.   10/16/1899-12/11/1966   Arkansas Mech 13 Co Coast Arty World War I
    Dietrich, Helen J.   06/29/1911-   [no date of death shown]

Stewart, Irvin Lewis   02/09/1919-09/07/1970   Arkansas CM1 US Navy World War II
    Stewart, Lucile   08/24/1917-04/18/2008   [at the time of her death she was Lucile Garrett]

Stewart, Bertha Fleming   06/03/1900-12/26/1991   Mother

Smith, Emery L.   06/19/1889-07/29/1965
    Smith, Hassie M.   08/25/1898-06/05/1982 1

Holiman, Elbert L.   07/07/1902-09/29/1958

Wilson, Luther M.   07/07/1904-04/29/1955
    Wilson, Joyce C.   02/09/1911-05/10/1976

White, Vernon B.   1909-1996
    White, Grace M.   1914-1998

Homan, Robert B.   01/09/1882-12/30/1972
    Homan, Lilly E.   04/29/1886-07/15/1962

McCurdy, Melvin, Jr.   09/17/1924-04/11/1971

McCurdy, Wilma L   08/17/1929-12/25/2003

Nicklaus, Lloyd F   07/11/1910-03/13/1977
    Nicklaus, Molly Louise   08/17/1910-10/18/1996

Hockersmith, Alfred G., Sr.    08/15/1891-01/25/1969   married 12/23/1919
    Hockersmith, Nellie M.   11/08/1897-03/14/1975

Johnson, Abe M.   08/27/1897-07/27/1969   married 05/03/1923
    Johnson, Willie H.   01/23/1905-06/07/1995

Hill, Winnie Gail    05/16/1940-10/01/2014

Grimes, Claude C.   03/05/1891-02/20/1976
    Grimes, Ora A.   01/02/1873-11/20/1961

Drennan, Leonard J.   1920-1968    Married 06/19/1942
    Drennan, Tennie B.   1925-2009

Drennan, Teri W.   09/02/1954-03/11/1990
    Drennan, Larry L.   03/25/1947-09/02/1997

Parker, M. T.   07/26/1872-03/09/1962 1
    Parker, Georgia A.   04/30/1884-09/17/1966

Crouch, Malissa   07/18/1890-09/30/1968

Crouch, Lee Edwin   04/16/1909-09/22/1988   CCM US Navy World War II
    Crouch, Edna Lorene   02/20/1908-02/14/1988

Tucker, William H.   01/03/1907-05/22/1978   Sgt US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Tucker, Oleta    04/03/1920-01/02/2008   [fhm]   [permanent marker shows Oleta Tucker; Ashby FHM shows Oleta Tucker Standridge 1920-2008; FHM not there October 8, 2015]    Rootsweb WCP

Moore, Verda   07/13/1894-06/20/1980   Mother    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Moore, William Homer   09/06/1913-07/18/1975   Son    Rootsweb WCP 1

Louallen, Ondis B.   12/18/1926-01/06/2004   Pvt US Army World War II   married 01/28/1951    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Louallen, Dimple M.   09/13/1923-11/08/1986    Rootsweb WCP 1

Trimble, Mac   1909-1986
    Trimble, Frances   1911-1995

Lovell, Horace I.   1926-2014
    Lovell, Ruth N.   1929-10/12/2015    [dod from obituary]

Row 10

Porter, Gerald W.   03/03/1933-12/12/1993   Brig Gen US Army Korea
    Porter, Odessa Ward   08/13/1937-08/06/2004

Jones, Woodrow Wilson   05/15/1914-02/11/1999
    Jones, Anne Harley Parham   11/22/1913-05/29/1988

Hardin, Dewey Joe   08/29/1924-03/27/1994   married 10/07/1944
    Hardin, Marcelle   02/24/1922-12/21/1997

Chambers, Orville L., Sr.   01/09/1927-01/13/1999   US Army World War II
    Chambers, Juanita N.   09/17/1926-04/15/1999
    Our Children Joyce, Orville Jr., Johnnie Marie, Barbara Ann

Baker, Carol Winfred   10/13/1933-08/18/1996   SP3 US Army
    Baker, Lois C.   1930-2014

Baker, Clarence L.   1895-1975
    Baker, Josephine   1905-1991

Smith, E. L.    04/21/1930-02/09/2013    married 04/22/1948 1
    Smith, Lola    [no date of death shown]

Coburn, James Ray   10/04/1931-10/14/2012   married 02/17/1955   US Army    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Coburn, Virginia Geurin   [no date of death shown]

Hester, Jasper N.   03/10/1904-07/26/1991   married 02/08/1925
    Hester, Helen P.   11/14/1908-08/02/2001

Hester Plot Memorial
Hester, Amos B.   10/02/1901-10/30/1982
    Hester, Corria B.   02/27/1907-02/18/1980

Collins, James H.   09/16/1904-05/23/1988
    Collins, Jewell E.   01/04/1909-03/08/2002

Johnston, Nolen F.   10/11/1901-07/26/1976
    Johnston, Jessie M.   06/02/1915-11/09/1987

McAdory, Robert D. K.   08/31/1918-01/27/1984   Cpl US Army World War II   married 02/08/1941    Rootsweb WCP
    McAdory, Norma H.   03/07/1922-07/24/2012   There's Music in Heaven    Rootsweb WCP 1

Cook, Earnest Harold   06/07/1928-06/22/1969   Arkansas PFC US Army World War II

Cook, Catherine Laverne   09/13/1929-01/19/2004

Allder, Denton A.   11/20/1922-04/12/1976   2d Lt Army Air Forces World War II
    Allder, Ida R.   1921-2006

Paxton, Royal Lee, Sr.   11/23/1916-05/06/1964
    Paxton, Sylvia N. W.   07/09/1922-12/28/1984

Snodgrass, Floyd W.   07/12/1901-07/05/1963   married 08/23/1952
    Snodgrass, Ruby J.   10/20/1920-11/05/1976

Jackson, Alva Edna Ewell   03/22/1911-03/07/1999    Rootsweb WCP

Riley, Bonnie Ewell   10/17/1922-07/08/1995    Rootsweb WCP 1

Jones, Margaret E.   06/14/1913-06/06/2005   Loving Mama and Granny    Rootsweb WCP

Cooper, Charlene Ewell   04/20/1927-03/11/1985    Rootsweb WCP

Wallace, Robert E.   08/16/1911-10/30/1982   Pvt US Army World War II   Dad
    Wallace, Clarice M.   06/10/1909-02/19/1992   Mother

Jones, Wayne W.   09/07/1916-11/22/1964
    Jones, Rachel S.   08/15/1913-04/27/1989 

Cooper, E. T. (Bill)   08/31/1897-01/04/1963

Bowman, Jimmy Paul   09/21/1944-07/25/1974 

Bowman, Ed   06/10/1914-08/16/1981
    Bowman, Irene S.   01/09/1925-09/11/1967

Suggs, James Hiram   04/18/1901-02/15/1966
    Suggs, Anna C.   08/27/1905-11/15/1977

Cody, E. L.    12/24/1933-08/08/2012    US Army

Rollon, Eva Mae   06/29/1936-01/31/2007   Loving Mother and Grandmother

Stubbs, Ernest   12/09/1905-05/03/1970   Arkansas Tec4 136 Station Hospital World War II
    Stubbs, Irene   12/30/1920-   [no date of death shown]

Jones, Johnny L.   07/25/1924-02/18/2010
    Jones, Emma J.   08/29/1932-03/09/2000

Curtis, Sedric S.    [no date of death shown]
    Curtis, Daisy L.    [no date of death shown]

Childress, Lelia L.   04/30/1880-10/09/1962

Odom, Madison Renae   07/16/1999   Our Baby Maddie   [only date shown]

Steele, Samuel Ralph   12/06/1907-01/01/1983   married 12/07/1929
    Steele, Geneva Oberia   05/17/1910-01/12/2007

Wilson, Guy Gifford   03/22/1903-01/13/1974   Father   married 09/22/1923
    Wilson, Hazel D.   09/19/1905-09/27/1973   Mother 1

Beaty, Harold Curtis   03/05/1920-07/08/1999   S1 US Coast Guard World War II
    Beaty, Lexie Edith   12/27/1914-11/25/1997

Cabe, John Fletcher   01/13/1908-10/09/1990   Beloved Uncle [family plot memorial stone]
    Howe, Rena Valaria   05/23/1907-12/21/1996   Beloved Aunt
        Founded 1925 Howe Truckline 

Matteson, Pearl   03/06/1888-11/04/1959   Mother

Sampson, Dorothy W   06/13/1905-02/28/1971   Wife

Sampson, Grover   12/26/1906-01/07/1976   Cpl US Army World War II

Pierce, Coy W.   1901-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows 03/08/1901-09/1982]
    Pierce, Lillie V.   1899-1984

Doss, Cora George   09/02/1902-07/22/1986

George, Andrew J.   12/03/1908-10/04/1963   married 06/03/1933    [photo on marker]
    George, Dola M.   10/20/1913-06/05/2000

Miller, Lura Crippen   01/07/1910-01/13/1996

Bailey, Luther Earl   06/24/1892-03/03/1978   SEA2 US Navy World War I   married 08/25/1921
    Bailey, Lora Ellen   12/23/1900-11/10/1983

Cox, Henry E.   02/05/1880-05/01/1959

Cox, Luella   08/23/1904-12/19/1971

Walker, Rev. James R.   07/12/1920-12/27/2011 1
    Walker, Edna M.   07/17/1929-09/06/2014 

Mangum, Horace L.   07/07/1919-08/23/1977    Rootsweb WCP
    Mangum, Violet T.   08/21/1920-   [no date of death shown but obituary shows she died 02/21/2006]    Rootsweb WCP
    Parks, Loretta Mangum    10/18/1940-08/12/2011

Cox, Frank P.   05/16/1912-01/27/1982    Sgt US Army World War II

Cox, Frank Gibson   11/24/1949-06/20/1955

Cox, Edna Lucille    02/04/1917-04/10/2008

Shelton, Marvin C.   03/04/1889-06/07/1968   Arkansas Pvt Co M 12 Infantry World War I    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Shelton, Inez Wright   10/30/1897-01/28/1983    Rootsweb WCP

Ward, F. L. "Dock"   1880-1957
    Ward, Pearl N.   1892-1965

Homan, Robert Westbrook   08/23/1909-11/24/1985    Rootsweb WCP

Palmer, Harold L.   1921-2005
    Palmer E. Lorene   1926-1992

Palmer, Kenneth L.   1947-1991

Goose, Ezra R.   12/21/1893-03/09/1977   Bugler US Army World War I

Goose, Ann Lindsey Fraleigh   04/07/1896-12/05/1992   widow of Frank B. Fraleigh and Ezra R. Goose

Moore, Pearl Lindsey   03/03/1891-05/06/1981   daughter of Dr. W. S. and Rosa F. Lindsey

Red, Jess Willard   11/06/1916-03/30/2007
    Red, Sunny G. Fraleigh   [no date of death shown]McCurdy, Melvin   1893-1957

McCurdy, Bernice Spraggins   1903-1993

Halbert, William Walton   01/24/1903-11/18/1958
    Halbert, Marguerite Tynes   04/07/1911-03/21/1971

Troutt, George Leon    09/28/1902-09/07/1959    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Troutt, Lucille Cox   10/01/1911-08/17/1970    Rootsweb WCP 1

Webb, Gwendolynne Louise “Pud” Troutt    12/28/1930-02/08/2012    Rootsweb WCP 1

Hart, James Hoyt   04/27/1904-06/11/1967    Rootsweb WCP

Williams, Gladys Hart   05/22/1918-08/10/1991    Rootsweb WCP 1

Withem, Lilburn Buel   07/15/1907-02/03/1961    Rootsweb WCP

Kinkaid, William C   03/01/1921-05/30/2000
    Kinkaid, Hallie O   01/06/1922-03/13/1966

Gentry, Billy H.   [no date of death shown]   married 11/03/1972
    Gentry, Joyce M.   01/03/1941-05/23/2000 

Balding, Gary Ray   06/22/1945-10/10/2002   Sgt US Air Force Vietnam    Rootsweb WCP 1

Row 11

Crow, Raymond W.   01/09/1912-08/01/1989   married 11/09/1935
    Crow, Hazel C.   08/13/1912-10/20/2008

Croft, Bill B.   05/07/1932-10/31/1994   US Air Force Korea   [one stone spells name Billy]
    Croft, Mary F.   07/15/1937-12/05/2010    [dates from obituary]

Purcell, Joe Edward   07/29/1923-03/05/1987   Tec 4 US Army World War II    married 10/14/1948
    Purcell, Helen Hale    05/09/1923-

Collatt, John L.   05/14/1922-04/04/1999   Cpl US Army World War II Purple Heart   married 12/25/1947 1
    Collatt, Erma Gay   08/16/1926-   Mother

Paslay, David Marvin   10/12/1919-03/08/2011      Cpl US Marine Corps World War II    married 07/13/1940 1
    Pasley, Edna F.   12/04/1922-12/20/2008

Baker, Joe Wayne   [no date of death shown]
    Baker, Marilyn Ann   [no date of death shown]

Geurin, Russell E. "Ed"   09/19/1905-09/08/1985   married 12/31/1929
    Geurin, Bertha E.   03/17/1906-10/05/1994

George, Melvin T.    [no date of death shown]
    George, Peggy J.    [no date of death shown]

Fowler, Dr. Ney M.   01/18/1920-01/13/1982   Capt US Air Force World War II   married 11/07/1947
    Fowler, Ruby O.   04/14/1923-01/04/2004 1

Williams, Lucille C.   11/28/1894-10/27/1967

Neighbors, James Grady   06/29/1913-11/13/1972   married 12/18/1932
    Neighbors, Gertrude L.   09/12/1912-10/30/1998 1

White, Ed C.   04/29/1893-02/01/1975   married 07/26/1919
    White, Eula B   10/02/1898-07/17/1973

Powers, James L.   09/24/1917-11/21/2008   married 07/11/1956
    Powers, Doris E.   04/12/1914-04/24/2000

Crowson, John W.   1921-1987
    Crowson, Verta E.   1919-1985

Frye, Terri J. Crowson   02/19/1940-04/27/1968

Smith, Benjamin F.   09/27/1885-12/15/1963
    Smith, Clara C.   03/10/1886-07/26/1963

Gray, Tina Marie   09/26/1965-03/11/2007

Smithson, Georgia   10/15/1894-02/03/1966

Hall, Mildred   08/14/1913-03/04/1963

Milks, Ernest O.   06/12/1895-06/22/1990    SEA US Navy WWI    married 05/17/1919
    Milks, Rowena H.   08/21/1901-05/29/1973

Taylor, Rosetta E.   08/28/1874-02/03/1966

Threatt, Tavner Earl   02/07/1899-01/08/1963
    Threatt, Ada M.   09/07/1903-11/21/1993

Cochran, William M.   10/27/1880-07/13/1964
    Cochran, Edna N Felts   10/29/1879-11/05/1965

Pierce, Monroe A.   05/30/1905-08/27/1967
    Pierce, Elizabeth C.   08/18/1898-02/09/1988

Westbrook, Aaron C. "Happy"  11/17/1893-01/03/1964   Arkansas Cpl 358 Co MTC World War I 1
    Westbrook, Esta M.   10/16/1896-12/08/1993

Rowles, Mildred Aiken   08/08/1913-07/02/2002

Medlock, Grover E.   07/17/1887-02/08/1964   Arkansas Cpl US Army WWI
    Medlock, Henrietta   09/13/1895-10/10/1978

Brisby, Harvey L.   11/18/1916-01/27/1977   Sgt US Army World War II
    Brisby, Marian A.   02/21/1917-02/22/1983

Brisby, Buell J.   11/01/1921-06/10/1980   Cpl US Army World War II
    Brisby, Margie L.   03/29/1929-12/02/2007

Cody, Ricky Dwayne   07/19/1958-11/24/1958   son of Mr and Mrs E L Cody

Cody, Tracy Elaine   12/30/1961-01/01/1962

Rollon, Marvin B.   09/09/1882-01/01/1957
    Rollon, Mary E.   11/25/1896-06/01/1985

Brisby, Chester A.   07/15/1895-09/11/1967
    Brisby, Willie W.   12/02/1897-06/22/1992

Martin, Harve V.   07/27/1904-12/29/1977

Johnson, Edgar Brooks   03/13/1891-03/25/1971   Arkansas Pvt 14 Co 162 Depot Brig World War I    Rootsweb WCP
    Johnson, Altha Irene   12/25/1906-11/20/1971    Rootsweb WCP

Bovara, Catherine I.   06/05/1946-05/22/1988

Pope, John Henry   09/06/1893-11/10/1978   Pvt US Army World War II   married 04/16/1922
    Pope, Jessie C.   03/25/1903-12/30/1990

Caldwell, Fred E.    09/17/1935-02/08/2011 1

Caldwell, William F.   04/03/1892-11/10/1956   Arkansas Cpl Co G 312 Ammo Tn WWI
    Caldwell, Margie E.   04/18/1901-04/16/1985

Caldwell, William S.   10/16/1925-04/28/2002   S1 US Navy World War II

Spivey, James A.   1907-1975
    Spivey, Mae F.  1910-1997

Kitchens, John E., Jr.   11/17/1917-08/13/1998   Beloved Daddy   married 08/14/1947
    Kitchens, Vivian   10/20/1914-05/16/2010  [dod from obituary]   Beloved Mama

Meador, Robert C.   12/13/1937-04/09/1962   Arkansas A02 US Navy

Pierce, Robert L.   04/02/1878-07/18/1972
    Pierce, Mary Allie   07/24/1878-12/01/1965

Donham, Bessie P.   1909-1995

Moody, Dave   8/30/1920-7/30/1987   PFC US Army World War II   married 09/13/1947
    Moody, Mae   [no date of death shown]

Moody, Darryle S.   [no date of death shown]   Son of Dave and Mae    Captain US Army Military Police Corps Operation Desert Storm 1991

Johnson, Frank   01/26/1889-12/22/1965
    Johnson, Lillar   07/26/1893-01/03/1969  

Miller, W. A. (Doc)   11/12/1881-01/04/1965
    Miller, Bettie   11/24/1874-09/18/1965

Glenn, John E.   05/31/1898-04/11/1958   Arkansas Pvt Quartermaster Corps WWI
    Glenn, Esther Grasty   10/20/1900-12/02/1979

Glenn, William E. "Bill"    06/03/1927-04/13/2011

Sutton, Duelious D.   08/28/1917-04/19/2008   married 05/31/1940    Cpl US Army Air Forces World War II
    Sutton, Aline N.   04/30/1917-02/16/2011 1

Whitley, Houston E.   08/08/1908-01/26/1982   married 11/12/1927
    Whitley, Eva B.   05/28/1909-09/28/1990

Jackson, Walter A.   12/25/1884-02/09/1962
    Jackson, Dorothy T.   12/20/1911-03/09/2002   Aunt Dot

Jones, Frank R.   07/06/1907-12/15/1977   PFC US Army World War II   married 05/03/1954
    Jones, Vennie I.   11/10/1913-09/05/2002

Ragan, Belle B.   12/28/1907-11/28/1978   wife of A. J. Ragan

Sweeney, Frank D.   02/07/1883-03/24/1968

Ryburn, James H., Jr.  05/29/1925-03/09/1959    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Ryburn, Sue Baxley    07/09/1929-10/07/2009    Rootsweb WCP

Hill, Minnie Miller Baxley   02/05/1905-01/15/2003    Rootsweb WCP 1

Massey, Gordon W.   12/03/1895-04/23/1957   Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I

Harrison, E. Wayne    10/30/1925-08/27/2015
    Harrison, Dorothy    05/29/1927-08/25/1975

Doyle, Jewell Ferguson   09/01/1907-12/17/1958   Mother    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Doyle, Rodney Lee   1900-1986   US Navy

Reed, Leonard A.   07/11/1896-08/05/1958

Reed, L. Elizabeth   07/02/1902-09/21/1994

Franklin, Kenneth E.   04/28/1913-08/26/1967
    Franklin, Lillie A.   02/08/1916-09/27/2006

Foster, James H.   03/07/1938-06/19/2007   married 12/22/1956  [fhm shows "Stump"]
    Foster, B. Jean   [no date of death shown]

Bell, Robert H.   08/06/1930-02/25/2013   married 04/01/1957
    Bell, Betty J.   07/19/1937-10/21/2001

Mason, Albert Lee   02/23/1887-01/03/1968   Our Beloved Husband and Father

Lee, David W.   12/10/1911-10/08/1995   Pvt US Army World War II married 11/20/1937
    Lee, Ludie V.   12/05/1919-08/01/2004

Grigg, Lonnie W.    12/28/1912-07/11/1968    married 05/07/1932
    Grigg, Dixie B.    07/28/1915-11/19/2009

Mettetal, Charles Robert   06/03/1919-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows date of death as 01/06/2001; there were trinkets on gravesite so believe he is buried there]

Balding, James B.   1915-1997    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Balding, Lona Z.   1916-2014    Rootsweb WCP

Sullivan, Hosie O.   07/12/1910-12/19/1988    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Sullivan, Bernice L.   02/05/1919-02/19/2014    [dod from obituary]    Rootsweb WCP

Collins, Jerry Dewayne   09/01/1942-12/16/1989   CN US Navy   Beloved Son and Nephew

McLehaney, Herman N.  09/19/1904-03/01/1980
    McLehaney, Angie W.   11/24/1907-05/12/1985

Bragg, Lena Fern Frazier   03/09/1916-02/28/2004
    Bragg, Albert Ross, Jr.   02/18/1916-07/03/2007    US Navy World War II

Raiborn, William Claud   02/25/1908-07/07/1989
    Raiborn, Velma L.   03/10/1906-05/11/1987

Wray, John W.   12/15/1898-07/11/1970

Moore, Guy Miles   03/24/1911-04/17/1997   married 09/10/1932
    Moore, Tommye Crippen   12/03/1914-08/21/1994

Row 12

Hardin, Hunter    1992-2013    [Ashby fhm] 1

Hardin, Joe Kelly   1950-2005   [fhm]

Melton, Timon   08/01/1904-01/07/1979
    Melton, Jewell   09/03/1908-06/22/2001

Burchfield, Albert P.   11/25/1907-12/18/1977
    Burchfield, Mattie L.   10/19/1919-06/19/2006 

Balding, Wayne H.   1925-1998
    Balding, Juanita   1925-2000

House, Leslie A.   11/22/1902-12/28/1985   married 06/03/1930
    House, Almo L.   11/22/1910-02/01/2001

Childress, John Henry   [no date of death shown]

McAdoo, Samuel A.   08/31/1916-04/27/1972
    McAdoo, Lorraine R.   04/30/1924-07/02/1992

Vinyard, Charles William   12/13/1918-11/19/1992   married 03/27/1953
    Vinyard, Irene Frances   11/15/1927-02/12/1988

Swanner, Jesse L.   06/06/1913-07/04/2001
    Swanner, Alma Jeneva   09/21/1921-03/14/1968 1

Swanner, Billy C.    1938-
    Swanner, Grace F.    1935-2009

Swanner, Winfrey C.   [no date of death shown]
    Swanner, Jerry L.   [no date of death shown]

Allred, Rev. Orvil   05/30/1916-12/18/2007   Dad   married 09/17/1937
    Allred, E. Josephine   05/18/1921-01/17/2003   Mom 1

Polster, Elmer Franklin   12/14/1921-11/17/1991   Cpl US Army World War II
    Polster, Jene   01/17/1926-01/23/2007   Beloved Wife and Mother

Tucker, William Penn    03/21/1907-05/02/2007    Sgt US Army World War II    Married 02/10/1944
    Tucker, Betty May    01/23/1919-06/02/2010   
        Parents of Tom and Dick

White, Thomas Bartow    07/06/1932-12/04/2010    PFC US Army Korea    Married 11/11/1967
    White, Virginia Bevens    03/27/1943-

Boone, Jo Anne C.   12/21/1927-06/13/1997

Morse, Charles Collins   03/07/1899-09/08/1965
    Morse, Madge Carter   03/10/1901-02/04/1992

Bryant, Phillip Charles   01/31/1913-01/23/1969   Arkansas Tec5 US Army World War II
    Bryant, Emma Ruth   09/23/1913-05/23/1999

Sharpless, Marjorie   12/17/1930-10/17/1964

Perkins, Frank J.   01/29/1889-05/07/1973

Schmidt, Darlene Sutton   1946-1967

Palmer, John Ervin   06/28/1903-06/02/1963   married 08/30/1925
    Palmer, Beulah P.   04/13/1907-02/21/2000

Palmer, James Doyle    12/29/1928-04/19/2010    US Army

Mitchell, Lillie P.   1927-2002   [fhm]

Mitchell, Bruce G.   1925-2003   [fhm] 1

Mitchell, Carlton J.   06/01/1919-10/29/1959
    Mitchell, Lillian C.   01/20/1920-06/10/1999

Cordrey, Joshua Matthew   11/22/1977-04/17/1998

Cordrey, Christopher Shane   07/14/1973-07/23/2007   Son, Husband, and Daddy

Brett, James Bobby   01/24/1936-01/10/1992   married 05/27/1957
    Brett, Ganado Jo Mitchell   [no date of death shown]

Aiken, Jim   07/01/1884-01/14/1963
    Aiken, Lucy   10/01/1888-09/12/1982

Moore, George J.   1877-1970

Albright, William H.   11/22/1888-05/19/1964
    Albright, Cotsy E.   05/29/1897-05/16/1977

Carter, Ambrose M.   01/09/1915-06/27/1988   married 06/26/1976
    Carter, Irene L.   12/30/1920-12/30/2003

Hendrix, A. C. "Slim"   01/30/1901-06/29/1967
    Hendrix, Mary   04/18/1902-04/27/1975

Shillito, Howard O.   05/10/1912-10/23/1988   married 05/18/1946
    Shillito, Norma Jean   04/06/1929-06/20/1997

Everett, Tom B.   07/02/1901-02/22/1994   married 08/14/1927
    Everett, Gladys M.   12/10/1907-03/10/1998

Johnson, Franklin   [no date of death shown]
    Johnson, Ula May   1926-1998

Hopkins, Jim   07/31/1893-09/27/1967   married 12/25/1910
    Hopkins, Della Montgomery   03/20/1894-03/21/1980 

Walden, Dan Francis   06/22/1880-10/05/1963
    Walden, Maud A.   01/12/1886-01/16/1975

Rea, Edwin H.   02/22/1891-01/05/1977

Kirkpatrick, J. Frank   09/08/1902-02/28/1979   married 08/04/1923
    Kirkpatrick, Edyth F.   06/28/1905-11/29/1974

Dodd, Jessie Elbert   05/13/1918-03/05/1969   Arkansas S1 USNR World War II
    Dodd, Rosa Lee   02/10/1920-   [no date of death shown]

Shoppach, Sammy E.   02/10/1931-09/27/2004   US Navy   married 07/25/1958
    Shoppach, Shirley R.   04/10/1937-08/22/2004

Beaver, Vollie V. "Bud"   09/14/1914-07/31/1995   S Sgt US Army World War II   married 10/12/1940
    Beaver, Dorris M. Crippen   01/11/1917-04/27/1997

Crow, Jehu J.   07/19/1886-05/02/1967
    Crow, 1st Lt. John H.   02/06/1920-10/23/1947
    Crow, Myrtle Huey   08/26/1899-11/17/1983

Vandergriff, Clint Wayne   07/04/1965-07/06/1965

Vandergriff, Chuck    05/13/1962-02/21/2014

Curtis, George H., Sr.   02/22/1908-01/31/1974    Rootsweb WCP
    Curtis, Eva Lee   08/13/1911-01/06/1987    Rootsweb WCP

Curtis, Billy Bob   09/07/1931-01/07/2004   married 02/27/195?
    Curtis, Opal Elizabeth   [no date of death shown]

Bell, Ross H.   01/24/1902-05/06/1980   married 07/21/1922    Rootsweb WCP
    Bell, Vera D.   12/09/1905-03/29/1997    Rootsweb WCP

Higgins, Karen Denise    11/17/1960-03/20/2013    Rootsweb WCP

Higgins, Haylee Necole   12/28/1995-07/14/1996    Rootsweb WCP

Lynch, Walton L.   11/21/1911-09/11/1992   married 05/13/1931
    Lynch, Era H.   10/23/1911-03/19/1995

Elliott, M. J. (Mitt)    11/14/1887-10/29/1966

Elliott, Leota Harris   07/16/1899-04/29/1973

Elliott, Dale   12/07/1916-07/01/1974   T Sgt Army Air Forces

Elliott, Sally H.    10/21/1918-05/13/1981

Elliott Monument

Bassett, John Cline   04/14/1905-06/03/1995   married 10/19/1929
    Bassett   Emma Richey   08/24/1905-11/26/2000

Hathcote, William E.   10/07/1913-10/28/2002
    Hathcote, Dixie L.   09/10/1913-01/11/1992

Morris, Floyd   1890-1984
    Morris, Roxie   1894-1985

Hathcote, Jesse Carroll   09/19/1908-11/26/1988
    Hathcote, Lottis Guest   11/19/1911-03/13/1996

Hathcote Guest Harris Monument

Harris, Mildred V.   12/14/1906-06/25/1991
    Guest, Hattie Ruth   06/02/1904-05/22/2003

Walls, Carra Worthen   08/29/1891-06/03/1971
    Walls, Ruth Dillinger   01/22/1904-04/17/1991

Walls, Charles N.   07/06/1912-01/28/1985   Tec 4 US Army World War II 1
    Walls, Ella Mae   05/03/1916-04/03/1982

Walls, Samuel A.   09/19/1896-10/03/1975   US Army WWI   married 09/28/1920
    Walls, Viola M. Landreth   11/21/1899-02/02/1975   Red Cross Volunteer 58 Years

Row 13

McCutcheon, Ples Riley   01/30/1912-07/04/1993   married 11/30/1935 1
    McCutcheon, Ophie Shelnut   07/07/1913-10/27/1996

McCutcheon, Ples Riley, Jr.    04/14/1943-01/27/2010    married 02/01/1964
    McCutcheon, Carol Melton    01/17/1944-

Myles, Barbara A. Melton    06/14/1933-07/12/2015

Alsobrook, Wilson Russell   06/05/1890-09/15/1978

Alsobrook, Wells Fox   11/20/1903-02/05/1996

Childress, Christine A   1912-   [no date of death shown]

Childress, Helen E.   1924-1970
    Childress, George W.   1919-   [no date of death shown]
    Childress, Johnnie R.   1920-1978

Carter, Teddye L.   08/18/1954-11/01/2006   Father of Missy, Matt, Nathan, Josh, and Chance

Carter, Matthew Fowler   05/30/1982-12/06/1982

Wyatt, Beulah Mae   03/03/1907-05/26/1979   Sisters
    Couch, Billie M.   01/16/1909-03/17/1991

George, Calvin A.   09/20/1937-10/02/1967   married 09/20/1957
    George, Willie Mae   11/18/1939-01/21/2015

Paxton, Wilbur B.   06/05/1901-04/09/1969

Thomas, William L. "Bill"   03/02/1943-12/26/1965   son of Louis and Elsie Thomas    Rootsweb WCP 1

Thomas, Elsie Robinson   07/10/1917-02/26/2011   married 12/30/1933    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Thomas, Jesse Louis   08/27/1910-02/19/1968    Rootsweb WCP

Thomas, Wilson E.    12/31/1930-    married 09/12/1992
    Thomas, Judith Ann   07/28/1944-11/04/2007    Rootsweb WCP

Kimbrough, W. Arthur   10/04/1900-12/17/1971
    Kimbrough, Irene S.   05/28/1894-02/02/1978

Wallace, William P.   10/20/1904-01/03/1985   married 12/28/1941
    Wallace, Louise S.   02/15/1912-09/26/2010   [dod from obituary]

Rollon, Cecil E.   01/22/1926-02/08/2012   married 02/28/1947 1
    Rollon, Alice Mae   05/12/1920-01/02/1992

Phillips, Walter J.   02/07/1894-02/28/1985   married 12/26/1917
    Phillips, Ida C.   01/16/1898-02/07/1969

Phillips, William E. "Bill"   02/24/1931-06/07/2002   MM3 US Navy Korea   married 07/12/1958
    Phillips, Margie Jolene Mooney   07/18/1935-07/11/2014

Toland, George F.   09/24/1895-07/26/1971   Arkansas Pvt Co M 1 Inf Regt World War I
    Toland, Myrtle D.   05/05/1899-04/21/1974

Nethercutt, Louise Toland   03/16/1920-03/01/1991   wife of Reb Nethercutt married 01/03/1959    Rootsweb WCP

German, Ernest F.   1918-1992
    German, Ethel V.   1920-2007

German, William H.   [no date of death shown]

Richmond, Hollis C.   1922-1998    Rootsweb WCP
    Richmond, Maxine M.   1928-2008    [Social Security Death Index and her obituary indicate she died 30 December 2007]    Rootsweb WCP

Rogers, James E.   01/22/1922-03/06/2002
    Rogers, Carrie Lorene  05/06/1924-2003   [fhm for date of death; permanent marker shows C. Lorene]

Tittle, Olie M.   10/30/1901-10/10/1976   married 04/12/1923
    Tittle, Elva E.   02/19/1906-03/03/1994

Tittle, James E.   09/06/1924-05/11/1990

Bailey, Robert Rex   08/20/1896-05/11/1959   Arkansas Pvt 261 PW Escort Co Asc World War I    Rootsweb WCP
    Bailey, Katherine P.   01/26/1904-09/21/1968    Rootsweb WCP 1

Vaughn, Roy O. "Dick"    01/30/1922-11/18/2003    Rootsweb WCP

Vaughn, Mack H.   07/22/1891-07/22/1964    Rootsweb WCP
    Vaughn, Lula M.   05/10/1892-12/07/1959    Rootsweb WCP

Lovel, James L.   09/04/1904-09/01/1956   married 09/29/1927    Rootsweb WCP
    Shell, Ethel Lovel   05/30/1912-04/27/2007    Rootsweb WCP

Lovel, Stanley Lee    07/16/1933-10/27/2009    married 09/26/1953    Rootsweb WCP

Hopkins, Jack G.   07/09/1914-05/16/1956

Forsee, James Elmer   02/21/1895-02/21/1961

Forsee, Minnie Ola   11/22/1897-03/01/1989

Walden, Dan Edwin   02/03/1912-02/29/1956
    Walden, Nedgie Frances   06/04/1913-04/01/1999

Donnor, Cecil J.   02/11/1909-12/06/1985
    Donnor, Vina L.   08/01/1910-03/24/2005

Childress, Alfonzo   06/29/1902-04/06/1995   married 10/08/1923
    Childress, Pemmie   05/11/1902-10/12/1974

Dodd, Arnold Glenn "Buddy"   12/04/1940-01/31/1996   Son Pops

Collatt, Myrtle O.   02/17/1884-11/10/1966

Holland, John S.   11/17/1894-11/02/1964
    Holland, Amy S.   10/17/1893-11/24/1985

Black, Robert L. "Bob"   1899-1997
    Black, Gertha Jean   1910-1956

Beckwith, Fred J.   01/06/1900-12/15/1964

Beckwith, Lillie   03/19/1894-03/03/1982

Beckwith, Pvt W. R.   12/22/1887-12/16/1967   US American Legion, At Rest, QMC World War I

Crawford, Clifton John   08/28/1893-02/18/1958   Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I
    Crawford, Pearl May Bevels   1904-2002 1

Barnes, John F.   02/27/1901-10/17/1965
    Barnes, Marie   01/06/1906-03/22/1973

Ledbetter, Arthur Charles "A. C."   01/14/1925-06/14/2008    [closeup]    Rootsweb WCP
    Ledbetter, Mary Frances    04/03/1928-12/28/2012    Rootsweb WCP

White, Monticue   12/10/1891-09/05/1960
    White, Lula C.   02/26/1901-10/22/1984

Howard, Helen L.    1922-2009    Rootsweb WCP

Sheppard, Alfred I.   1893-1957 1
    Sheppard, Inez C.   1897-1982

Alberson, Billy G.   1921-1992
    Alberson, Marie P.   [no date of death shown]

Curtis, George H., Jr.   04/13/1930-07/05/2004   married 11/05/1952    Rootsweb WCP
    Curtis, Letty Sue   [no date of death shown]
        Parents of Steve, Sherrilyn, Mike, Denise and Tonya

Standridge, Henry R.   1881-1972
    Standridge, Penola M.   1881-1956

Catton, Charley L.   11/20/1909-09/12/1960   Arkansas PFC Army Air Forces World War II    Rootsweb WCP

Jackson, Craig   -01/07/1964   Our Dear Baby Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Jackson

Catton, George O., Sr.   05/29/1904-08/26/1981   married 02/09/1925    Rootsweb WCP
    Catton, Rose C.  10/28/1904-04/25/1994    Rootsweb WCP

Biggs, Lilburn R. (Chief)   10/14/1901-08/08/1982   Sea1 US Navy World War I
    Biggs, Lily M.   10/21/1904-04/10/1980

Beecher, George H.   12/20/1886-04/29/1961
    Beech, Anna G.   09/04/1877-03/19/1967

Graddy, Ray    06/12/1925-10/03/2015        married 05/29/1946
    Graddy, Lela    05/02/1928-01/24/2014

McMullen, John A. "Pete"   06/16/1903-04/22/1969
    McMullen, Ersie Jane   12/22/1900-07/13/1979

Beaty, Jerry Edith    01/27/1940-    married 08/18/1963
    Beaty, Harold Wayne    08/19/1938-02/05/2013    Rootsweb WCP

Kennemer, David R. (Rev.)  10/04/1892-09/06/1983   married 12/24/1916    Rootsweb WCP
    Kennemer, Mabel   02/12/1900-12/12/1983    Rootsweb WCP

Mettetal, Charlie   08/21/1892-01/07/1980   Pvt US Army World War I   married 05/23/1918
    Mettetal, Belle   08/01/1897-05/01/1978

FHM - no name

FHM - no name

Evans, Arch C.   02/27/1871-04/04/1967

Row 14

Smith, A. L.   12/24/1929-01/20/1988

Shelnutt, Elder Joe C.   07/26/1921-09/03/1977

Smith, Bonnie Jean   01/25/1926-01/24/2012  Mother of Larry Buster Ron Hollingshead    [dod from obituary]

Hollingshead, Ronald Lee   12/23/1953-02/25/1995   Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician

Bagley, J. S. "Sam"   07/01/1910-03/01/1972   married 05/11/1935
    Bagley, Roxie L.   11/10/1918-08/18/1994

Coleman, John Russell, Sr.   11/29/1909-04/14/1975
    Coleman, Lena Martha   08/11/1917-11/11/1983

Coleman, John "Russell"    11/14/1936-08/27/2016    [Roller-Ballard FHM]

Moore, Walter Fred   09/13/1895-08/22/1978  Cpl US Army WWI 

Moore, Elva Lee   03/18/1903-08/09/1981

Green, Grady Howell   01/20/1907-01/20/1990   married 08/12/1931
    Green, Marie Shelnut   08/12/1910-01/13/1998

Duncan, Emma L.   01/23/1883-09/30/1969

Cook, George Windham   04/15/1927-12/17/1974   PHM3 US Navy
    Cook, Jo Nell   04/11/1928-11/08/1995

Clark, Clifford   10/07/1901-02/13/1988
    Clark, Vivian   12/01/1904-01/25/1990
    Clark, Donald   04/08/1930-12/12/1946   Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Clark

Green, Morris Hubert   02/01/1927-09/03/1981   F1 US Navy World War II
    Green, Rose Alice   11/04/1922-10/18/2013 1

Widler, Christy Louise    11/29/1970-11/15/2007    Rootsweb WCP

Johnson, Jewell W.   05/04/1927-08/12/2002   married 11/02/1946
    Johnson, Doris E.   [no date of death shown]

Traweek, Claude C.   08/01/1901-11/25/1986
    Traweek, Elzora James   10/21/1906-05/12/1991 

Johnson, Richard J.   04/26/1904-09/14/1982   Sgt US Army WWI   [one stone shows 1905-1983 but SSDI agrees with the VA stone with full dates; the veteran marker was not there 29 September 2016]
    Johnson, Rosa O.   1915-2003

Marshall, Cathrine "Kate"    04/21/1938-12/25/2013

Marshall, Tilford W., II   02/05/1958-05/31/1978
    Marshall, Baby Girl   -12/10/1964

Fortner, Jane E. Finton   05/01/1938-11/01/2004   Daughter
    Finton, Verla Opal Wray   08/16/1915-03/15/1975   Mother

Chenault, Hubert F.   10/22/1919-02/26/2004 1
    Chenault, Wanda D.   11/08/1920-05/16/1969 

Row 15

Pool, Minnie Bettis   10/10/1896-12/28/1976
    Pool, Dewitt T.   03/20/1891-07/23/1980

Williams, Robert V.   08/12/1924-05/06/1972

Scott, Margaret J. "Maggie" Bagley   03/17/1915-09/06/1984

McClintock, James W., Jr.   07/06/1930-12/14/1973   Chief of Police Benton, Ar
    McClintock, Ora    09/21/1932-01/22/2016    The Mail Lady

Wright, Roy Lee    03/14/1936-04/15/2014
    Wright, Dorothy E.    02/09/1936-

Whitlock, Lynn Isom   11/17/1887-02/25/1968
    Whitlock, Ella Love   02/19/1892-11/15/1983

Ryan, Hazel Adyce   10/25/1919-01/31/1986
    Ryan, Arthur N.   08/14/1918-07/26/1990

Caldwell, Sylvester   12/12/1886-12/30/1955
    Caldwell, Lucy   02/04/1889-01/02/1970

Traweek, Herman   03/31/1927-02/21/1986   US Navy World War II

Hopkins, William J.   05/26/1906-10/15/1964
    Hopkins, Auline M.   09/16/1907-05/11/1977

Kitchens, Herbert A.   1910-1974

Kitchens, Sarah K.   11/11/1884-08/15/1973
    Kitchens, John E.   10/03/1883-11/12/1955

Luzader, James F.   01/05/1919-04/07/1963   married 08/21/1937
    Luzader, Christine V.   08/24/1916-07/21/2008

Gipson, Theda Nadine    03/02/1931-03/11/2015

Gipson, John G.   1911-2000
    Gipson, Nora B.   1901-1968

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2  16 February 2012 no date of death shown